$5,000 World Cup Soccer Ball FACE MASK!

(dramatic music) – In our studio we have so many things that we have cut openover the last four years and we just kind of keeplike half of everything.

Today with everything that's going on I thought what can I do fora really unique face mask? It's not required at this point to wear a mask in the United States but it's definitely been recommended by a lot the the doctorsand a lot of the CDC.

I want a cool mask out of something that we've cut in half.

So, I got an idea.

Inside of our cabinet wherewe hold a lot of our stuff I thought about this LouisVuitton World Cup soccer ball.

– Welcome back to What's Inside, I'm Lincoln, this is Dan, and today we have themost expensive soccer ball that you have ever seen.

– This is our like actualWorld Cup soccer ball that they used, theTelstar ball back in 2018.

We followed that up with this $5, 000, I think it was three or $5, 000Louis Vuitton soccer ball.

They only made so many of them.

There was a bladder insideand then it's leather.

I am not handy, my sister Stephanie isincredibly good at sewing.

Louie Vuitton World Cup soccer ball.

I was thinking what if wewent to Stephanie's house and we asked her if shecan take this and cut it up and turn it into a mask, I want a Louis Vuittonsoccer ball face mask.

– If we have enough materialcan she do like five of them? – [Dan] Maybe, I'll ask.

Okay, Louie Vuitton soccer ball.

Let's go to her house, I'm not gonna tell her, let's just go show up.

(whimsical music) So I have a request.

You know how people aremaking masks out of things.

– Yeah.

– [Dan] I want a really unique mask but I don't know how to do it.

Could you make a mask out ofthis Louis Vuitton soccer ball from the World Cup? You might have to wash it.

'Cause I touched it, I'll put it right there.

Wash your hands 'cause I touched it.

I know it's leather so it's like, you won't be able tobreathe if it fully covers but what I'm thinking ismaybe there's like a cloth or some fabric that wecould put inside of it and then this could be theouter layer of the mask.

– Yeah, I could do that.

– [Dan] Okay, let's see these masks.

– So, this is a boy one.

Flannel on the inside so it's soft.

– Ooh.

– This is a girl one.

– [Dan] Even if we had like something like that on the inside, that's the actual keep you safe mask and then the outside oneis just to look good.

– Something like that?- That's close.

Something kind of like that, yeah.

All right, work your magic.

We'll report back andtell everybody how you do.

(upbeat music) Okay, my sister is hereto bring me the masks and the dog is not happy.

(barking) The dog is really mad at this cat.


– [Stephanie] Meow.

Special delivery! – [Dan] Awesome, so you finished the mask? – [Stephanie] Check inside.

– Thank you, Steph.

– Hey, you're welcome.

Good luck! – My sister's so funny, she just finished the masks and brought them over, I'mgonna take him in the studio so we can open him andtake a look at them.

But yesterday she was super bored and so while her husband was out on a walk she took some makeup and made her face look just like her cat, like just like it.

This is what I mean, check out this picture.

I am pumped to see what these look like, let's go check them out.

It is mask time, how doesmy sister's mask look? You ready? – Yeah.

(triumphant music) Oh, 100% soccer ball mask.

Mask of Pain, what's worse, wearing this or COVID-19? This one has a stick man on it? And this one is called Subdued.

Some Bunny Loves You.

What in the world, Ijust asked for one mask and now we have all of this.

Some Bunny Loves You.

That doesn't look likethe Louis Vuitton one but that's very cool.

I'm gonna go with massive pain which is, what's worse, wearing this or coronavirus.

Oh, that's what we were lookin' for! On the back of it it's basicallyjust the soccer ball mask and it has these two thick cables on it.

How do you get on your head? – No, dad, doesn't it go like this 'cause it goes around your ears? – Oh.

– It's really tight on my ears.

It makes me have like Dumbo ears.

Mask of Pain, it does hurt 'cause this thing is so tight on your ears that it gives you a lotof pressure on your nose, I just need like a little pad right here.

Plus this whole side area is open.

This one just has those lines on it.

Whoa! Okay, this is it.

This has very soft fabric on one side, little bit of cat hair.


– Meow.

And then the front of it it looks like she cut outthe individual squares and then put this LouisVuitton squares on there.

Let's put this on you.

– No.

– Why? Because, if you put this on someone else then they can't wear it.

That means that has to be my mask, always.

How do you tie it?- Tie it? – I'm trying, you're too tall.

– [Dan] I like this mask a lot.

There we go, there's the mask, that's what it looks like on the back.

I would totally wearthis, does it look fancy? – Yeah.

– Like if I wore thisinto the grocery store would you be like, whoa.

That guy's got thefanciest mask of them all.

100% soccer ball mask.

Oh, the front of it! Look at that, it's got like the Louis Vuitton, Paris, made in France, number 0466, France 1988 World Cup.

She used the actual bladder to be the things around the ears.

Go ahead and put this oneon, this can be yours.

(laughing) Guess what, you don't evenneed to smile right now because the camera can't see your face.

Louis Vuitton mask, those ones are sweet! This is one is calledSub-dude, oh, I like that.

It's like a fabric one.

This one has a Louis Vuitton on this side, a Louis Vuitton this side.

One is upside down andone's not upside down and then it's just a normal mask.

So we'll set this oneaside, that one's cool.

Fur the Lady, Fur the Lady.

This must be for Leslieand Fur the Lady, oh.

Oh! Look at this one with oneLouis Vuitton, the brown on it, and then the pink on the other side.

These are great, totally gonna wear thisto the grocery store.

Which one would you actually buy if this thing was for sale? How much do you thinkthese would retail for? Like, how much would this costto buy a Louie Vuitton mask? I would say this one isprobably the most popular one, this would be.

The second favorite is this one for me.

If you had to rank your topfavorite two out of these what would it be? – These are my top two ones.

– These top three righthere, boom boom boom.

London, come in here, I'vegot something to show you.

Which two are your favorite out of these? The bunny and this fancy one right here.

Well, there you go, Louie Vuitton mask, that's how they are made and thank you to Stephaniefor making this for us.

Sometimes we get bored during quarantine and we find fun thingsfor our family to do.

I'm gonna wear one of them out in public to the grocery store.

I'll wear this one out.

I just want to see what people think so stay tuned toInstagram on What's Inside because I'll do some Instagram Stories wearing these masks out.

Let me know if you guyshave made some masks, share 'em with us on Twitteror Instagram @WhatsInside.

I want to see some of the creative things that you have done.

We're trying to trying to film here.

Trying to film.

Hey, hey, why are youdrinking so much water? Come on now, we're trying to film here.