$995 Louis Vuitton AirPods..Bad Idea?

– [Narrator] Hey, what's good guys? Welcome back to Techsmartfor a special video.

Right in front of me, I have Louis Vuitton's brand new $1, 000 dollar airpods.

(mechanical whirring) So yeah guys this is a very special video because this would not have been possible if it weren't for my buddy Justin Saye.

So big thanks to him.

Check out his video right up there in theiCard.

He did this first.

He's actually the one that sent his pair of the Louis VuittonHorizons, the brand new $1, 000 dollar airpod.

I guess, standard now? I mean, if you think you're wealthy with airpods, you're broke.

If you don't have the Louis Vuitton ones.

That's basically what's going down.

So for $1, 000 dollars, you get a box like this.

I got the red ones, same ones as his video.

So I'll leave that link down below if you missed it.

But seriously, thank you so much Justin, and youguys should subscribe.

So in this box as I've said, are the Louis Vuitton Horizons, and these go for $995 dollars, they keep it at like $1, 500 back up in Canada.

So wherever you are, they're probably priced really expensive, and I'm down to get to the bottom of what these are really about, whatall the hype's about, and why these things cost $1, 000 dollars.

I mean its Louis Vuitton, that's probably why.

I'm shaking a little bit, because this is another Louis Vuitton video.

You missed the iPhone case, it's right up there in theiCard.

Master & Dynamics are a company that LouisVuitton collabed with to make these earphonesand earbuds possible.

The regular pair, theMW07's, go for $300 dollars, so I'll leave these linked down below, and the $300 dollar pair link down below.

If you wanna save a little bit, maybe spray paint em' red.

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But, wanted to hook you guys up because this red pair, you cannotfind anywhere else.

On Ebay, these are going for mad money.

So, might as well, right? Oooh, wow.

This is definitely theLouis Vuitton experience.

So, right here thebooklet, and, what's this? The one thing Justin did leave out when he told me was the LouisVuitton charging cable.

So if you wanna findthat, it's in his video.

Gotta blame him on this.

We have a Louis Vuitton microfiber cloth? It'sgot the nice badging in there ev.

Ooh, we can clean your lense.

Clean your lense with this bad boy.

Ugh! Ev.

(sniffs) I don't even know if Iwanna open it yet, I can't! (sniffs) It's leather.

The onething that I like about Louis Vuitton is their leather.

I have the Supreme-Louis collabwallet, the bi-fold here.

Nice thing is, it went up in value.

One of the few Supreme purchases that went up in value for me.

It's the same leather.

We'll check that out in a second.

And then, in this accessory pouch here, like pocket-cubby, we're going with cubby.

You get two things.

There should be a third, but you know who left it out.

So we got our two accessory pouches, whoa.

This is where the real money is at.

Right here you got everything you need.

XL, small, large, extra small, large.

So you can basically find the right fit, you know, the Louis Vuitton way.

Let's see what else this one is.

Ooh, see this is what I'm talkin' about.

This is what you don'tget with those airpods.

It smells like broke in here! This is a Louis Vuitton, never seen before, first announced, newlyinnovated, USB-A to USB-C, adapter with the Louis V.

That is printed, ladies and gentlemen.

That is not etched.

(mellow music) Why.

Just why? Why! Why! I guess you could writea nice little letter if you wanna give it to someone for Valentine's day.

I'm donewastin' all the time.

Let's get to what you really came for.

Nice blue case.

Don't know if those color correspond based onwhatever colorway you get.

There's yellow, there's blue, there's red, there's black.

Whoa, check those out.


The actual Horizons.


So you have a USB-C port, which is really nice for charging, it's not something the airpods have.

Those have lightning, like your iPhone.

But then there's this Louis V monogram all around, and it's underthis like glass case? So, you definitely can see your Horizons in the case which is kinda cool.

And then, I see three littlelights that should pop up.

Is there any battery in these guys? Oh, of course when you put the case on, that's when they start charging.

Battery life's aroundthree hours.

To charge these though, in Justin'svideo it says it all.

An hour and a half.

90minutes to charge these up to 100 percent, thesedon't take that long.

And these have four uses in them.

Don't know how many these have.

But the case looks dang nice.

So those are theHorizons, now fallin' out.

You have the nice LouisV monogram on the back, which is laser-etched, it's kinda sweet.

And that's basically it for the cases.

Louis Vuitton, and thenthe world's largest holes to fit your Horizons in.

Let's check these out.

(swooshing sound) So finally checking the Horizons out, it's pretty sweet.

I mean, very large, and I guess that's whyyou're gettin' them, to show off the LV logo, and that's basically the only reason whythese exist.

The MW07's for $300 dollars look the exact same.

So you have volumebuttons on the top here, nice and clicky.

You take the ear tip off, show you the guts.

Boom, right in there.

That's where all the money lies, ev.

That's where it all is.

All the hype, all the designer, everything.

