Стилисты угадывают подделка или оригинал / Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, Off-White

According to Brandmonitor, the annual turnover of the shadow segment of the luxury goods market in Russia made up 280 billion roubles.

Hi, this is Gosha Kartsev channel.

I'm Gosha Kartsev.

You haven't noticed me because I'm in the smoke.

It's a new format.

Are you a model or a fake? Five stylists try to tell real from fake items.

A special experts commentates.

Later you'll know who this is.

Fashion cowgirl Anya Us, stylist for Viagra band.

This is not Pugachyova, this is a successful commercial stylist Zina.

My cohostess by the way.

Hi! He calls himself a stylist but doesn't know how to choose trousers.

This is me, Gosha Kartsev.

Hello, this is Artyom.

He's graduated from a school for stylists recently and is already undergoing a training at Esquire.

Popular Instagram blogger, womanly and elegant Anna Moskovtseva.

I disdain fakes.

If you can't afford it, there's no point in buying it.

Who am I to judge? I think a fake is alright if you do it for fun, combine it with items from mass market stores and if you don't care much about hiding that it might not be real.

There's an alternative like no name or vintage brands you should pay attention to.

They can be something you might not expect.

While our stylists are trying to tell fake from real items, we're spying on them with an expert in the world of fake, a.



black reseller.


He anonymously supplies fakes to the stars.

An expert in the world of fakes.

A warrior of fake shadows.

Black reseller.

Why the hell are you wearing this mask all the time? At first, it was just a precautionary measure.

But now it's more like an image.

Do you feel comfortable? Not quite.

Why don't you take it off then? Why not? Is it okay? Shall I take it off? I'd like you to.

Okay, I'll do it.

Really? Yes.

– Great.

I don't see the point in wearing this stuff.

Hi, I'm Gosha.


Nice to meet you.

We bought one pair for ₽78 thousand from an official Louis Vuitton boutique in Moscow, and the other for 16.

990 from Albert.

Come on! Give me your fake.

Luis Vuitos.

One is fake, the other is real, right? There's some thread.

I can see a thread here.

The side is slightly unfinished.

Stitches are better here, of course.

You were the first to pick at it.

But the thread was on the real ones.

Threads don't mean it's real or fake.

At the first glance, they're the darker ones.

Just because they're dirtier as it's trendy now.

This one is more yellow, the colours are paler.

The only difference is that one is white and the other is a bit yellowish.

I saw them in the shop.

I don't see the difference.

This one being so pristine white, snow white, looks like an attempt to copy it.

Here, the sole isn't the same as the leather.

There's a monogram on the sole.

Here it's not that clear.

But maybe I'm just picking at it.

Made in Italy.

Also made in Italy.

Maybe they're the same? People will think I paid them to speak so.

Let them try and tell the difference.

Let them think.

It feels like fake to me, but the quality of the shoelace and the printed monogram say that's real.

I think I'll vote for this one, but you know.



See? That's what I call professionalism.

This is 100% fake.

And with this, we can work.

Here's our winner.

Let's say this one isn't real, this one is.


I'm a stylist for a purpose.

I think this one is real.



Oh, okay.

Just because dirty colours are trendy now, you can't understand anything.

The sneakers look a bit dirty.

This style– Like everything nowadays.

But the real ones are stark white.

Like they've been cleaned.

This made you a bit confused.

Not a bit, but a lot confused.

We bought the real one for 35.

400 from the main department store in the country, and the fake one for 12.


Absolutely the same.

There's too much of Off White everywhere.

I thought there would be only the sneakers.




, okay.

Off White Why do they fake Off White so much? It's a famous brand.

Especially at the Russian market.

Off White makes this thing alright.

It looks like it's been taken off and sewn again.

You should always look at the hang tag.

Via Manin, 13.

They've been making hang tags just perfect for quite a long time already.

They can easily fake even serging seams.

They make them even straighter than on the real item.

There are three ways to tell real from fake Off White.

On the tag there should be 8 stripes sloping down at an angle of 45 degrees.

Secondly, the neck tag, the main label should be rubber-treated and without extra space between “defining” and the “grey”.

And the main thing is these numbers.

If you google them, you'll see if it's fake or real.

Some masters alter them.

Where do they get the tags? Print them? Yes, sure.

Damn, do they really print even the index? Really? I have a feeling that they put the tag into this to make it look real.

The tag doesn't mean anything.

They're easily faked, really well.

They make them 3d, outstanding.

They only feel different.

Here, the seams are straighter than here.

Zina has just noticed that the serging seam on the inside tag of the shirt is straighter than the one on the real shirt.

So seams don't mean anything.

At all.

There are threads on them both.

There are threads coming out of this one.

There should be no threads coming out of an Off White shirt.

