5 Trending Luxury Bags Not Worth Buying (Dior, Louis Vuitton, Chanel)

Hi guys i'm Eileen today i want to sharewith you guys the 5 trending handbags I don't see myself buying anytime soon.

Now all these bags are extremely popular and quite a few beautiful ladies Ifollow on Instagram or YouTube have these bags so I really hope no one willtake offence this is just my opinion and if you've watched my channel before youknow I'm a bit fussy and particular when it comes to handbags anyway.

So withoutfurther ado let's get started first of all I will not buy the Louis Vuitton MultiPochette Accesoires.

My first impression when I saw this bag on Instagram was what'sgoing on? I actually thought this was a DIY job and someone put together ahandbag using their small leather goods.

I think I was a bit puzzled because thedesign is so contemporary and unconventional but to be honest is quitea clever and practical idea to wear your small small leather goods on a shoulder strapand I must also say many fashionable ladies carry this bag really well, theyactually look very modern and chic wearing this bag personally I just don'tthink I can pull it off.

I mean I like quite simple designs anyway so for methat's just too much going on with this bag and I especially cannot put up withthe fact that the coin purse will be dangling on my chest.

Also I already have a coin purse and a mini pochette which I use every singleday so I think having this bag would be a bit redundant for my collection.

Another bag I will not buy is the Dior book tote, now when this bag first came out it was only available in the bigger size and Iseriously couldn't find a use for this bag I think its too big as an everydaybag, too open for travel and too fancy for running errands but then Dior came outwith a few other sizes and I think the size small is actually quite nice forwork it doesn't look too overwhelmingly bigit should be able to fit a laptop and some A4 sized documents nicely.

Andvisually it just looks a little bit bigger than a Birkin 30 now I thinkthese bags look stunning and they look very well-made as well but I just cannotjustify paying £2, 000 for a canvas bag and I was especially shocked to findout that the mini one costs £1600 its insanely expensiveand I'm not exactly sure what is this bag useful because it just looks like alittle glorified shopping bag that you get when you buy a little makeup item.

Asfor the size small, I think is so beautiful and such a statement pieceCarris from LV lover CC has one and it looks amazing on her but as for me I'mquite happy to just admire it from afar.

Next one is the Chanel 19 thiscollection was launched in 2019 and the design is said to be inspired by theclassic 2.

55 bag.

This collection is very well received but I just can't put myfinger on it.

I mean it has the silhouette of a flap bag but it's not asstructured as the classic flaps in fact it looks quite soft and almost spongy soI don't know I guess I'm probably used to the classic flaps looking a certainway and the Chanel 19 is too casual for my liking.

Also you guys know I prefertextured leather anyway so I'm probably being a bit biased because the Chanel 19is made of a soft and shiny goat skin.

Another thing that bothers me a bit isthat this bag can look a bit unsupported and saggy when it's being used.

I know afew people use a bag hint set for this bag for a more structured look but stillit looks like a lot of the weight is being centred around a CC claspespecially when you carry the bag on the top handle.

In terms of space it does look like a very roomy bag because of the lack ofstructure.

So you can certainly fit quite a bit in there but I can't help butwonder will the weight will wear the bag out quickly especially because it's madeof a soft matter.

I might be overanalyzing here but I am worried thisbag will look a bit like a very tired looking Balenciaga after a few years ofuse.

Now I'm all for keeping the shapes of my handbags but I do know some peopleprefer their bags looking a bit more slouchy, so if you are one of them thenthis shouldn't concern you.

The Chanel 19 come in four sizes but I usually prefersmaller handbags so I've only looked at the size small and the shoulder strapfor this bag looks a bit too long for my liking because I prefer my shoulder bagto sit a bit higher up but it does look like a good length if you want to usethe bag crossbody but then again I prefer my crossbody bags to be quite abit smaller.

So all-in-all this bag caught my attention but I can't say I'ma big fan of it.

Another bag I don't see myself buying is the Dior saddle bag.

Nowthis bags were really popular in the 90s and I remember seeing CarrieBradshaw wearing it in Sex and the City But then it kind of disappeared sinceand then in 2018, this collection was relaunched and I could literally seethese bags everywhere on Instagram.

And now this collection has been expanded toother bags like the backpacks, messenger bags and belt bags.

So if you are a fanof this collection then it's fair to say you are now spoiled with choices.

As thename suggests, the design is based on the shape of a saddle, so it's a bit of anunconventional design and I think is something you either love or hate.

Personally I've never been drawn to this collection.

I think the design is a bitbeyond me I mean if you are someone who is very stylish then you can easily pullthis off but I just have a reserved palette for handbags Iusually prefer something quite simple and classic .

That said, trendy pieces dogrow on me sometimes for example the Louis Vuitton mini PalmSprings backpack which I absolutely love, but as for now that's not the case withthe Dior saddle bag.

In fact a while ago someone left me a message on my channelsaying this bag looks a bit like a liver and that's been stuck with me since.

But as I've always said you should get whatever bag that makes you happy.

It doesn't matter what everyone else says.

So if you think you can rock the Dior Saddle bag then is your perfect bag.

The next bag I will not buy is the Dior Montaigne.

Now it might look like this video is targeting Dior, but I actually love Dioras a brand.

Their quality is exquisite and the customer service is always topnotched.

I love my Lady Dior as well which I've had for years.

But in the last few years not many handbags from Dior appeal to me and thatthe Dior Montaigne is one of them.

Now again I might be biased because I don'treally like boxy handbags.

I mentioned on my channel that I've sold two Chanel Boyflaps one of which was the new medium and the other one was the size small, and Iwant to say that the Montaigne has quite a similar silhouette to the Chanel boyflaps.

Luckily, I think I've figured out my preferences.

So essentially if I'mgonna wear a bag cross body then I don't want it to be boxy but if I everbuy a bag that is boxy or structured but now prefer to have top handles.

Thataside, I must say I don't think there's a WOW factor to the Dior Montaigne, it justlooks like another flap bag with a big CD logo on.

So I think if you alreadyhave a Chanel classic flap or the Hermes Constance then having this bag might be abit redundant.

But then again I'm not really into flap bags myself so if youare someone who has a nice collection of classicflaps then this bag might appeal more to you.

Personally, I also think this bag in the monogram canvas can be such a statement piece, but Ijust don't see myself paying that kind of money for a canvas bag.

So those arethe five trending handbags I don't see myself buying anytime soon.

They are allbeautiful but also quite expensive so I think it's important to not follow anytrends blindly.

In fact we really should take some time to consider if a certainitem will suit our personal needs and lifestyle.

I would also love to know ifyou happen to own any of these handbags and how are they working out for you.

Thank you so much for watching and I'll see you in my next one.