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The best known and most faked luxury brand in the world.

This is Louis Vuitton in 15 minutes.

After watching this video you will know who Louis Vuitton is, how much it costs and why, how to tell real from fake items and what it has to do with Gorbachyov.

Let's go! In the faraway country of France in the faraway village of Anchay in the family of a farmer and a milliner at 3 in the morning on 4 August 1821 a boy named Louis was born.

At the age of 13, the ambitious guy decided he didn't need all that and headed to France, on foot.

You got it? It took him 2 years.

On his way he gained some experience by taking odd jobs as a carpenter.

Thus he became a real man, so to say.

His surname Vuitton means something like “stubborn head”.

At the age of 16, he was taken on as an apprentice in the workshop of a box-maker Monsieur Marechal in an aristocratic district of Paris.

The guy worked for Marechal for 17 years.

At that time, box-makers custom-made all boxes for their rich clients.

Each box and trunk was made to fit the goods they stored.

Carriages tend to be shaky, you know.

Paris is full of luxury.

The country is striving to flourish.

The second empire, so to say.

The textile industry has gone up.

Now Paris is a clean city with a proper sewage system.

Modern Babylon.

I've got something for you in this famous bag.

You can win it.

Watch this video carefully.

Eugenia, young wife of Napoleon III plays an important role in his life.

She's got an awful lot of dresses all bouffant with hoop skirts and whalebone.

She keeps them all in Louis's luggage.

He's a court packer, so to say.

Now Louis is a grown up man.

He's married.

In 1854 he opens a shop.

That's where it all began.

He introduces his revolutionary rectangular shaped trunks to a market.

Before that, trunks had rounded tops so that the water ran down from them.

They were made of pig leather.

It got wet and smeltand so did the clothes inside.

That's how it was.

Louis makes trunk tops flat so that they could be stacked.

His trunks are light and durablethanks to poplar and metal stripes.

It's the first time he's used grey Trianon canvas.

That's when the first copycats are starting to appear.

In the 1870-s Louis introduces his original striped canvas for luggage and turns it into a luxury item.

Interesting facts They say bags have to go through different types of durability tests.

They're dropped from a height of 50 cm.

Let's check it.

They're left loaded with 3.

5 kilos for 4 days.

They're exposed to ultraviolet radiation.

And they zip and unzip them 5000 times.

Paris is the centre of fashion and Louis Vuitton is its packer.

Good job, man! In 1875 Louis introduces his revolutionary luggage Wardrobe.

It's a portable wardrobe for a traveler who wants to be able to get anything they need at any moment.

Basically they were traveling with a wardrobe where everything was kept safe and sound.

The world is changing.

Technological revolution.

Eiffel Tower, hello.

There's railway and sea transport development.

All those steam boats and engines, you know.

The pace of life's becoming faster.

And there's this Jules Verne with his”Around the World in 80 Days”.

Louis moves with the times and his business expands.

In 1911 he has 200 employees and 4 shops in strategically good locations.

Interesting facts In Louis Vuitton boutique in Nevsky prospect there's a trunk on display that belonged to Grand Duke Boris Vladimirovich.

He was a cousin of Nicholas IIand a regular customer of Louis's.

He gave trunks to his favourites as presents.

Give me a trunk, oh, Grand Duke.

In 1857 his son Georges is born.

He's just like me but with a moustache like my dad's.

Thieves are on the alert.

They regularly break up locks on luxury luggage.

Georges and his father rack their brains about this problem for a few years and develop a safe mechanism with 5 keyholes which is almost impossible to break up.

Rumor has it, Georges even tried to convince Garry Goodini to try and break up a Vuitton's suitcasewith him locked inside.

The last thing Louis Vuitton created was Damier Canvas pattern of brown and beige squares, one of the main symbols of the Louis Vuitton brand.

Interesting facts Louis Vuitton bags are often made of Vachetta leather which tans naturally as the bag ages.

That's how you can tell a fake from a real one.

After his father's death in 1892 Georges takes control of the house.

In 1896 when he feels fed up with copying the same items and patterns he comes up with an idea ofthe signature Monogram canvas.

It consists of 4 elements: three flower motives and letters LV which are the tribute to the founder of the fashion house.

Nobody knows exactly where those flowers come from.

They might be pieces of art Georges was attracted to like Parisian churches, stained-glass windows, ceramic tiles or Japanese patterns on carpets.

In 1901 they introduce their first bag called Steamer.

Initially it was meant for dirty clothescollected during the trip and was to be kept inside the trunk but gradually evolved into a cross functional bag suitable both for a plane and a car.

