(ENG SUB) 2019 루이비통 LOUIS VUITTON 19SS 신상 록키BB LOCKY BB 미니백 언박싱 UNBOXING / 명품하울

Hi guys, I'm Dawon from Dokong Channel Today I'm gonna unbox my new LV bag which my hubby had bought for my B-day! Actually my B-day is two-weeks away.

However, the item that I wanted to buy was the new item of 19 S/S and popular model.

So I've decided to buy in advance.

I bought my bag last week, but I've been waiting till today to take a unboxing video clip.

I will carry my bag right after taking this video.

Can you guys guess what I bought? Let's open it together right now! Ta-da! Let's see what's in the bag.

Here's a pretty box bound in a ribbon.

Let's unbox it right away! I have a invoice from Louis vuitton.

It has private information , so I will just skip this.

Let me open! (da da da dan dan~~) Ah.



I don't want to untie this pretty ribbon.

I want to keep it.

You can open the box from bottom to top.

It's a magnet box actually.

I hardly remember the design since a week has passed.

So I feel like it is the first time again.

(da la da lan da~~~~~) Isn't it so pretty guys? It goes well with the knit I am wearing, the same color:sky blue.

It has calm blue on the top, and original monogram pattern below.

I am gonna open and show you inside.

You can see the oversized-locker in the middle.

Locker is the original signature of LV.

You may want to know the size of the bag.

I am tiny girl, and of course, this bag is just right for my height.

It is mini size bag.

Let's see inside the bag.

It has magnet button here, so you can easily open it.

There's a string chain you can use when you carry this bag as a cross-bag.

Here you can see inside.

You see the storage space here, and there is a flap-pocket also.

The back and bottom side of the bag has monogram pattern.

It is angled rectangle shape.

The real size of the bag is 8.

3″ L x 6.

7″ H x 3.

1″ W.

you can get more information from LV website.

Next and more importantly, you may curious abut the price.

There are four types: Blue jean (what I bought), Noir(black), Rose powdre(baby pink), Coquelicot(red orange) The price of these four items is $1650 There is same design item with a little difference The leather called Epi is used for this bag The price is a bit more expensive than my one The price of Epi version is $2130 The colors are same as my one : 4 colors And let's check how we can put the items in this bag Open the bag first This is cosmetic cushion(foundation) which is basic item for woman I put the cushion The next thing is small wallet And I put the cellphone (iPhone 7) The last thing is lipstick I put the items and close the bag The size fits well even though i put a few items After put the items, the bag looks still good without changes The weight of the bag is not that big, So it will be good choice who cannot hold big bag for a long time Then I will check how consumer use this bag in everyday life I can hold the handle on the bag like this.

Then I can carry with my elbow like this And I can also attach enclosed string on the bag Like this, I can attach chain on the right side of the bag, and attach remaining chain on the opposite side.

Then it can be a shoulder bag with pretty chain Then you can shorten & extend the string very easily It can be a good choice for both short & tall consumer There is a signature LV mark on the chain which is impressive detail even on the tiny part I think that this is a differentiating point of LV Even on the tiny chain, they symbolized their mark And I was told precautions by seller of this bag I don't need to take care of this bag too much , but it has weak point The locker at the center is easy to get damaged So, I need to take care of this locker from falling to the ground or something sharp Of course, we can get repair service from center, but is is way too expensive considering the locker size So, pls take more care of locker than leather I prepared other mini bags from Gucci & Mulberry I want to compare this bags with LV locky BB The is padlock from Gucci You can open the bag with push the button on center The storage is big & deep enough even this is mini bag The next bag is from Mulberry Let's compare inside This bag's storage is not that big compared to other two bags as you can see the size The storage space is divided into a few parts But the main storage is not enough though Cushion & Lipstick is just suitable for this bag The big cellphone is hard to get inside of this Mulberry bag It has flap pocket at front At back side, it has a pocket with zipper , but it looks not enough to put items inside.

I may can put card & cash Until now , I shoot the video of LV locky BB How was it guys? I will bring this bag everyday I will find out which is good & which is bad for this bag If I get chance to share my experience, I'm willing to do for sure I hope all of you guys have happy & wonderful life.

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