Biżuteria Louis Vuitton – haul + opinia

Hello dears.

I have recently posted a Louis Vuitton haul, if you have not seen it yet, I encourage you to do so, a link will be displayed above.

Today, I would like to tell you more about Louis Vuitton jewellery.

Why have I decided to do a video regarding jewellery and why Louis Vuitton? There are a few reasons.

Some time ago I realised that you were very interested in jewellery, and that was even before I stared doing YouTube videos.

When I posted photos in social media in which I was wearing jewellery, I used to get questions about my rings or earrings, where they were from, etc.

Then I started providing links to the particular products in the description box below my YouTube videos.

You didn't know that, but I can now tell you that a lot of people click on those links.

That proved to me that jewellery is a topic that you are interested in, and what is more, I have realised that there are not that many videos regarding jewellery, I am not sure why.

I have not done a video about jewellery before to be honest.

So I think that this video will be a test, which will show me if you really are interested in that matter.

I love jewellery, I am like a magpie and I like having a lot of jewellery pieces.

I regularly buy jewellery from different brands and I have been planning to do a jewellery haul for a long time, but you know how I am with hauls.

But I have finally decided to do my first, and hopefully not the last, Louis Vuitton jewellery haul.

And why Louis Vuitton? Because before buying their jewellery, I did my research, which I always do, and I realised that there weren't any YouTube videos about jewellery.

There are a lot of videos regarding Louis Vuitton bags and accessories, for example, but there aren't any regarding jewellery.

I have to honestly tell you that I bought that jewellery mainly out of curiosity, because I could not find any information on how it wears or whether it is worth the attention.

So I decided to buy it, wear it myself and test it in order to be able to tell you more about it.

Before I show you what I bought, let me tell you some general facts about Louis Vuitton jewellery.

The pieces I bought and I am about to show you are from.



I would say.



a fashion collection and that is not the most expensive one Louis Vuitton have.

In the Louis Vuitton boutique in Warsaw the selection of jewellery is very limited.

And that is partly because of the boutique's size – you cannot get there the most expensive jewellery.

That one is available abroad.

The pieces I got are from the Essential V collection, which was released in July 2014 and most items from that collection are available on regular sale at Louis Vuitton.

And what is really important is that this jewellery is not made of gold, silver or platinum, For it is made of palladium.

For those of you who may not know, I didn't know that myself, palladium is a precious metal that is cheaper than platinum and gold, but considerably more expensive than silver.

Palladium is used within the jewellery industry and its popularity is constantly growing.

To sum up, my jewellery is made of gold plated palladium.

Now I am going to tell you about four pieces from that collection.

I will start off with this ring, I am going to show you a close-up, as you can see, it is two tone – gold and silver and on the front is has the letter “V”, which relates to the collection name and Louis Vuitton itself.

I like this ring because it is very simple and classic.

The logo is not blatantly obvious and I can guarantee you that if someone is not interested in luxury products or Louis Vuitton, and if they are not familiar with the logo designs that appear on Louis Vuitton products, they would not guess that this is a Louis Vuitton ring.

And I like the fact that the logo is not too ostentatious and that the ring does not feature a bold Louis Vuitton signature.

I also like the combination of two colours, gold and silver, because the ring goes with both silver and gold jewellery.

It is available in two sizes – S and M and I have the Medium one, so that is the bigger one because I usually wear rings on my middle fingers, I am now wearing a gold ring from YES.

As a comparison, I am going to take this one off and show you what the Louis Vuitton one looks like on the finger.

I have to say that I am really happy with this purchase, I often wear this ring in combination with with different jewellery, it does not slip off my finger, so it is very comfortable to wear.

The price of this ring is 1280 PLN (£255).

Of course, the ring is not the only thing I bought from that collection, because I also got a necklace from the same collection.

It also has the letter “V”, I will try to show you a close-up, as you can see, it has the same design.

As far as I remember, they have another very similar necklace in that collection.

Again, I got it becauase it is not very flashy and it is in the same style as the ring.

The necklace costs 1370 PLN (£275).

After the purchase, I found out that online, that this necklace is also available with other letters, in fact with any letter of the alphabet, so I could have bought the letter “D”, “G” or “O” for Olfaktoria, but at the time I was buying this necklace, I didn't know that other options were available.

As I have said before, the Louis Vuitton boutique in Warsaw offers a very limited choice of jewellery, so that is the main reason.

The next thing I would like to show you comes from the same collection and that is going to be a pair of drop earrings with the same motif, which is the Essential “V” signature.

I am trying to show you.



I bought them because they are long.

Those of you who have been watching my videos for a while know that I do not usually wear small earrings, I wear drop earrings most of the time because they suit my face shape the best and I feel good wearing them.

As you can see, today I am wearing gold drop earrings as well.

Of course, there are also other types available, but I liked these because of their length.

What I really like about this collection is.




you know, I don't really like those jewellery sets consisting of a necklace, ring and earrings which look identical and have the same elements, like stones, jewels, etc.


Although this jewellery comes from the same collection, it still looks a bit different, so the pieces match, but they do not have to be worn together, of course, all of them feature the letter “V”, but they are not identical.

And that is what I like about this jewellery.

I would like to tell you an interesting story about the earrings.

