BOX FORT ROBOT SUIT!! 📦🤖 Nintendo LABO Box Fort & Gameplay

Eyyyyo whats going on guys ; Papa Jake here from team epiphany And we are back with a brand new video and today guys we are doing something I have been wanting to do for months now for years now for my entire life Logan geez It's the Nintendo label sort of Logan I have been wanting to build a box fort robot for the longest time and every time I came up with the plans Logan said Jake it would not work Jake it is impossible.

You cannot build a box for robot that would work, but today Thanks to the Nintendo labels.

We can do that so guys if you have not seen this yet, Nintendo La voz it is a really awesome kit that allows you to build both with cardboard, which is I mean that's like uber Alli? I'm like the cardboard building master, so you can build creative stuff that actually works in this case We're gonna be using it to build a box fort robot.

And My good friend Ksaun wanted me to do this And if you guys like these videos if you guys like us using this we have so many different ways that we can incorporate this into our videos I mean you could build a robot Logan like this But then we could make him even cooler like we can add like armor to them and like Extended weapons and all sorts of really cool stuff So let me know down below guys ever you think this is an awesome idea Oh and guys, I almost forgot check this out check out what we're wearing we got our new merch on dude It's the design and discovery that's one of my favorite designs guys We just launched our brand new line emerge if you guys have not checked it out yet Here are some of the designs popping up on your screen right now But there is a link in the description down below go grab one of your very own shirts hoodies Sweaters anything you want and let me know if you guys grab something I love to tweet it out and follow you guys who are buying the merch and they are selling out fast guys Yeah, send us pictures of you guys wearing the merch go check it out link down below of course But guys we have an objective today, and that is to build the very first worki box for bro box We have to put our best science skills to the test open this up and build it using our cardboard master skills now I'm assuming this video take us like two minutes to build right Logan like solid two minutes I don't know.

I mean it looks really entertaining so Hey, where's the duct tape you can't you can't build the carboy without duct tape I've got some weird folding stuff here I'm actually really excited to open this up So let's start diving into this guy's and like I said if you guys think this is awesome.

Let's try and crush 25, 000 likes on this video and we will continue the series But uh let's uh, let's open this up and see what we got dude check this Oh my gosh.

There is so many pieces of cardboard in here so it looks like all of these are I guess like the schematics as you can see and Inside it has well all the different.

I don't wanna I don't want to lose them either so these kind of pop out and you're gonna use these to build your box for robot now there is a lot of Cardboard in fact they're like a la de la.

We might you know I first going into this I was like I don't need instructions in fact looking at I Sort of shredded the instructions because I was like we don't need those you shredded the instructions I think we need at the moment box for building master.

I don't need instructions, but this stuff is super cool It's a little complex alright It's a little complex alright guys So we've got all of our pieces of cardboard here that we're gonna be using to make our box board robot now We've got also a Nintendo switch, which has all the instructions that I found them on here Logan, so don't worry I didn't technically destroy all the instructions unless I destroyed the game itself But it looks like all we just follow this and build ourselves an awesome robot actually really awesome it is I like it you like move it around and be like what does the bottom look like and then the? Top look like and you actually like move forward throughout the entire thing and see how to like fold it and all that other cool stuff, so Without further ado I think we need to start our time-lapse and start building this robot because I want to do cool robot stuff like Break down houses and stuff.

I mean maybe something less destructive like say Pat's So check it out.

I wanna do an update for you And show you how the robots coming up along so far and that wha that's that much per robot yeah, Logan It's it's the it's the robot helmet.


Look check this out guys so this goes on your head like so and then Goes up like this or down like this Dude yeah sack of VR headsets baby sweet, so this is done guys and next up We got to get working on the Pistons which are gonna be used to control the robot and do awesome fighting stuff And I think there's also a backpack and a few other cool accessories, so we got a lot more building to do But so far this box for robot is coming along sweet in our box.

We're building skills are making this awesome.

Let's keep building Update I've been working on it for a while now and As you guys can see well first of all check out these sweet shades.

You know how cool Do these look looking fresh and fly with these? I have to admit Jake these do look really awesome Right if there's a whole bunch of extra stuff in here that I'm already seeing we keep used for our box for videos not only That guys, but I'm learning a lot about cardboard design.

