Destroying the Louis Vuitton iPhone Case

Read it! Thirteen hundred bucks! Louis Vuitton! All legit! Hey whats up guys, Keaton here! You guys crushed the Thirteen Hundred Dollars iPhone case video.

And also came up with some really weird suggestions on how we can destroy this really beautiful case.

I'm already sad and I haven't even destroyed it yet.

In case you don't know, this is a $1300 Louis Vuitton phone case.

Since I made the video, I'm starting to understand like why it's $1300.

I'm kind of sad we're about to destroy the crap out of it.

So before we destroy it, drop a like on this video.

Lets shoot for a million likes! If we hit it, I'll break my other hand because the amount of destruction we're doing in this video, oh my gosh! You have never seen anything like it! So one thing I haven't told you guys yet is I love mustard.

I like it– I actaully got some mustard in there.

Oh, that is tart.

I love mustard! But do you know what I love more, fancy mustard.

This mustard cost like five bucks.

I want fancy mustard, so how do you get fancy mustard? Lets just put a little dollop on there, okay.

Oh, I can already see this mustard costs $100 now.

$5 to $100 in a matter of 2 seconds.

You gotta be kidding me, dude! Mmh, lets just get it that case.

Nice, oh yeah baby, there we go.

Oh yeah baby, there we go! You want the real taste test to see how fancy it is.

Oh, that's a nice French honey Dijon.

Mhm, beautiful! [What is that, what did you do?] I made fancy mustard, Matt.

How could we clean this, how could we clean this? You clean the house a lot, should we bleach it? You want to bleach it, okay.

Just a little bit, I really want to get the mustard stain on, alright Matt? [This should do the trick] It should do the trick, [One more] Oh, it's just gonna be one more.

Just a little more! Alright, that's enough, bleach is not cheap.

I think it's making a difference.

Honestly me too dude.

Not gonna lie here, I kinda like the colour.

I was just joking around but I kind of like this.

We DIYed a better Louis Vuitton case It looks like the bleach is taking the mustard out, which is what we wanted.

But it's like ruining the case, so lets just get this out right now, save it.

I really don't want to get bleach on myself.

That would not be good.

Honestly, I can't tell mustard was on it.

The front looks great, got all the felt.

I thought that would fade away.

Maybe this case is bleach-proof? On second glance, the LV right here is starting to fade.

The bleach– the bleach did work.

That's so sad, I just, I don't want.

Can you help me dawg? [I'll fix it for you] Just get a nice little LV, beautiful.

It's like honestly, it looks better.

It looks better than when I bought it.

Look at that, beautiful.

I'm proud of you.

There we go, you brought her back to life.

This case is looking lit.

Honestly like what Matt did to it, I think it's worth more than the crocodile one, the most expensive iPhone case they make.

That's like $5500.

This thing's now worth like 6 grand.

It is lit, this thing is hot.

You want this, it's a little too hot.

We're gonna need to cool it.

I can't even touch that for too long! A little bit of liquid nitrogen to just cool it down, cool it down.

[It has been a minute] It has been a minute [We're better at this now.

] We are, not getting it on ourselves.

It does burn you, it can burn you if it gets between your socks and sits there.

Alright, that's good dawg, that's good.

I want to make Dippin' Dots, I wanna make some Dippin' Dots later man.

Oh, I hear it, I hear it, I hear it cracking! Do you guys hear that? That's the case cooling down and cracking.

The latch just came off.

It's definitely cool, it is no longer lit.

I'm gonna fish this out before it– oh, boy, oh, that definitely cooled it down.

Wow, I think it's worth even more now.

This case– oh my gosh, I shouldn't have touched that! Oh, I shouldn't have touched that! Ow, that hurt.

That really hurt! Now the case has changed colour to like this nice blue.

It's like a– no, actaully looks blue.

The leather looks like it got pushed in.

But the good news is, it's no longer lit.

This case doesn't look the same colour.

It looks a little too cold.

Let's go outside and thaw it out.

So I'm outside and the case has totally thawed.

But it's getting a little too hot.

And I saw a bunch of comments on the original video saying, “oh are you going to do a drop test and copy everything Apple Pro”.

Ya, but I'm going to do one even crazier and even taller! [Music] So the case survived, like there is not much damage, just a little bit on the corners.

I am shocked, so I am here at the baseball field to play ball.

[Music] You almost hit me ! [Music] Honestly, I am shocked.

The Louis Vuitton case looks pretty good with the exception of the baseball bat.

It's falling apart so I had to hot glue it.

It's still trapping so a bunch of you said, burn it.

Let's do it! That is definitely lighter fluid.

Oh my god, holy crap guys, it is actually burning! Yo, I didn't think this would work! This case has literally done everything.

Okay yeah, that's getting bad! That's getting gnarly.

And i blew it out in the first try! I made a wish, happy birthday! The best part is the leather still looks good, the leather still looks good.

Maybe that's what you pay for.

And actually I'm not crazy, Louis Vuitton, this is completely serious.

They actually burn the stuff they don't sell, you can look it up.

So we're just kind of doing what they do.

So ya guys, that's pretty much it for this video.

Thanks so much Gregory for re-tweeting and Aryan for actually like telling me to burn this thing.

Dude, this was all because of you.

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And I'm gonna stay lit, bye! I don't actually know if these are fire proof so I have to find out.

Oh, we're good!.