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– When you wear a suit, you typically wear a tie.

It's a more formalgarment, it makes sense.

But you don't always haveto wear a tie with a suit and there are definitelyways to lose the tie, dress down the suit, andwear a suit more casually.

I'm Brian Sacawa, you'rewatching He Spoke Style, and today, five ways towear a suit without a tie.

(upbeat music) I'm calling the first lookhere, the one you'd expect.

This is the way that many guys choose to wear a suit without a tie.

In fact, if you Google”suit without a tie” and look at the image results, literally, the majority of themwill look very similar to this outfit right here.

Navy suit with a white shirt, for some reason, that's the go-to.

Couple things I want to point out here that make this suitoutfit work without a tie.

First, the fabric.

This suit is in a hopsack weave fabric.

It's from the HSS MichaelAndrews Collection, as is the shirt.

A hopsack weave has some texture to it, which helps give the suitmore of a casual feel.

This particular look would notwork as well, in my opinion, with a more formal-looking suit as a base.

Let's talk about the shirt.

If you're going to weara suit without a tie and just do a button-up shirt, I like to unbutton one extra button.

It lends itself to the more casual feel and the more relaxed vibe thatthis kind of look projects.

It just adds a little bitof a cool factor to it.

A look like this is simpleand it doesn't need much.

Just a couple more things to mention here: On my wrist, I went withthe Rolex Explorer II to play up the overall sporty vibe.

And then shoes, thereare a variety of ways to approach this.

I decided to go with the tassel loafer.

These are by Johnson and Murphy.

This look is the least casual of the five that I'll be showing you today, but it is one of my favorite ways to wear a suit without atie, and that's, of course, by swapping the traditionalshirt and tie with a turtleneck.

I understand that it's not casual in the same way that the previous look is, but the turtleneck gives the suit a completely different feel, and this is somethingyou can do with a suit that does have that more formal feel.

A turtleneck transforms thatsuit, your business suit, into something more casually elegant and comfortably sophisticated.

This suit here is from the HSSMichael Andrews Collection.

It is in a beautiful VBC wool fabric.

It's brown, one of my favorite colors.

Two button, flap pockets, single pleat in the pants, two-inch cuff.

Turtleneck, keeping it monochromatic here with the light tan.

Really nice contrast withthe dark brown of the suit.

The turtleneck is by Corneliani.

One little bit of contrast here: the pocket square is by Zegna.

On my wrist is the VacheronConstantin Traditionnelle.

And then finishing this look off with a pair of double monkstrap shoes by Paul Evans.

Well, since the last look wasmore of a fall/winter outfit, I decided to throw in somethingfor spring and summer.

For all you guys askingfor warm weather looks, this one is for you.

Like the first outfit, this one really hinges on the fabric of the suit as well.

The suit is again from theHSS Michael Andrews Collection in a fresco fabric.

Fresco is wool.

It's a textured open weave, similar to hopsack in that way.

Fresco is known for beingvery light and airy, which makes it greatfor spring and summer, and it's a really greatalternative to linen because it doesn't holdwrinkles in quite the same way.

All that is to say it's amore casual fabric for a suit, which makes it easier towear this suit without a tie.

And easier to do it inthis particular way, which is with a T-shirt.

If you're going to do this, Irecommend a crew neck T-shirt.

I've tried a V-neck before, just doesn't look quite right.

And make sure that it's well fitted.

Color, I chose black here for maximum contrast with the suit.

Sunglasses are by Moscot, tinted gradient lenses giving it that kind of Miamior more Hollywood feel.

Watch is my JLC Reverso.

And then pulling in the color of the shirt are the black suedeloafers by Belgian Shoes.

Another classic approachhere with this look.

I say classic becauseit's your simple suit and button-up shirt combination.

This is the same hopsacksuit from the first look.

However, instead of theplain white button-up, we're going with somethinga little bolder here.

So this is the same generalidea as the first look, in terms of the garments, but the approach andthe effect I'm going for is completely different.

The first look was all about simplicity.

With this one, I want to drawyour attention to the shirt.

The shirt itself is from theHSS Michael Andrews Collection.

Sign up link for the launchright up there in the corner.

It's in a gingham pattern, supper classic, and brown, which I think isunique and a little unexpected.

Having a bolder shirtkind of takes the emphasis away from the fact thatyou're not wearing a tie and refocuses your attention.

Another good way to do this would be with a denim shirt or a chambray shirt, both playing to that more casual feel.

Accessories here to point out:pocket square is by Drake's.

My glasses are by Tom Ford.

On the wrist, again, is the Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle.

And anchoring this look area pair of light brown shoes by Enzo Bonafe.

Here's a look you're eithergoing to love or hate for one of two reasons, or maybe both.

First, I'm wearing sneakers with a suit, kind of divides people.

Second, it's a double-breasted suit and I'm not wearing a tieor buttoning the jacket.

This outfit is a more sportyriff on the first look, albeit with a much more formal suit, double breasted, as a starting point.

Same concept, though.

We're keeping it as simple as possible.

The suit here you've seen before if you've been aroundthe channel for a while.

It's by Ring Jacket.

Shirt, same as the first look, HSS Michael AndrewsCollection in a white poplin, extra button unbuttoned.

For looks like this, I don'tlike to wear a pocket square.

I think it kind of takes away from the simplicity of the look in a way that it's this other element that draws your eye elsewhere.

Simple leather plaque belt is by J.


White leather sneakers are by Koio.

Check out more white sneakers outfits with the link right upthere in the corner.

And although this is a sporty look, I did go with a not-so-sporty watch.

This is my Rolex Datejust.

I like the contrast andI think it just works.

So you saw the looks, but just to sum up some of the ways to weara suit without a tie: you can do it in that classic way, with just a button-up shirt, you can keep it simplewith just a white shirt or pick a bolder shirt todraw more attention to it.

Pay attention to fabrics.

Fabrics with some texture, like hopsack or fresco, have a more casual appearance, which makes them greatoptions for this kind of look.

If you do want to use amore formal-looking suit, substitute your shirt andtie with a turtleneck.

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Until next time, thanks forwatching and stay tailored.

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