10,000 Subscriber Louis Vuitton Giveaway -Closed -路易威登抽奬活動-有中文字幕

hi everyone welcome back to my channel I just got back from Taiwan and had amazing time to see my family and friends and some of the fans I'm sure that you beeping follow me on instagram you probably see all the amazing food and the coffee shop that we've been to I can wait to show you the video that we filming Taiwan but today we're going to talk about them very very big happening right now I've been on YouTube for over three years now and we recently hit over 10, 000 subscribers yay it's really really awesome feeling and I cannot do this without your support in fact we have over 1.

6 million views and almost 6 million minutes watch ah that it's huge for myself really pull myself so again thank you so much so today's video we are going to do a little giveaway and let's get started and let me show you [Music] this is a huge milestone for myself and for all of you so I decide to do to to leave it on give away in fact it's going to be total for prices and let me show you how we're going to do this okay so the first one is I bought this from Taiwan louisvuitton and 101 taiwan taipei 101 building and thanks to thanks to my new friend Charles hey because you are got this ok so I let me show you guys this is really really cool i don't even know they have this until i saw this in the sword let me open this right now so it's a boot email cardboard and when you first hear that what is pretty mia car but what is that it's actually cardboard that when you fold it you become a tiny mail so there's actually have three pieces in there I'm going to open now to show you guys all right now I'm so scared to rip it okay I finally got it now so there's a nice actually three pieces in there let me show you this is the right one I can help you is this so you use already pre-cut in to fold it together and they say what's the monogram 130 meal is so cute this is the really pretty one meaning booty I think so what I'm going to do is that my friends my new BFFs told me I should sign in the back so I'm going to do mr.

Chenault one autographing here and i'm going to give this to three lucky winners and this is going to be the international giveaway and it's not going to come up the box because it's going to be too big so it's going to be inside this beautiful Louis Vuitton envelope so basically i will pick three lucky winner and you will receive one of this okay I think this is really cool and I love this idea because a show where they showed it to me the story looks really amazing so you will get something like this okay so that's the first three price let's move on the third I said let's move on to the for price now let me show you the major price that I want to give it to you and there's going to be one lucky winner so it's also louis vuitton box and as you can see this is the older packaging box and what i have for you i think i personally think this is really really amazing because of my own collection and this is the key charm actually a little keypad it's the 2015 tribal mask key pouch it's brand new I never used this before if you see my camera sometimes it's just hanging on the wall and I decide to give this away even though I never use but it looks a little bit on I don't want they're all a little H a little bit because that has a little turn all of this but look at this is a brand brand new conditions and i'm pretty sure that whoever won this will be very very happy and because you are not able to find this anywhere in the store now the only place you may even get it is on ebay and it's a very good value here so let me recap this is all we're going to give away we're giving away 3 and below with the booty male cop or three of those so three people international and one piece of the louis vuitton keybank e-tron back from tribal mask elections and one winner also international and this is how you're gonna want it [Music] finally I just want to say thank you so much for all your support on my youtube China and all my social media with value I cannot make it today so thank you thank you and good luck everyone I [Music].