It's right in there.

Let's pop these bad boysin, and see how they sound.

We got a lot of comparingto do.

$995 dollars.

And that doesn't includetax.

Okay so the first thing when you put them in your ears, you hear this like nice, subtle, ringing noise.

It's almost like (gong sounding) A light gong.

It just echoes, but it's very subtle.

It's not like a gong.

I guess its just like a (imitating sound) Well, different than the airpods noise, that's like a harsh noise.

This definitely is like a rich noise.

You know, ev? It just feels weird.

Ev, look at this.

How do these look? – [Responder] Huge.

– [Narrator] These arehuge! You're definitely showin' off the monogram.

Pops up right on Bluetooth, LV earphones.

I mean, you think these almost aren't legit.

Got the PBJams close, if you guys aren'tfollowing, link down below.

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You guys are killin' it and lovin' it.

It's updated every single Friday.

Ooh, let's go with mixed personalities.

Melly and Kanye.

How do these sound? How do these sound? Getting DM's from you guys right now.

Still don't speak broke, about the airpods.

(slams table) Whoa, you guys are awesome.

How do these sound? Alrightso, compared to like regular airpods, I can just say right now, it's not as full, it justfeels a little tinny.

And the bass doesn't feel as pronounced.

Like there just doesn't feel like there's any bass in this song at all, compared to like how itsounds on my Honda Civic.

I think I got a pretty good judgment, and I need to start stackin' it up against some competitors, likethe four dollar airpods.

But here's the deal onthese.

I don't think they sound as good as they should, I mean the Master & Dynamics for $300 bucks, they probably sound way more accurate like they claim, than the airpods.

But, I don't know maybe it's just my ears.

I don't hear a lot ofbass, or really much more than that.

It sounds tinny, and compared to the airpods, I thinkit sounds a little bit warmer.

Also, they're$159 dollars compared to $1, 000 dollars, soyou guys know the basis.

So how smart are the Horizons? Do they pause music when you pull one out of your ear? (mellow music) You saw it right there.

See how these buttonsare.

Buttons are right at the top.

We're gonna see ifthese are pretty easy to use.

(mellow music) But they don't play music.

And these like, big surfaces are not touch capacity? At all? That's I'm guessingwhy there's buttons.

Okay so this is play/pause, this one button here.

So at least you know.

And these buttons are volume.

So, everythingworks, but lets see how these things actually stack up.

So I got the four dollar airpod in my ear.

If you guys missed that video, it's right up there in the iCard, basically compared it to the regular $159 dollar pair.

And now the granddaddy of them all, the $995 dollar pair.

So I got that one in my right ear, got the four dollar one in my left ear, we're just gonna basically test these out.

So Apple Music on PBJams, full volume on this.

Does four dollars, beat $995?Only one way to find out.

(mellow electronic music) So for sure, 100 percent, the four dollar airpods sound louder.

At maxvolume, the bass on this just distorts as you'dimagine for four dollars.

And they keep playingwhen you pull 'em out, so if that's something you like.

In terms of the mids and highs, I'm not an audio professional by the way.

You can hear the pitches in voice much better on the Louis Vuitton pair, I mean, Master & Dynamics, than, the four dollar pair.

It's like night and day different.

But you'd expect that.

And now for what most of you have at home, the $159 dollar airpods.

And if youdon't, well, you probably bought the four dollar pair, 'cause they are still good.

So, with the W1 chip, and I don't know if you guys can tell, but there's actually a little cozy on here if you missed the three airpod tricks, you should know right up there in the iCard, I'm done pluggin' I promise.

Basically, these stay in your ears.

And what's nice is, because the Louis V Horizon's in my right ear, I can tell, for sure, I mean these weigh nine grams, not just'cause my body's a scale, I can't just tell weightbecause of my ears, just puttin' random things in my ears, “That weighs three pounds!” – [Audio] What? – [Narrator] No.

They just feel lighter and obviously they don't take up as much of your ear, compared to the Horizons, but it all comes down to the test.

How good do they really sound? Got Nessy's “Love YouNo More, ” same playlist, (mellow music) Airpods are louder forsure.

The best sound out of all three, I mean, it's also the best price.

Wow! Okay.

So, which sound better? It's kind of a close call in terms of which sounds like the better sound, I would say the airpods are louder for sure, you do hear a little bit more bass with the airpods.

But, with the Horizons, it just sounds more balanced and even.

Like, truly even, if I had to pick 'em up, I'd probably just pickup the $300 dollar pair, 'cause, these aren't all that bad, you do get that nice LV monogram.

Which, if that's what you wanna flex, you definitely have it in the red pair, but that's for one of you guys to win.

So, that's it for this video, make sure you guys dropa like and get subscribed just by hittin' the button right here, in case you're new so you don't miss out on that giveaway, make sure you keep a locked in scrim, just Techsmart, I'll see you guys next time.

(upbeat music).