Der durchsichtige LOUIS VUITTON Trainer Sneaker – Mein LPU der Woche 💸👟

A wonderful good day dear friends, it's me again, calling you from the office or “home office”.

I can't really define it because these days are pretty tense and difficult due to the corona virus disease.

We have thought long and hard about how to solve this problem for us.

For me it is not too difficult because I can do my work from home, and I'm pretty cool with home office.

Shooting videos and photos – I can do all that in my apartment or even here in our production room.

I don't have to go out for it.

So please, even though you probably can't hear it anymore.



do me a favor and stay at home as long as it is necessary.

So stay at home and only try to go outside if it is necessary, to buy groceries, to see a doctor or whatever.



But please stay at home as long as possible and try to avoid contact to other people, especially to larger groups.

Because you know, even if you are only slightly affected, you can infect others who are not as lucky as you are.

Like old people.

Especially old people, for whom the risk is very high.

I only wanted to mention this real quick, because it is very important to me! So stay at home if possible! Now let's get to the real reason for todays video! I want to do a little unboxing with you again.

I bought shoes from Louis Vuitton again! As you can imagine they weren't cheap either.



But that's the point were opinions differ.

I just love the quality and the workmanship of those shoes.

Recently, I got me one of those High Top's.

You probably have seen it on my photos.









yeah, I really fell in love with those shoes.

First class quality as always! And today i wanted to show it to you! It's called the “Trainer Sneaker”, according to the website of Louis Vuitton.

And here it is! I got this one from my “guy”, who always gets the rarest Louis Vuitton stuff more me.

I'll show you his nickname up here.

So if you ever need anything, just drop him a line.

I'm sure he can help you out.

So, the Louis Vuitton Trainer Sneaker! I have chosen the transparent version, which is really a special thing! I didn't even realize that it was supposed to be release at all.

Then there it was – and sold out right away! I have looked online, every size is sold out.

Sure, it could be that there will be a few sizes in stock again, but honestly, I guess it is very unlikely.

As you can see, the regular Louis Vuitton packaging.

Nice as always and way too beautiful to throw it away.

I mean, sure, most of the time it's just standing around somewhere, catching dust.



And I'm thinking to myself: “Do you really need this?” I mean, not really but I just didn't have the heart to throw it away.

Long story short, that is the packaging.

Well made as always.

Yeah, the bill, I'm not gonna show you this.

😀 And this is it! They were packed in these Louis Vuitton bags.

That's usual, as far as I know.

And here we have it.

Indeed! This is what it looks like.

Like I mentioned earlier, it's transparent.

White laces.



The shape is incredibly beautiful! I never had those Low Top's before, so I'm even happier that i have them now.

Really well made! It's made from plastic, remember that! So especially in the summertime you should definitely not wear it without socks.

This could be very bad for you and other people around.

😀 I have already posted a photo on my Instagram recently, you may have seen it.

Such a great piece! Here you can see the imprinted Louis Vuitton writing.

Down here you can see the monogram symbols.

Really iconic! And here, all over the plastics, you'll find all the monogram patterns, initials.



And of course, on the backside there is the Louis Vuitton logo.



imprinted! Yeah, so I can't say anything more about this shoe except that it is completely transparent.

Here on the shoe sole you can see the orange colored inlay.

It's kind of funny u know.



I mean, you can literally see everything on a transparent shoe like this.

The problem here is, that I took my typical size.



the same size i had on the High Top's.

Unfortunately, it's a bit too big and I keep thinking about what I'm gonna do.

Whether I exchange it or just deal with it.



I mean, it's transparent and you can see if there is too much space in front of your toe.

It doesn't look so good for yourself either.

Alright! So this is the shoe! As you can imagine, the second one looks almost the same.

🙂 Now you get to see a few more details and then that was pretty much it.

As always I'd also like to hear your opinion.

What do you think about the sneakers from Louis Vuitton? Especially on this on here.



would you wear transparent shoes? If so, how would you combine? Please leave your thoughts and your feedback in the comment section! I'm also happy if you give me a “like” and I really appreciate your support.

That motivates me a lot to make more videos for you guys due to the actual situation.

Perhaps even more than before.



🙂 Now you gonna see some detail shots of the shoe and what it looks like.

I hope you liked this video! See you guys next time! Take care!.