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com yesterdaywhile I was writing my blog post about the video that I did yesterday with mynew new your ever medium flat back which I'll post right here the posting on myblog check it out I was typing away typing away and I waslike you know what this would be a great topic for a video and I came online andI realized that it's actually a very popular video that a lot of the luxurybloggers do and it is your luxury wishlist well I'm gonna do my 2019luxury wishlist so if you want to see what I have on my list continue watching I'm going to get right into it and I'mgoing to put some pictures here because I don't have these items yet right so Iput some pictures here and tell you a little bit about the items that I'minterested in getting this one I have here is from Louis Vuitton and it's thecosmetic pouch as you can see right here basically about four hundred and thirtydollars and that's in Canadian Canadian I am from Canada and I'm not surewhether I want the monogram campus or the Damier of being canvas I honestly amkind of leaning towards the dam yay of being because I just really like how itlooks but we'll see I'm not sure I don't think that I'm a model grande girl Ijust I don't really gravitate towards it but anyhow the monogram canvas or theyDanny I mean canvas it has washable textilelining on the inside so it's a cosmetic pouch and I probably would use it forsuch putting my makeups in it lip glosses exceptmaybe some you know sanitary feminine products and to put it into my bag soit's not all rolling around in the bottom of my bag just for likeorganization shake it's the second one on my twenty nineteen luxury wishlist isthe toiletry pouch so it's right in line with the cosmetic college it could beused for cosmetics as well but it also can be used kind of like a little pouchclutch situation the one that I'm interested in getting is either the 19or the 26 and really there's not much difference in price the 19 is fourhundred and sixty dollars and the twenty six is five hundred and ten dollars soit all depends on the look and what I'd be using it for any time I went into theLouis Vuitton store they've never had them available so it's hard for me tohold it in head and see which one works best for me but uh yeah I want the totalShoob pouch and so also I would like stayin with Louie Vuitton at the momentis the speedy 25 Bansal ear the reason why I want this one is because it hasthat strap you can wear it top handle or you can wear it crossbody or just onyour shoulder I think it's gorgeous I would want that in the damp air of beingI feel like it would last a lot longer because it doesn't have the machete andI don't have to worry about it the Tina or watermarks or anything like that Ilive in Canada six months out of the year it's snowing out and you know whatI mean so I just want something that I can get a lot of use out of and I thinkthat would be a nice statement classic bag to put into my collection I wouldwant it I think it only comes with golden metallic hardware anyways andthat has a red soft textile lining on the inside which is absolutely gorgeousit does have double zip opening with padlock and keysfor security which i think is so cute I went into a Saks Fifth Avenue a few daysago and I did get to try on for size D 25 but it was in the monogram print withthe vachetta and I honestly didn't it didn't really scream to me I didn'treally like it I asked around the the danyay one and she said that B shedidn't have it I kind of think that she wasn't telling the truth because shereached back into the drawer and picked up another sand dust bag and then shewas like oh we don't have it so I was like okay and I just left maybe she justthought I wanted to try everything on and I wasn't gonna buy anything and Iguess that's her loss because I probably would have got it that day it does alsohave the adjustable movable strap as you see so you can take off the shoulderstrap if you want and just have a pop handle or you can put it back on so thatwas number three okay so the number four that I want also Louboutin I would liketo have either the four key or six key holder I'm not sure which one I want forlongevity purposes I don't know if I'd want the six key so you know it wouldgrow with me or if I just want the four key I definitely will have to go inthere and try it out for size and see which one that one goes for two hundredand forty dollars for and this is Canadian dollars for the four key andthen two hundred and ninety dollars for the six key and I think I didn't say howmuch this b25 bandolier was and that's one thousand seven hundred and fiftydollars Canadian the key holder has a one snap closure as you can see here andit's a coated canvas and the inside is cat cats a letterexplaining so that's number four number five getting into some shoes here I wantand have wanted forever I want to get the Manolo Blahnik candy see 105millimeter heel max size for the heel that I want it costs one thousand onehundred and ninety five dollars I would love love love to start off with everygirl's dream the classic blue satin jewel buckle the other one that I alsowant is the champagne and satin jewel buckle I absolutely love this shoe it isso comfortable and I could see myself wearing this in so many ways with thejeans what slacks with skirts what dresses it's just absolutely absolutelygorgeous to me so I want to get it as soon as I possibly can so number sixalso is a pair of shoes that I've been eyeing for about a couple of years nowand I definitely think that I'm gonna get it probably around Springer before asummer this year so I'm gonna put that on my 2019 luxury wishlist check I thinkthat's gonna happen pretty soon it's the her meds