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Honest- look at that shimmer just look Today I found out that Ryland Adams gave me a shout-out in his latest YouTube video about him sewing his own wedding outfit Apparently he's been watching my videos to learn how to sew Which blows my mind Look at the craftsmanship on the skinny pants.

Ryland how are you doing this? How did you do this? I watched a lot of withwendy who's a sewing girl on YouTube.

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He cited this Timothée Chalemet Louis Vuitton harness as his Dream wedding outfit and I left a little comment on his video saying that I would make it for him I really meant that because I actually have really wanted to make this for a long time I was worried that it was like spring/summer 2019 and now it's 2020 and it's like oh fashion moves so fast No one cares anymore, but you know what? I think this was a really special piece it stood out to me from the first time I saw it and I think it's gonna be really fun to make so this is for you Ryland But until you DM me it's for me Step one Research.

We're gonna do Timothée Chalamet.

We're gonna add Louis Vuitton I also have pulled up the product page.

This is an item that was custom made So I just picked the item on Louis Vuitton that is as close as possible.

We've got this metallic leather- They don't call it a harness.

It's a mid layer.

This just helps you to have a nice 360 view of the item.

You get an idea of how it sits under the arm, on the back, all those kinds of things and it's because most of the Timothée Chalamet photos are from the front And that makes sense because that's also where his face is.

From my research these are the supplies that I need to get One yard of black faux leather Make sure it's thick Two yards of one inch wide black webbing ideally with a little bit of satin shine Two black slides or buckles in plastic or metal Half a yard of black sequin fabric Half a yard of some kind of black shimmer fabric I don't even know how much is in here but a lot of black seed beads And preferably on a string.

It'll be way easier to handle.

One black zipper about 7 to 8 inches long With thick teeth.

And the things that I already have at home but you might need to get would be Black snap closures, some fabric glue, black thread and a lighter.

Okay, so there's a few different ways to approach this But your goal is to figure out how a rigid material is going to rest On your body, which has curves.

I took a bodice drafting class last year that was really really helpful and out of it came a Bodice pattern for the front half of my body, as well as a bodice pattern for the back of my body I'm gonna use these to make a shell for my body form And then from our research, we're gonna draw the shape of the harness onto it and Cut away any of the excess until it looks like it's about the right shape.

After I'm done I will show you the pattern pieces that I cut out So if you want to freehand You could just screenshot and that will give you an idea of the shapes that you should cut out.

This distance here on the back Ideally should be Somewhat similar to this distance here in the front.

On the sides We're just trying to Encircle the arm generously because you don't want this to be so high up th at it pinches any shirt that you're wearing underneath.

This here at some point will be attached to the webbing So I wrote down one-inch to remind myself, like, we gotta eventually taper it to a one-inch width So it matches the webbing.

Generally I tried to avoid the darts because you do not want to really be sewing Darts into this harness if you can avoid it.

The only one we couldn't work around was this one, but it's pretty small We just tried to avoid like the peak of the boob.

Is it around here? And we just tried to avoid it so that this harness would lay flat and not like stick out from the body.

We then cut along the lines that we drew, Separated the front from the back and traced two fronts and two backs out of the black vinyl The two fronts should be symmetrical, not identical to each other and same with the two back pieces.

Okay, this is not sewn.

I'm just holding it on by sheer friction.

So far so good! For the webbing, you're gonna want Ten centimeters.

Let's go with that.

We need two pieces that are ten centimeters And when you cut the webbing You can run the end over A lighter just to help it not fray as you work with it And the rest of the webbing is going to end up draping down on your side a reasonable amount This long With the webbing I'm gonna attach the loop end to the backside of the harness.

So this is the short piece So that now, it's just here and just sew this so it's coming out on the inside with a straight stitch Like so I'm gonna do the same thing on the other side with the little loop and then on the front piece The goal is just to sew a straight edge Right here Coming out no loop.

I went out and got a haircut, so let's just move past this.

Okay, the last fancy thing that needs to be done to the inside of this harness is I want to throw down the zipper.

I don't have to do this, but just like as a treat.

I'm putting one on the inside.

So I've got the zipper on here.

I've put a mark for where I want the absolute bottom of the zipper to be.

Okay, we're gonna try to do a welt zipper insert I don't even know if those were the right words.

I want an opening that is a quarter of an inch wide.

Basically gonna cut out these little V shapes.

The idea here is you want to fold these back So that we're opening up a rectangle of space for the zipper teeth to appear.

Okay, so I have this sewn To one opening So my concept is that I flip the zipper and bring it to The inside I have seen worse things This is the stitch that I just added to secure it right sides together to the zipper So now I can just press and hold this open and add a straight stitch just like this stitch.

The zipper pull is in our future and we want to put it in the past So the needle is down we lift the foot gently Bring that zipper- Yes! into the past Recenter everything in front of you, bring down the presser foot and now we can unobstructedly Get to the end of this runway Yay So if you got a zipper that was the perfect length Then you could sew over here safely without running your machine over plastic teeth.

I'm just Tucking the little corner in and praying for the best The way I finished off all these ends so that they just kind of disappear I pull the threads through and tie them together into a knot and then that way They don't fray, but they also Don't have any visible knotting in the front This is the part where I realized that I got it backwards.

This should have been here.

Basically, I should have taken the other piece and sewn the zipper to it.