This is real.

The one with this thingy.

You could've pinned the thingy from somewhere else! Let's say it's this one.

Fuck! Shit! Damn! As for the accessories and buttons, I have a feeling that this one is fake.

Mistake? Okay.

Let's say this one is real.

This one is not.

Great! The fabric is thicker.

In my opinion, the real one is this shirt.

Yay! Super! I think this one is real.

Yes! I'm pro! What cash prize am I giving myself on my own channel? After the shirt I realised that's it.

This is all bullshit.

I'll beat them.

We bought the real one for 36.

800 on a fashion street, and the fake one for 14.

990 from Albert.

Off White again.

It reads backpack.

A little bigger on one and a little smaller on the other.

This is a huge difference, but you don't know what it should be like on the real one, so you don't understand.

Here it's shitty and short.

But Virgil likes it long.

The turn lock looks brighter here.

The tags are different.

These are white and made of paper.

These are silken.

Well, the garment accessories, they're made of metal here and of plastic here.

My bag has the same.

Garment accessories should be more expensive I think, more beautiful.

Everyone thinks that as Off White is expensive, all the materials should be expensive.

That's not the case.


Both have metal ones.

This backpack is thicker and of better quality.

You know Eastpak backpacks? I've got a few.

They are made of the same shitty fabric.

This one is softer.

You compared the real backpack to shitty fabric.

It's really just an ordinary backpack.

The cotton is loose here and it's tight fitting here.

Though the quality is more interesting here.

This one is bad.

This one is even worse.

This is fake.

This is fake? No way! Really? This is real.

Yeah? Those rubber thingies got me confused.

The fake one is on the right.

It's wrong because the garment accessories are better and more expensive here I agree.

Why am I being stupid? Let's say this backpack is real because it's thicker, tougher, it must be expensive.

This is real.

Next! This one is real because it hasn't got this side element.

I'm glad I've guessed it right.

I've never thought a fake could be of better quality than a real one.

It's weird.

But I'm against fakes anyway.

I mean I don't recommend that you buy them.

It sucks.

But it's weird that the quality is better.

These sneakers cost ₽54 thousand in the centre of Moscow and 16.

990 outside it.

Favourite footwear of Moscow trendy guys.

Are there going to be women's clothes? Balenciaga again.

This is China, but they're made in China.

These really stink.


com The type is thicker here and thinner here.

The tag is neater here.

Here it's less neat.

I don't understand how to tell them apart.

It seems they're.



Could they both be real? Damn, they both are real.

Could they both be real? I guess the quality is so good because they're popular.

Yes, everything that is popular is perfected.

The fabric is absolutely the same.

Maybe the holes could help? Even the holes are the same.

Only here and here.

And here.



They're the same.

I think they're identical.

Is that possible? What if these all are fake and we've screwed you.


We found someone better than you.

Someone who's got better fakes.

This is Demna Gvasalia.

Hello, Demna? Which is fake? I don't know why but I like this sole more.

This one is pimply.

It really looks plastic.

I wonder if they both have the same? Yes.

I have no idea how to tell them apart.

Can you define it by weight? Shitty ones are made light.

As for the best, the ones the guys are looking at, they weigh the same.

The insole is loose here and it's with gel.

This one is tight fitting but it's also with gel.

I got really scared at that moment.

I thought she'd tear it off.

That would've been a f*cking disaster.

Only because it isn't clearly printed inside I think 43 is fake.

Yeah? Don't give me your freaking fakes.

40 is real.

43 isn't very real.

This one is Balenciaga I guess or probably it isn't.

Oh, I thought it was real.

So I was wrong.

The real one is with a good insole.

They're identical! Well, hit or miss.

These are real.

Bingo! Hooray.

All the real sneakers which are made in China are possible to be made most identical.

When Balenciaga started manufacturing in China, perfect fakes started to be made.

You can buy a real hoodie for ₽54.

200 online and a fake one for 14.


White hoodie, my favourite.

Let's get started.

As an owner of Balenciaga jersey, I can tell you that it's of crappy quality.

I mean you'd never guess it's expensive.

Hang tag, hi! Oh-pa! Black and white.

This tag is black.

This one is white.

I guess a stylist should know what colour Balenciaga's inner passport is.

But I don't.

This happens quite often that inside tags and neck tags are mixed up.

The Chinese sometimes mix them up.

They can make them white letters on the black background or black letters on the white background.

Made in Portugal.

This jersey feels more expensive.

But this is suspicious.

This one is really nicer to the skin.

Thick fabric, thick cotton.

The print is crappy.

As all Balenciaga's prints.

Crap is always crap.

I think this is real.


F*ck you! It's impossible.

You can't tell jersey things apart.

I think they really economized on this one.


This one is fake.