Steamer bags are still available for sale.

Interesting facts Special items and private orders are still produced by hand following the same technology in the same workshop as they did in the 19 century.

Around 1900 Georges Vuitton gets interested in automobiles and creates different types of luggage for it.

The Vuitton family even develop their own compact.

This car-flat-wardrobe has a wash stand, a mirror, four trunks, hatboxes, a first aid kit, a cellaret and is turned into a bedroom or a dining-room.

In 1907 Georges's son Gaston-Louis takes control of the company.

He brings more art and marketing into the family business.

In 1926 he creates the first perfume called “Hours of absence”.

In the 1930-s when they could drive to Cote d'Azur for a weekend, a new Keepall bag became quite popular.

It's a kind of an overnight bag.

Nowadays celebrities travel with it and Moscow bohemians take it to the gym.

World War II period is a little bit mysterious.

The documents are said to have been burnt.

In the 50-s and 60-s they switch to more flexible and compact models.

Canvas became more flexible thanks to PVC.

It's PVC and Louis Vuitton in the same sentence.

What do you think? For example the Noé bag which was designed by Gaston-Louis to transport five bottles of champagne is now a fashion accessory.

The same goes for the cylindrical Papillon bag one of the fashion icon Twiggy's favourites.

The Speedy bagwhich is a smaller variant of the Keepall bag became popular thanks to Audrey Hepburn.

Vogue also helped a lot.

Louis Vuitton luggage is a regular at photoshoots.

This way and that.

Just like nowadays.

In the late 20th centurythe brand's DNA was defined as follows “We keep what is valuable for you” – that's the brand's goal.

It's all about luxury, quality, constant innovations and wanderlust.

Interesting facts In November 2013 a huge Louis Vuitton trunk was erected to hold “The Soul of Wander” exposition in Red Square.

But it caused the stir among the public and by government order it was dismantled.

The new age.

In the late 1870-s there were only two LV stores and in the early 1890-s there were already 125 stores.

The Vuittons took charge of sales network development instead of selling the trademark.

Tokyo and Osaka, then Hong Kong and Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, the USA and Beijing of course.

Everyone in the world knows about Louis.

I'm still here with the bag.

Keep watching, don't miss the challenge.

One of the main business-events of that period was merging of Moët-Hennessy with Louis Vuitton and creation of LVMH in 1987.

For you to understand how huge it is let's look at the companies that make the list of the conglomerate.

You see.

In 2018 the revenue was €46.

8 billion.

Thank you.

The head of all this is Bernard Arnault, a very interesting person, terribly powerful.

He's the fourth richest person in the world with a fortune worth of $77 billion.

Interesting facts LV is especially proud of its cases for athletic trophies.

For example, the 2018 football world cup was brought to Moscow in a special Louis Vuitton case.

It was presented by Natalia Vodianova a fiancee of LVMH founder's son Bernard Arnault.

In 1997 LV comes to a major decision and makes Marc Jobs its artistic director.

There it all began.

Marc was scared.

There were no records of clothes.

He didn't know where to start.

His first collection was super minimalistic, probably the most minimalistic ever.

Inspired by athletic outfit and the first grey Trianon trunk it looked more like a uniform.

There was no logo, no monogram or bags.

But gradually he worked up the courage and became unstoppable.

Now there were knickers, motorbike helmets, backpacks and scarlet colour.

The greatest was his collaboration with a famous American artist Stephen Sprouse.

They put graffiti over all signature bag models.

Can you imagine that? And then there was rave, some children appliques, butterflies and rabbits and of course the collaboration with Takashi Murakami.

In 2002 he creates a new monogram canvas with monograms of 33 colours on a white background.

In 2005 he decorates it with cherries.

Where's the make-up artist? I need to fix my makeup.

Marc keeps experimenting.

Here's a monogram jacket.

Here's a round bag.

Here's a golden one.

And a bit of China.

Or, if you want, you can put a few bags together.

My favourite collaboration is the one with Richard Prince.

He took his paintings with nurses and brought them to life.

Here they are wearing masks and see-through uniforms, their bags painted with stencils.

The exotic show was styled really well.

Madonna took part in its marketing campaign posing in a bistro.

This one sucks.

I don't get it.

Let's skip it.

Right after that there was “God Created the Woman”.

Once all the models arrived in a lift.

In the Fetish collection there were corsets, handcuffs, masks, a housemaid and Marc's muse Kate Moss with a cigarette as the final element on the show.

I'm hot.

One of the most expensive bags was created in collaboration with Yayoi Kusama.

She is an artist.

