BLUE vs GRAY Suits | Which Suit Is Better? Charcoal vs Black vs Navy vs Blue

BLUE vs GRAY Suits Which Suit Is Better Charcoalvs Black vs Navy vs Blue [0:00:00]Antonio: All right, gentlemen.

Today, we’re talking about the differencebetween blue and gray and black suits.

Are you ready? Let’s get into it.

[Music] In today’s video, I’m going tocover eight suit fabric colors – black, midnight blue, charcoal gray, navy, mediumgray, true blue, light gray, light blue.

Now, with each of the suit colors, there arethree things three factors you want to pay attention to so that you can buy a suit thatyou’re going to get the most miles out of.

First up, the formality of the suit.

Next up, the opportunity to wear.

And finally, the interchangeability of thesuit with the other items in your wardrobe.

Section number one.

Suit color and formality.

When it comes to formality, black is goingto be the most formal of the colors.

It is reserved in my opinion for black tieand for white tie attire.

I do not recommend black suits for most menand let me explain.

When I say suit, I mean a jacket and the trousersthat are made from the same fabric.

Now, black tie and white tie, those are veryhigh level formal outfits that you put together for certain events, but when it comes to blacksuits, I know some men love them, they are relatively easy to find, but I feel they’rea little bit too formal even for a regular business suit.

Again, they should be reserved in my opinionfor black tie.

Next up, we’ve got midnight blue, one ofmy favorite colors if you’re looking for an alternative to black when it comes to blacktie.

Yes, with black tie and white tie, most ofthese fabrics are going to prescribe you wear a black, but understand midnight blue is asafe and classic alternative.

Now, what’s interesting about midnight blueis this is truly a blue, but under light conditions it’s going to look blacker than black.

And that’s why it’s very interesting, it’s definitely something though reserved for formal wear.

So, I’m talking, again, black tie, whitetie, not something you want to bring in the regular business suits.

Next up, we’ve got charcoal gray.

What I consider to be one of the perfect suitcolors for men just starting his business wardrobe.

This is going to be a formal suit.

It’s not going to be formal enough thoughfor black tie or for white tie, so don’t even try it there.

Instead, look for to be — the staple thebase of your business suits.

Next up on my list of formality we got navy.

Another classic business suit that can beworn in pretty much any situation you’re going to see charcoal gray.

Why I like navy, I think for a lot of mentheir complexion this color is going to be work really well, but it is just as formalas charcoal gray and can be worn in any business environment.

Next up on the formality list, we’ve gotmedium gray.

And for many people when I say the color gray, this is what comes to their mind.

It’s going to be lighter than the charcoalgray and the navy blue and therefore, it is going to be a bit more casual.

But, I find that for most situations thisis a great day-to-day wear type of business suit.

Next up, we’ve got true blue.

And this is when in the actual suit fabricyou can really see the blue and there’s a few variations of this.

You’re going to actually be able to tellthat is a blue suit.

Now, what’s interesting about true blueis because it’s more memorable because even though it’s a darker color, it’s stillgoing to be something that is going to slip down in the level of casualness.

So, to me it does fall below the medium gray, but it’s going to be above the next two suits I’m about to talk about.

Wrapping up the formality on suit colors, I’ve light gray and light blue.

Both of these very casual suit colors, they’regreat for summer wear or for when a casual suit is perfectly fine.

But, if the situation calls for a dark coloredmore formal suit, make sure not to wear this.

Section number two.

Suit color and opportunity to wear it on aday-to-day basis.

Now, I understand this section is very dependenton your personal needs.

Some of you have worn black tie never in yourlife and I get that.

So, I’m going to try to adjust this as bestas I can and try to point out the suits I think are going to work for you dependingon your needs.

First up, let’s talk about black and midnightblue.

Both of these colors in my opinion shouldbe reserved for formal wear.

But, if I’m comparing these two and we’relooking at formal wear, I’m going to say go with black over the midnight blue.

Why not go with the midnight blue? It stands out.

But happens if you have two formal eventsin a row and you only own this one outfit, then in that case I think you may stand outtoo much and people may remember, “is that what he wore last night” versus, ” hey, he looks great again.

” So, again, if I had to choose between thetwo, I would go with black.

If I have two options, I would go with oneof each.