Again?! Fuck! Shit! You can't do it with jersey.

And you really think that the one better is real when you've got two items.

Even if I lose, I'll choose the thicker one, this one.

No way, it's terrible.

I wouldn't buy this soft.

I can say this is real.


Yeah, this one is of nicer quality you know.

I swear.

I have a feeling that Balenciaga economizes on makeup.

This band seems more fragile.

I won't even stretch it.

Come on, I believe in you.

Come on! This is real.

This is fake.

Hooray! He's the only one who was right.

Who understood the Chinese.

The most difficult round.

There's nothing to compare to.

Try and guess if it's fake or real with our stylists.

Louis Vuitton.

Smells like leather.

I hope it's not just a box.

So, what have we got here? A case.

It's so rough, I like it.

The box looks real.

Inside everything's of super quality, everything's beautiful.

So what have we got here? Not tight.

Are they alright? You're sure they don't break? Zina has no limit.

There's an item number.

They look really fragile.

They bend smoothly.

They're flawless! Look, I really don't know.

Why don't you do it? I don't know what to do.

I know they are fake.

But it's impossible to tell.

The only suspicious thing is probably the colour here and the case.

I think you can tell it's fake only by the package.

But I'm picking at it.

Believe me, if I was given brand new glasses, I'd never guess.

As the owner of the channel I was sure I'd win.

Thank you.

I'm not coming again.

And I didn't like it.

Let's say they're real.

The bitterest thing is that I thought they weren't real.

I think they're real.

Everything's painted properly.

It means I spend too much time in Dubrovka.

I think they're fake.

Oh, okay.


– Well, okay.

To me they look real.

Loser! This is the way I'm usually deceived.

The way LV is engraved on the glasses is really super cool.

I think you can come across fakes in Europe, and in Asia, and in Russia, everywhere.

They fake it, so what? What is important is that they recycle it properly.

Now I know that in half of the cases I can tell real from fake items.

It's really upsetting.

If someone copied my work and sold it for a cheaper price, I'd be really upset.

Some fakes are really of better quality than real ones.

The feeling that the band was crappy appeared to prove it was real.

People who have money would never buy fakes.

It only seems so.

Picture you want to buy a hoodie from Balenciaga, which you just like to wear it in the country.

Come on, no-one wears Balenciaga in the country.

There are things an alternative to which it is impossible to find.

Which of these has no alternative in mass market stores? If you like a particular model.

Relax, don't be obsessed.

Why? If you want.

I can tell you honestly, I don't respect what you do.

My work and work of thousands of people who invest and earn by creating additional cost.

It's too much.

That's you who are too much.

It's a beautiful industry.

We sell art.

What are you doing here? F*ck you.

You join an elite club.

You buy fakes.

It's like to go to a concert with no ticket.

Do you think they sell fakes in TSUM? Where did they get them from? There are a lot of people in between.

A buyer can get fakes or the head of a department.

Why would they do it? To get more money.

Do you think, if your theory is right which I doubt, brands presented in TSUM know that they sell fakes mixed with real items? I think brands in Russia are aware of it but they're against it.

I mean they don't appreciate it.

But they have no choice.

They can't help it because we're in Russia.

If it's true, I think it is so.

It's likely so.

Why doesn't Off White have their own shop? Which represents itself not through TSUM or KM20.

Whereever you go, it's either fake or if a person has money, they're in Off White.

The only way not to come across a fake is to buy from official stores which are represented by the head office itself.

For example, if Burberry is represented officially.

The company representing it is the London office itself, then there wouldn't be any problems.

People are at fault.

Let them buy this crap through resellers if they like.

It's bullshit! A buyer is an invented job.

People, you support the market of fakes.

There's a blogger who needs to be constantly in this media sphere.

Go and earn some money, loser.

He needs to show new looks all the time.

Do you mean me? No, bloggers in general.




Me? And you in particular, yes.

This blogger has a choice, he can spend a million roubles on new clothes.

Go and earn more money.

But if his aim is just to create content for his followers who don't care.

Buy something from a store, shoot it and then bring back – one.

Two, hire a stylist who'd bring you clothes and get them back as all professionals do.

It's my job.

It's even more expensive.

Not at all.

If you're cheap, nothing will help you, you understand? Okay.

It doesn't matter what logo you use, if you're stupid, I'm not going to agree with you.

Fakes are crap.

My disdain! It's cool.

I like it that such business exists, conspiracy theory.

But I'm shocked.

Shocking Asia.

Well, I'm upset.

But I hope you liked this video.

I have nothing to say.

“Are you a model or a fake?” for you.

Gosha Kartsev channel.

This have been Gosha Kartsev and black reseller.

Guru of fakes.

I don't like your work.

Thank you.