A TROPICAL RETREAT – Leisure Suit Larry (2) Goes Looking for Love #6 (Let's Play/DOS) 18+

Greetings Poofarians, welcome back to another episode of Leisure Suit Larry 2 Larry goes looking for love in several wrong places obviously a point-and-click adventure game made by Sierra I keep on forgetting that but it's made by Sierra is it made by Sierra no it's not by Sierra what am I talking about it's made by Al Lowe but yeah this is still a text parser version thing and we landed up on a tropical island oh good here comes someone to help you I don't think so yeah what a help thank you very much mister congratulations Larry you're survived two weeks adrift of the high seas with nothing but your courage perseverance and a few humble provisions and your tropical storm fishes winds and high seas in just a tiny lifeboats prevailed over to surf offshore Barrier Reef and razor-sharp coral escape the dangerous mother avoided the vicious KGB in the tempting enticements of the evil doctor no no keys hand shit hordes and withstood that creeps odysseus humor and you're still good as new well okay nope whoa I'm sorry something weird happened there oh my god my screen yeah okay I'm back but boy is your suit amiss all right it is it is a mess what about your thank you just love a good polyester but now you wonder where am i and what possessions survived your disastrous journey huh but we're going we're going in Vista store and we are now here in the jungle my parents can we look around this Resort has lovely landscaping but it's so dens that you cannot find anything you wander around aimlessly searching for a break in the vegetation to return you to civilization am i close enough no I wanted those flowers what the hell we're running circles can we please go back to the flowers I want those flowers [Music] Larry no okay let us try again get flowers oh I just had to wait these are the flowers I did something stupid never minds don't just wait for Larry to finish his drawing here okay you reach over and break off the beautiful flower at its base ah you rationalize they'll never miss just one flower it will just be a butterfly effect build the entire jungle just disappear because I picked a flower maybe I love to kick it too there's an aura and a cat you do you do you call that a cat – no I just in English English the Dutch word but I'm talking about the white bird in the top right I don't know what do you call it let me know down in the comments how you called that bird it could be attacked – I don't know what the hell Larry why did you get up there that was weird and now you're in the bushes and the potted plant this is quite humorous Oh oops understand a peacock will you appear from behind a peacock is of course I love the peacock there was needs where will you appear now mr.

Larry laugher on the right side again are you moonwalking now said a shark is that a just reference what the hell are you a pirate [Music] it was weird who were you besides a shark at last he finds an exit but where does it lead there's pretty funny y-you found a lovely restaurant nice look around expensive linen crystal and silver way down the tables and appetizer buffet fills one corner talk to sir excuse me sir you say hesitantly it was wondering if I might get a bite to eat the mattress the matter the slowly diverts his gaze towards you oh it's mat kadhi of course your name please he asks my name is Larry Larry laugher well I suppose I could try to find a place for you and your busy schedule he replies disdainfully just have a seat there in the chair while I prepare a table for you and okay sit in chair okay thank you we'll just wait why mr.

and mrs.

rich systematically what a pleasure to see you again of course I have a table for you hmm please walk this way well it was certainly routes you were here before them you feel yourself becoming perturbed perturbed perturbed satisfactory sir ruffles the medical D with his palm extended you know you wants money is that it is it all about money they're exactly the same people why mr.

and mrs.

famous sentimental D what a pleasure to see you again of course I have a table for you please walk this way well there was certainly roots you were here before them you feel yourself becoming and no heed but this is how it works isn't it this is actually how how they treat you I hope you find it satisfactory sir groves the melody with his poem extended wow so there will be three more couples yep another one just exactly the same why mr.

and mrs.

gates system had 2d but a pleasure to see you again of course have a table for you is it mr.

bill gates please walk this way but I was certainly rude you were here prefer them you feel yourself becoming indignant or indignant I don't know man difficult words English that my first language heart I hope you find this satisfactory sir gravis the medical deal with his poem extended this is a joke this is funny you're laughing Matt Cuddy good lord and another one why mr.

leech system but a pleasure to see you again of course have a table for you Wow and what about the missus then please walk this way well that was certainly rude you were here prefer them you feel yourself becoming incensed I hope you find a satisfactory sir girls the melody with his palm extended let me guess there will be one last pair of people like another couple yep there they are why mr.

and mrs.

Williams says the melody what a pleasure to see you again of course I have a table for you mr.

and mrs.

Williams ken and Roberto Williams the founders of ceará please walk this way although most certainly rude you were here before them you feel yourself becoming enraged kind of famous people by the way I hope you find this satisfactory sir gravels thematically with his palm extended I understand we're tables free all right sir no method he says begrudgingly I'll show you I'll show you to your table now sure now there are no tables left where will he put me like you next to the toilet please walk this way you think to yourself if I walk that way I choose Telkom powder po-boys is the myth with the sharply clapping his hands please set up a table for mr.

laugher oh really be seated mr.

laugher systematically as he escapes to the kitchen feel free to help yourself at our appetizer bar and oh yes I almost forgot have a nice day it's that's the thing everybody's saying ebonized a choice location Larry yeah you know what screw that I'm not gonna say that it's Abel I am going to to grab a knife here you don't have it I know you don't have it pick up knife you're not close enough where art where's the cutlery thematically did say just let's say to help yourself to the buffet but this is rather borderline behavior Larry okay Wow you surreptitiously surreptitiously slipped a slicer from the serving service and sequester it in your suit what the hell man with the words oh boy yeah I'm done with this restaurant I'm not gonna sit down love the palette oh great so here we go again where will this lead us this time so we're funny are we gonna do the entire thing again I hope that this I will take ages and it means that I have to tell you guys a story or something and the thing is I ran all out of stories I have little to nothing to tell currently so yeah what's your favorite song at the moment right now my favorite song as the themes are of Leisure Suit Larry might have to do something with me playing the game yeah I always think that is that is weird I mean on social media you always you always yeah you sometimes get questions from a community what's your favorite this what's your favorite that I am incapable of answering those questions because I and this sounds the sounds stupid but I don't have a favorite thing I enjoy a lot of things not just one simple title or song or whatever just it depends on the mood that I am in it goes again Tommy me asking you about what's your favorite song is a bit hypocritical because I cannot answer the question myself at all so re you always done will you be followed by shark again are you joking there's a shot who are you you look like a pirate man I really don't know who that is at last you find an exit but where does it lead why you found an empty guest room it looks adorable so what we're gonna do is first of all look around this room is considerably larger than your stage room on board the cruise ship it has a picture window overlooking the beach there's a restroom plus a dressing area near the picture window there's a book of complimentary matches lying on the nightstand near the beds okay oh it's on the other side wait hello mate pick up neck juice you are good morning sir I'm your customer service representative in charge of horizontal surface consistency and custodial maintenance I trust you're finding everything satisfactory she asks she sees the mate I want big matches please what you are okay sister native maid coyly have a nice day wait look that woman can we still take a blue hi you look nice you find native women sexy but then you've had any woman sexy first of all I want I'm not sure if I had the matches pick up pick up pick up soap you are get soap okay you grab the bowl full of tiny bars of soap and dump it into your pockets thinking when I get home I can carefully wet these and glue them all together to make at least one regular size bar what a great deal before to determine Lily's cheap yeah so I am probably chose the wrong words there gets matches you're not close enough we're all ready then on the other nightstand get matches okay you slip a book of matches into your pockets gee Larry bless you found your match my god from filling deeds take we're done here we're going back into the jungle there's no way we can skip this year no I don't want the matches you already have it so butter [Music].