I know how to make cardboard work now I mean I built this whole backpack so there's a lot of useful pays in here that we can use for videos But check this out, so it's not done yet We still got a little bit more of the robot to do before we can start playing with it well Here's the backpack so far so it goes on like so and then these these little pulley strings here Or how we're gonna be activating it So this is like the foot one and then actually move stuff inside the backpack you might be able to see inside there Yeah, so these will move inside which will allow me to actually control the robot How cool is that guys so I still a little bit to do? We've got the backpack done? We've got the the head helmet here, which is really sick, but we can even like spruce it up and add more to it But I know you guys want to see us actually use this robot in order to do that we gotta get back to building so Let's cut back to the time-lapse and try and get this thing done Alright guys, so it is the next day, and we've officially completed the Nintendo label robot That's right.

It did take a little bit longer than I anticipated There's a lot of moving parts in this thing, but it is now complete and Logan I'm officially ready to become a robot fighting master That's right now All I have to do is suit up with all my cool robot gear And I'm ready to jump into the virtual world to fight crime or in this case It's actually just like knock buildings over, but but anyway let's show off how it actually looks here guys So this is of course the completed awesome Helmet for the robot which is looking pretty cool already shut that off and here is the backpack now this thing is Beefy look at this not only does it look really sweet But that's everything you need to control the robot you have hand movement stuff here that you can actually move The robot's hands you have feet movement down here and the interior is really cool I don't know if I got to show this off, but this is what actually looks like when you open it up here So you can actually maneuver this so if need to get in here There's a really cool feature where you can like stick in a tool kit and start tinkering around with the robot which I think is Really sweet so without further ado guys I think it's time to gear up with this and jump into the virtual world Cuz I want to become a robot so it says it taps the joy consonant robot alright So the right joique on here slides into the back here.

It's the first Official setting there we go alright.

That's that wall robot Alright so then this one goes into the face mask here So this is just gonna slide in like so alright So now that we have all of the pieces in I just got to put this on and I'm ready to jump in alright guys So check it I'm now in the game dude look a robot who's this so I can walk around by doing this I can turn Actually by turning in real life, and then I thought I just got something here this big green panel punch it Yeah Break it all out huzzah Robot Jake coming in better not be hiding from me Like turn my head, which is really sweeping on gas check this out going into visor mode zooming in whoa? Oh Wait I got my I got my I Got my hands loading here and fire is so sweet.

Oh check this out so but for my visor afraid I'm walking around this house to get some bad house walk over here mister blue thing you gotta get out of here Okay, so now I got a little bit space right for this dude check check this out already Not only am I robot, but I'm also Plane Dude look I'm flying so if I hold my hand sound like this I basically turning the iron man, so I can like fly around this Boat here we go and then if I look around like Can actually fly around and just kind of control myself like a big plane? I feel like got like iron managed something we put my visor down here zoom in oh hi everyone down there You look like a little ants Papa take the robots flying around on the land of green bars.

You're off Break that kick that let's go order tickets already.

Oh, hey oh Oh, well the rates Derrick now, oh wait I can fire with these oh, dude.

I'm like it trees and stuff I can't feel bad for blue Right Carmona's sake so I'm like bending down on my knees like this And if I want to jump up transform turn on fly mode and then fly over here, Oh No There we go i'ma try and lay low this building here all right I feel like they should definitely make like an Iron Man version of this game.

It'd be sweet and fire Broke Almost about to break.

Yeah, look at this That's a far way down guys.

All right see that car there.

I'm gonna jump off this and land on that car right You know I'm a late on that building there, and I can do this.

I know how to do this.

I'm a robot Okay, here we go Guys this is so sweet I could do this all day and the cool thing about this guy's is the more games that come out for it the more we? Can actually incorporate this into our videos and like it's cardboard? So this is my favorite thing in the world and like I said at the start of this video guys We have the other Nintendo label packs So if you think it'd be really cool to use that like maybe make the Nintendo label motorcycle but not just make the motorcycle make an entire motorcycle like use our own cardboard to make a full one that we can stick a life-size motorcycle life-sized motorcycle you can drive around with how cool would that be Smack the like one down below guys and comment down below if you think we should keep using these to make really cool inventions But yeah, this is I like it cuz it's like when we build with cardboard That's what I imagined in my head, and I actually get to see you now, so that's really sweet But I think this is where we're gonna wrap up the video for today guys So like I said smack that like button down below.

Let's try crush 25, 000 likes and if you guys haven't already Zoom in to that link down below and check out our brand new merchandise because you do not want to miss out on some of This sweet new merch and don't forget guys I have a brand new app in both Google Play and the iOS store if you want to keep up to date with my life See behind the scenes get notified about new videos go out download the official Pappa Jake app link for that is also down below It's completely free and you can talk to me and ask me questions We can video chat all that fun stuff So I'll see you guys next time for another awesome video this has been Pappa Jake, and hope you guys have an awesome day.