or on sandals and they go for810 Canadian dollars I would love to get it in the brown gold color I just thinkit's absolutely darling and in the summertime I love like my bohemian stylelike just you know very carefree I have my hair like in tussles if you see myother videos just you know my natural hair out and everything so I definitelya great look for me and something that I actually don't have on this list rightnow that I'm just gonna pop in there now that I'm thinking about styling knees oron sandals I really would love to get one of those natural bamboo call Jia Ithink that's how you pronounce it Jia Jaya called Jaya called Jia bags andthey're actually pretty affordable I think they run anywhere from about twohundred and seventy dollars and some of the more artsy looking ones I think theycan run up to maybe about four hundred dollars but I think that's a greatvacation bag great summer bag and I don't think that's something that wouldever go out of style that natural bamboo wouldn't look I've noticed that foryears and years whether it's like a basket bag or anything like that it'snot going out of style and I think it would go so well with my new decor withall my plants and everything very earthy natural life so that's something that Ialso want to get as well number seven which is probably on every girl's listand I think almost every luxury youtuber here on YouTube already has a spec butbecause I'm just really starting out building up my luxury crust collection Ido not have this bag currently as yet so the bag that I would love to get is aChanel classic double flat you guys probably saw that coming right the onlything is I don't know if I would want the Jumbo all of my bigger bags like theone that I showed you in my previous video which was the Dior ever medium bagbut you can see that right here Oh put the iCard up here if you want towatch that review and tour of that I like them because I can hold it as atop handle and it looks very business to me and very elegant Chanel bags are veryelegant as well but it's it's a shoulder bag to me I don't really want to wearthis Chanel bag I can the crook of my arm or anything and I feel like if Iwere to get a jumbo it would just be way too big and then it would just be on myshoulder and I don't I don't know if the straps long enough for it to becrossbody but I just can't envision myself really having that Rumble andgetting a lot of use out of it and grabbing to that bag because I feel likethe bigger the bag the more business or even casual I would like it to be withmy outfits and I don't want my Chanel bag to be super casual and I don'treally want it to be business either I want it to be a beautiful bag that I cantrust up any outfit and I think if I could find out there an old medium ormedium classic flap that would be the one for me I would want ingrainedcalfskin caviar black with gold hardware that's just my thing and more thanlikely I'm thinking I'm probably gonna find that gently loved on the secondarymarket because I I can't see myself spending $7, 000 for that bag unless itwas gifted to me I would definitely accept it thank you but if it's notgifted to me I think I could go out there and take my time and be patientand find someone and find one that is of course authentic and an excellent greatcondition and probably for half if not more than half off the priceokay so that was my number seven number eight would be Chanel espadrilles a lotof women online a lot of luxury bloggers online I I see that they have them kindof in the background on their little display and I don't really see a lot ofpeople wearing them on here and I do hear a lot of people saying that it'svery stiff and that they wish that they got a darker pair because the beige Jeanblock for the beige one I guess tends to look raggedy quick so I didn't want toget the beige on black pair it's still my prerogative which one I want to getwe'll see but I do want a pair of Chanel espadrilles and I've always wanted themand they run about 800 Canadian dollars and so it's either the the beige onblack or the black and it's in lambskin leather is the one that I rode Monicathat's my number 8 number 9 now I might hold off on this because there is alittle bit of controversy and things going on with the whole Gucci brand Idon't think I'm gonna get into talking about my feelings on Gucci because thatshould be possibly a whole other video or something that I have personalconversation with people away from one-on-one so we can have a back onforth back and forth and hopefully end up seeing eye-to-eye and I don't want toargue with myself on line by myself to the camera or in my comments so number 9I put as Gucci and I'm just gonna put it therevery fleetingly but I've always wanted a pair of the Princetown leather slipperseither just the regular ones the slip-on or the one with the lamb wool theregular slippers in the leather is 830 dollars and thethe level is 1190 dollars and I just think that they're a gorgeous piece foryour collection and they can be worn to jeans they can be worn with slacks thatcan be worn to work it could be business it can be casual I just think that theyare a great piece and excuse me but for the amount of wear that I think I wouldget out of it I don't think that the prices that side especially for the onewithout the wall that's number nine so number 10 is Chanel mules I love lovelove the Chanel mules before I even owned anything Chanel I gravitatedtoward these Chanel mules especially the one that has the Pearl right in the heelI just think that they're absolutely gorgeous I don't know if they sell themand store anymore anytime I go in there you don't see them on display and theonly one that I see online is the black one so I am not really the