What do I do? do I become left-handed? A decision has been made.

As of today, I am left-handed In order to get this on, one of the shoulder joints needs to stay open so that it can Go around your head since I think this- yeah, there's no way.

The other shoulder joint I just sewed it together both on the inside layer and On the outside layer.

I just sewed it right sides together and then to make it look extra clean I opened up the seam and did one stitch on the left one stitch on the right And you get this nice and slick finished Flat profile seam.

I have the inside layer with that zipper face down, got the outside layer I've joined the shoulder together and I'm gonna put this whole thing wrong sides touching And I'm gonna sew these two layers together along the outside edge All the way around, so now It's a complete piece.

I thought part way that I might need to switch to a walking foot Since vinyl can be a little grippy on the machines.

If you're having a hard time sewing your vinyl Switch to a walking foot Yeah, no regrets it's making it way easier to steer Which is making me not feel like I'm yanking on the fabric Which is helping the fabric to lay nice and flat.

We have a problem.

Don't laugh at me it's real.

I just realized that this pretty shimmery fabric I've cut it with the holster on the left side of my body.

So if I flip the harness inside out The left is here So now the dilemma really is the zipper and I am pretty proud of my handiwork So, you know what? My plan is to keep the zipper here.

I know that's inaccurate compared to what Timothee has but just- You know, you know, okay? You get it.

Okay? Okay.

Okay onwards! It's day two Here's the progress Let me bring you closer Using the exact same template I've cut out a front and a back from I don't know it's like this like Shimmering tweed fabric and it makes it look like it's bead encrusted all of this can be glued to this leather underneath I plan to glue it on while it's on the form instead of like on a flat table Since holes in vinyl are permanent I tried not to use pins to secure This harness to the body form I have this funny pin plus paper clip method that like Held up the harness without poking holes into it Because I decided to keep the zipper on the outside when I glued that layer I just cut a slit so that I could let the zipper poke through and I just like pulled all the fabric Aside to make it a nice opening This is also the part where you should add snaps to close up the other shoulder.

The last thing we're gonna do before we move on to the appliqué Is just give it a little bit of a trim There's a few parts where the leather didn't match up perfectly so I just trimmed it away We want that slick look because this is supposed to be worth a couple thousand dollars.

appliqué time! appliqué time! appliqué t- The goal here is to create this like lush garden of sequins and beads and textures on the harness.

This layer is now on as a base I did add a zig-zag stitch all the way around because I noticed there was some fraying I've got this black sequin fabric And I've kind of identified three texture zones on his outfit There is like the black sequins, There are black little feed beads, and then there's just overall shimmer I'm just gonna start cutting out various pieces That kind of like I don't know clouds garden so here's my random shape number one and I'm gonna keep cutting up more of these.

Welcome to day three.

I've been successful at crowd surfing on the Internet Thank you to all the people who replied and “thumbsed up” my comment.

Ryland has seen it And he wrote Oh my gosh, smiley face.

I will message you on Instagram No message yet, but regardless We finished today.

I'm pretty okay with the distribution of sequins here's how This flap is looking last night I just sat right here while watching TV and What we did was we managed to do one whole container of these beads.

We transferred them all onto strings.

Take a really really skinny- look how skinny this needle is really really skinny Embroidery needle and we just went like stab stab stab stab stab Until we got a couple of beads on and then let it go through there I know there's a tool that does this for you, but I don't have that tool So this is what five episodes of friends was able to produce I'm gonna show you the method that I'm going with again with the power glue This is like the best purchase I've made in the last month I do some twirls in the general area where I'm going to put the beads And we're just putting the beads onto the fabric Pressing it into the glue.

Once you get to the edge You can.



You can do whatever.

You can turn the corner You can glide along There's no mistakes here and don't let the loose end hang too much with gravity cuz That's gonna put a strain on the beads that you're trying to pat in place.

I'm Way too scared to cut this because I'm worried beads are just gonna go everywhere so what I've been doing at this point is Deciding like where else do I want to take the bead clump.

So for example, like we could put another bead clump right here One more clump finished and then I'm just gonna put one more up here.

I'm just jacking up the ISO so that you can see the black area clearer So yeah, I'm not trying to like look a different shade out here.

The glue is pretty much dry.

Look, this is so secure It's staying on! but what I've been doing is taking some needle and thread and just making sure I go over the places where the beads turn corners or if they're just like hanging loose especially in those trailing parts in between Sometimes I'm tempted to breeze over little details like this At the same time I want this channel to be a place where like myself and the audience learns how much effort goes into clothing and therefore can like understand better the labor, the value, the cost of materials Since clothes are something we wear everyday, but we don't always think about Where it comes from and its story Okay back to a more comfortable level of zoom I think the next time you'll see this it will be done Cue the modeling shots future Wendy We don't make mistakes.

We have happy accidents And finally to really check if I pulled it off Here it is styled as Timothee Chalemet wore it to the Golden Globes or like my best attempt Obviously, I don't have his cheekbones or mysterious eyes or any resemblance for that matter But I did my best to try to stand strong.

Taking these photos made me realize I have no idea how guys pose For photos it's just blue steel lost member of BTS If you liked watching me try to create this piece You can subscribe you can hit the bell notification withwendy is my Instagram and there'll be plenty more photos there soon Ryland, if you want me to send you one of these you know how to find me.

I'll see you all next time Bye-bye!.