The pumpkin shaped bag cost $133430.

In 2012 the runway was in a shape of a merry-go-roundand the bags were see-through.

That time Jennifer Lopez, Naomi Campbell, Natalia Poly from Perm and Uma Thurman took part in the company's marketing campaign.

That's me starring in Louis Vuitton marketing campaign.

Interesting facts In 2007 LV marketing campaign spokesmodel was Mikhail Gorbachev which supposedly meant to be criticalof the political situation in Russia.

Financial Times journalists turned the picture and noticed that inside the bag of the only president of the USSR was a book about the unsolved murders of a journalist Anna Politkovskaya and a former FSB officer Alexander Litvinenko.

Everything changed when Marc Jacobs was replaced by Nicolas Ghesquière.

The Petite male bag from his first collection which looked like a miniature LV trunk quite soon became an essential part of any fashionable wardrobe.

In a few years it was already considered iconic.

While Marc worked with images, Nicolas used shapes and texture.

His heroine is totally different.

She's reserved, intelligent and confident.

Everyone loves Nicolas.

Every item is meant to be examined.

Here's the new one for example.

Why not? An interesting fact In 2016 Nicolas Ghesquière will collaborate.




Like I'm in the future.

Look, I've got a crystal ball.

In 2016 Nicolas Ghesquière collaborated with Final Fantasy.

He used avatars from the game in his marketing campaign.

That's the future! Here's his price-list: a scarf – ₽11500 and more a T-shirt – ₽62000 and more a skirt – ₽79500 and more shoes – ₽57000 and more outerwear – ₽133000 and more.

Quite affordable.

I'm still here with the bag.

Keep watching, don't miss the challenge! In 1993 for the first time in the history of the fashion house a line of leather accessories for men called Taiga was introduced.

It consisted of the Stanislav overnight bag, the Baikal wallet, the Igor briefcase and the Kurgan card case.

In the late 90-s LV launched a separate line of accessories and ready-to-wear clothing for men.

In 2011 thanks to Kim Jones who was the director of the men's line at that time LV collaborated with Supreme.

You must've heard about that.

In 2018 Jones who left Louis Vuitton for Dior, was replaced by Virgil Abloh.

In 2018 Time magazine named him one of the 100 most influential people in the world.

His first collection was a great success.

Even Kanye West came to support his friend and cried in the end.

It was touching.


The second Abloh's collectionwhich was inspired by Michael Jackson was a little bit too much in time.

The show took place a week before the scandalous “Leaving Neverland” documentary was released.

Louis Vuitton and Virgil apologized and promised they would not produce any item that featured Michael Jackson elements.

The first Virgil's collection is available in boutiques and online.

Here's the price-list: accessories – ₽17000 and more bags – ₽81000 and more shoes – ₽63000 and more clothes – ₽41500 and more.

Interesting facts In April 2018 Louis Vuitton introduced an interior design collection.

Everything's available online.

The cheapest item which is the flower inspired by the brand's emblem costs ₽20.


If you want, you can buy a cocoon chair for ₽7.

559 000.

That's enough to buy a flat.

What can you buy at Louis Vuitton? Their iconic bags of course! Speedy – ₽68.

500 and more Noé – ₽78.

000 and more Keepall – ₽89000 and more Alma – ₽98.

000 and more Steamer – ₽170000 and more Petite male – ₽320.

000 and more.

If you want something from Louis Vuitton but you think it's too expensive, here are a few thing you can definitely save for: a card case – ₽12000 a key holder – ₽12000 a key ring – ₽16600 stud earrings – ₽16600 Earrings and stud earrings are my essentials.

In Russia you can buy Louis Vuitton in boutiques in GUM, TSUM, in Stoleshnikov Lane or in Vremena Goda Gallery in Moscow, in Nevsky prospect in St Petersburg, and this is weird but in Voykova Street in Sochi.

Isn't that too rude? Now you know why it costs that much.

When you buy Louis Vuitton, you pay for the quality and involvement in its history.

If it's not enough, here's the film “Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton” 2007.

It's hard to find.

At least in Russian.

If you can find it, leave the link down there.

The most detailed history of the brand is given in a book called “Louis Vuitton: the Birth of Modern Luxury”.

You can buy it in Russian on Avito or in English in boutiques.

My favourite edition is “Louis Vuitton.


Inside the book you will find 1350 photos of all the women's collections until 2018.

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So what can I say? That's the end of the video about Louis Vuittonand me Gosha Kartsev.

See you.

Daddy will give you the whole Louis.

What's that on me? Louis Vuitton.