When I first got them, I had a problem with one of them and I very quickly came to the wrong conclusion that the quality of these earrings was not good.

One of the earrings kept opening by itself, I was upset and went to the store thinking that I would have to exchange them and it turned out that this hook needs to be bent to fit in the hole and then it stays in your ear with no problems.

I got instructed in the store and I breathed a sigh of relief, when I found out that everything was fine with the earrings and I would not have to exchange them.

So that was quite funny because I was not the only person who went to the store with the same issue, some other customers did the same.

So bear in mind that if you get these, you may have the same problem and what you have to do is bend the hook.

The price of these is 1830 PLN ($585) and what is interesting, they were added to the collection only in July 2016, so not a long time ago.

The earrings, necklace and ring, which I have just told you about, are already on my channel, I have shown them in the outfit of the day video featuring my red cashmere jumper.

I will leave a link above so you can see the jewellery in close-up.

Now, I would like to tell you about the last thing, which I got it around a month ago.



I believe so.

I have not worn it or shown it anywhere yet.

The thing I am talking about is this cuff.

As you can see, it features the same essential “V” theme, I would say this is the big version of my ring, which looks like this.

The both have the same design, which is presented in the same way.

I had no idea that this cuff existed till I found it on the Louis Vuitton website when I was browsing it for the n-th time.

As I have said before, the cuff was not available in the store and when I was buying the earrings, necklace and ring, I had no idea that it was available in the same collection I found that out later on and then I decided to buy it.

What happened next is also very interesting.

I went again to the Louis Vuitton store to buy something else and I saw the cuff and I informed my Snapchat followers that I would buy it.

I ended up not buying it that day, but I went back to the store a few days later and the cuff was sold out.

They had only had one in stock and I, without thinking too much about it, showed it on Snapchat and someone must have bought it.

So I had to have it ordered in and now, I would like to say a big thank you to Darek from the Louis Vuitton store, my favourite sales associate, for his help with ordering the cuff for me from abroad.

And I would also like to thank him for sharing with me different information and helping me with this video.

Coming back to the cuff, I bought it also because I already had a quite similar one in that colour, I bought it so long ago that I do not even remember where it is from, but I wear it very often when I go out in the evening.

I liked it a lot, but I always wanted to replace it with a different, better model.

That is why when I saw that this cuff was available, and I already had the necklace and other Louis Vuitton jewellery pieces and I knew they were good quality, I decided to add the cuff to my collection.

Unlike that one, the Louis Vuitton cuff has a clasp, so I have to open it up in order to put it on my wrist.

This is how it opens.


I am going to show you what it looks like.

I really like the fact that there is not any big Louis Vuitton signature on it – the letter “V” is the only detail, so if someone is interested in, they will recognise the brand and if they are not, they will never find out.

And another thing is the price, I almost forgot to mention it.

The price of the cuff is 3450 PLN (£700).

To sum up, I have to say that I am very happy with the jewellery I bought.

It wears very well, I have not had any issues with it, so if any of you were interested in the quality of this jewellery, I can now tell you that everything is absolutely fine.

For those of you who might be interested, I will tell you how the jewellery was packed.

So a few months ago when Louis Vuitton had their old boxes, the jewellery was packed in these dark, little boxes and inside there was a dust bag with drawstrings, and the dust bag obviously says “Louis Vuitton”.

The jewellery was inside this little bag, so I have three of these boxes and they look like drawers.

You can see them now.

By pulling the strap, you open the little drawers, like this, and the jewellery was inside.

Louis Vuitton have recently changed their range of packaging and you probably know that know they look completely different, they are definitely more eye-catching.

So now when you buy something from Louis Vuitton and then walk through the town, everyone on the street stares because they recognise the brand – that is number one.

second – the boxes attract a lot of attention, especially their colour.

But the new box has a drawer as well and my cuff did not come in the light beige dust bag, but in this dark one with drawstrings.

That was additional information for those of you who were interested.

Alright, that was everything I wanted to say today.

I hope you have found this video useful, that it has satisfied your curiosity and you learnt something new.

I have to ask you if you liked this video and if videos about jewellery and jewellery hauls are something you are interested in.

I have realised that many people click on the links, which are below my vlogs and regular videos, that are related to my jewellery.

I assume that you like it and as I have mentioned before, I regularly buy jewellery and I could do more videos like this, not necessarily regarding Louis Vuitton, but other brands too.

Please let me know if you would be interested in that topic.

I am also interested if any of you have a piece of jewellery from Louis Vuitton and if you do, let me know how it wears.

Am I planning to buy any other jewellery pieces? There are some that I like, but I think I will visit a different store to get jewellery because I like getting to know new brands, trying out jewellery and forming my own opinion on that matter.

That is how I do it.

In the meantime – thank you for taking the time to watch this video.

I would like to remind you that in the description box below this video you can find a detailed list of all the products I have mentioned today, including links to the Louis Vuitton website.

There is also a list of all the products I have used to do my makeup and a list of the things I am wearing today and links to the shops you can buy those things at.

I encourage you to follow me on social media, especially on Instagram and Snapchat because Snapchat is where I show a lot of interesting things, I believe they are are interesting.

Again, thank you for watching this video.

See you in my next video.