type ofperson that wants to buy shoes on the secondary market because I feel likeshoes are more personal than a handbag because you just have your feet in themall day so I don't know how I feel about that I will update you if I do get theseshoes how I got them but I would love to find them brand new if possible and theyrun $1, 025 that's my number 10 number 11 is the Valentino rock stud pumps in the100 millimeter heel and the powder in the potty air colors it looks kind oflike a powdery pink or maybe page I really tried to look at it and it'ssomewhere in between they're like rose powder pink beige type of color andI absolutely love them and I've heard that they're very very very comfortableand they just look gorgeous on your feet I love shoes I love bags but I loveshoes I think even more and they run about 1320 Canadian dollars now this isa lot for 2019 luxury wishlist to be honest I'm not sure if I'll geteverything on this list but that's why it's a wish list you can just hope Iknow what I want and I go up there and I hope and I pray and I hope and I prayand I hope that I get them so yeah that one's 1320 Canadian dollars another onethat I've had my eye on that I also love but if I don't get it this year I'm notgoing to be kicking myself for anything is that G on Beto Rossi flexi pump inthe 105 millimeter heel I would love to get it in the black catskin with theflexi PCB you know how it looks right oh you have the pictures right here you'dbe right I love them I love how it accentuates your foot it makes it look alittle bit longer it's just different from the regular standard black pump itjust gives you a little bit of pizzazz you know what I mean and I love a littlebit of pizzazz so that's my number 12 and that runs actually I didn't put theprice down for that one sorry but I want that one I'm sure it's probably in thethousands maybe maybe 700 thousand dollars another one that I kindof slipped him right as I was about to do this video and I've wanted it andI've even went into the store a couple times to buy it and I've always beentopped out of it and God forbid I go in there by myself one time because I mightjust buy it I live in Canada winter clothing and gear is very important tome you know I invested in a Canada Goose jacket about three years ago and eversince I've never had to buy another jacket again even though it was a prettypenny you get warranty on it that you know ifanything's wrong with it you can take it into the store you know they're verygood with that and it is so so soul warm almost even a hot when you're outsideand these winter Blizzard weathers like it is right now today and that's why Ihave my little sweater on because it's freezing and the windows right there butit is the Burberry classic cheque cashmere scarf I just love it I thinkany day any any single day on a fancy day on a business day on a specialoccasion day I'm just going to the grocery store day I'm picking up my kidsfrom school day any casual anything Dave you could wear that scarf and it kind oflike puts a little pop to your outfit so I love it the only reason why I haven'tgotten that scarf as yet is because it's five hundred and fifty dollars and thelast time I went in there and I was like this close to getting it what I hadpurchased my Chanel Oh coin purse I was this this this close boxing day to getit clearly it wasn't on a boxing day sale my daughter was like I would neverspend five hundred or fifty dollars on the scarf and she walked away and Iactually I actually felt really bad I was like Ilove and the time before that I had went in with my friend and he was like Iwould never spend that much not on a scarf so everybody thinks it's justalmost extortionate to spend $550 on a scarf and it's just a scarf and I'velooked at buying it on my like on the second-hand market but I'm just like howdo i identikit that this is even a real you know burberry scarf and then I'mgonna spend like $200 you know for a scarf that somebody else had alreadyused whether it's once twice whatever the case may be on a website and whatright most of the bags and items that Ipurchase on these secondary websites there is some sort of authenticationprocess to make sure that you are buying an authentic item and if you cannotauthenticate it I would not suggest purchasing and if you don't know how toI sent to Kate your items and what a replica or high-end replica or superfake looks like versus the authentic bag or shoe from the store then just don'tdo it because you do not can you imagine spending a thousand or a couple thousanddollars on a super fake this is my 2019 wish list luxury list of items that Iwant in 2019 I would really love to have I'm not sure how many of them all get Iknow I did say 13 probably 14 because I added that called agile big if I evengot like three or four of these this year that would be greatclearly you know there are other priorities and you know I I do have ahome I do have a family I do have work I do have bills and you know I pay mybills and then I also treat myself and I workhard so I'm hoping and I'm praying and I'm hoping and I'm praying that I'd beable to get even a quarter of the things that are on my list all right well thankyou guys for watching this video what are your 2019 luxury wishlist itemsput them down below maybe there's something that I have never really evenseen before and I would love to know about new itemsor other items out there other designers out there other than the most famousones that we see all the time because there are other designers that you canput me on too right so go ahead and do that if you haven't subscribed as yetplease do hit the subscribe button hit the bell button so you're notified thenext time I post I'll see you in the next video bye.