Next up, gents, let’s talk about charcoalgray, let’s talk about navy, let’s talk about medium gray.

Any of these suit colors right here can beworn to a business event.

If it’s formal – even if it’s a littlebit less formal, you can dress these down.

Now, if you’re going to be outside the UnitedStates, I think navy is a little bit less seen, so it may be something you want to stickwith the medium gray with the charcoal gray.

I also feel that when particular colors you’rechoosing them, you may want to depending on, you know, your skin type your colors, findwhat works for you.

I know that if you’re an older man and allof a sudden your skin started to white, you want to be careful with charcoal gray.

It can pull out a little bit of the life, maybe in that case go with a navy.

[0:05:04] Now, if you’re a younger man, navy can make you look younger, so in that case, go with a charcoal gray or medium graybecause it’s going to add a little bit of age to you.

So, again, you’re finding which of thesethree you just simply love to put on and you love the look.

All three of them though are going to workin pretty much any situation.

Now, let’s talk about true blue.

The problem with true blue is it’s memorableand the problem there is you can’t wear multiple days in a row.

Now, do I recommend that you just buy onesuit and you wear it five days a week? No, you want to buy more if you’re consistentlywearing suits, have a little bit through your rotation.

But, if you’re just doing interviews andyou’ve got three days of three interviews in a row, you don’t normally wear a suitor you only own one, in that case, go with navy, go with charcoal gray.

No one’s going to notice that you’re wearingit multiple days in a row when you change out the shirt change out the necktie changeout the pocket square, maybe have rotation of shoes, but you can actually get away withone suit.

You can’t do that with the true blue.

Next, I’ve got light gray and light blue.

Both of these can make a great looking suit.

The problem here is the opportunity to wearthem is going to be a lot less.

They’re much more memorable, the light blueespecially.

So, if I had to choose between the two, I’dgo with the light gray.

But, when it comes down to it, these are bothsummer or hot weather suits.

So, this is something if you’re in New York, you’re probably not going to be able to wear this six months out of the year unlessyou get an early spring maybe a late fall.

But, even then it’s going to be somethingthat you’ve got to be careful of the month of the rain of the elements because it issomething that stains can show up on these suits.

Section number three.

Suit color and interchangeability with theother items in you wardrobe.

Now, when it comes to the interchangeability, a black and midnight blue in my opinion not very good.

It’s something that black is too stark thatthe midnight blue is too stark and I don’t think it really works with a wide varietyof shirts, accessories, or shoes.

Next, we’ve got charcoal gray and when itcomes to interchangeability, charcoal gray is good, but it’s not great.

And the reason I don’t give it a higherranking is simply the starkness of the contrast.

It is almost too formal has too stark of acontrast with a lot of different shirt colors out there especially softer colors especiallywhen they’re bringing patterns.

This also applies to shoes.

So, if you wanted to bring in like a littlebit more casual shoes becomes very difficult with charcoal gray fabrics, again, becausethey’re going to lean towards formality.

So, a reoccurring pattern you may see hereis when something has a really strong strength, it also has an Achilles’ heel.

Next up, navy and medium gray.

For both of these, interchangeability I’mgoing to rank is excellent and that’s why in my opinion, navy is one of the most commonfabrics out there for men suits because it’s simply easy to match.

Both of them can work with a wide varietyof shoe colors, both of them can work with a wide variety of shoe styles even casualshoes if you wanted to dress it down.

True blue, when it comes to interchangeabilityis good, not great.

And the weakness of true blue is going tobe the actual blue, not that it’s memorable, but how it works and it can bring out thebrightness in other colors.

So, if you’ve got a true blue suit and youmix it with a green necktie with a pink shirt, I know I had people say, Antonio, are youdressing like the Joker? No I wasn’t dressing.

I didn’t even think about it.

But, I get it, whenever you start to bringin those colors, it can become cartoonish.

Light gray suits, light blue suits, both excellentwhen it comes to interchangeability.

The power of a light-colored suit is it standsin the background, it doesn’t demand attention.

You’ve got a great looking shirt great lookingtie great looking pocket square and you want those to be the highlight of the outfit? Well, then, wear them with a light-coloredsuit which isn’t going to pull and isn’t going to overpower the rest of the items inthe outfit.

All right, gentlemen, now it’s your turn.

I want to hear from you down in the comments.

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