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hey everyone I'm Mordecai I go by mr.

bored on the Internet I'm here to talk about suits and how the celebrities are wearing them first up we're going to show you some Blazers and shorts aka short suits when I think a suit a suit doesn't have to be the exact same color or even the same fabric I think a khaki mismatched suit or the fact that a short and jackets work together we'll call that a suit in 2019 again I love the navy blazer paired with grey classic white socks with penny loafers also classic a white polo instead of a button-up a great way to do shorts keeping it kind of athletic and not taking it too seriously with a button-up shirt or button-up shirt and tie or a bow tie with shorts the crest on the Blazer I think also gives it an athletic feel polo match the Tennis Club I really like how fur Ella is a sort of spokesperson maybe the first to do it in that music category or in any music category to pull up on stage and shorts and a blazer it takes menswear in a fun sporty way on stage and I think that's what it's about having fun and not taking yourself too seriously I mean he's not a banker he's not a lawyer he's not a doctor he doesn't need to be wearing full-on trousers and a suit jacket that fits perfectly westerns having a mo mint I love Western I think I'm a cowboy I think all guys might have either wanted to be fireman or Cowboys at one time when I do put a cowboy hat on I say I want to wear this every single day all of a sudden post Malone appears in this like baby Rose blush pink I don't even know what we'll call it I love all the silver studs that kind of make stars into a pattern and it's not multicolored it doesn't cheapen it I also love that instead of a typical blazer or even a Western blazer he's wearing a sort of western jacket it's sort of like milkman from the 50s James Dean drizzler gas station attendant mechanic jacket that works so well in a Western look of course the belt being the exact same colors the suit boots really helped and I like how he's doing it with a t-shirt or tank top and not a Western shirt so it's full-on cowboy but it's not costumey to me because there's no hat I love a moment on the street that's theatrical but it might be hard for your average dude your regular guy to go to school to go to work and a full-on Western kit if you throw on Chuck Taylors instead of the boots might be easier if you untuck the shirt and you're not showing off the flashy western belt might be a little bit easier but he's killing it nudie Cohen was a celebrity Western costumer he did movies as well as dressed a lot of musicians back in a day and he became the Western Taylor I liked this category because it's sort of you know having fun with a tuxedo without being too loud here I'm seeing a young guy and he's doing it really well you know I love the length of the tuxedo jacket it's not shrunken I love the big you know bow tie I love the shawl collar with the sweeping hair you know the cowboy hat on the knee sort of like look at all my turquoise he's young he's having fun other gentleman is wearing a bolo I believe or some sort of string tie probably a bolo I want to hope it's a bolo and I like the length because it's not just like up here when you're 90 and really heavy is a grown man the bolos ride up high kind of like like he wore the same tie for 30 40 years but this is sort of long and lean and it's it it's barely there they might be wearing cowboy boots they might not that's not the focus it's the focus to me is it's a black tuxedo and we're living in a time where men at most of these award ceremonies are barely wearing black tie in the traditional sense so the fact that these guys are actually wearing collared shirts the fact that they're wearing suits praise them I have a really hard time watching the award ceremonies I feel like I'm 90 old dodgy stodgy whatever the word is at a men's club watching and just like live a smh lol and all those expressions you know I love tradition feminine details borrowed from the girls gender-neutral gender fluid call it what you will it's here it's happening it's pretty cool it's out of the box again it's guys having fun and I support that the babushka which I believe means grandmother in Russian to me I'm not Russian but but though a lot of the Bush goes in the neighborhood I think that's where it comes from it's so cool it's killer and you know you don't have to wear anything else loud you can wear Ferragamo Chanel Versace Gucci any one of those loud prints and then everything else you wear and kind of blend right in he's going double with the feminine hits with that sort of long floral robe coat and that that works well together it looks like he might even be wearing two or three bubblicious but it's pretty cool I'm schvitzing just looking and thinking of these photos you know I'm not a heavy sweater by any means but I'm just an average guy and with lights and makeup and red carpets which I don't know much about I've never walked the red carpet maybe once I love how you know Ferg did it ASAP ferg he wore it long and blousey and open and the sleeves while they look silky they almost look like a comme des Garcons you know who I think owns the the mixed fabrication the best it looks like this is actually shirting so that's okay so the Pitts he's sweating it as a shirt I like to chains shawl collar lapel that's a very sort of anti fit jacket and I say that because he's swimming in it in a good way it's not big by any means the shot the collar but it doesn't look oversized on him it's perfect but this is sort of its own necklace I want it peek and say hey are you wearing something underneath because to me that's syrtis but with the giant medallion and all the chains you kind of don't even notice that it's earnest and I like that this look with the all-over motif the double-breasted open is is unique to me and you know while Ferg wore hurt wore his open and I really like it i like this guy's open to if you're wearing a suit open with no shirt you better be confident as and that should be just be swimming it should just be like second skin it shouldn't be like it's wearing you you gotta wear it I don't want to see it on the street I definitely no want to sit next to you at dinner I might want to dance with you maybe on the dance floor I like these colors because they're not bright they're not super pastel II Easter they're muted tones it's kind of a lilac not a purple it's a mustard a yellow that's been washed out mixed with a taupe jacket it's a taupe suit with a khaki shirt so it's screaming color by all means but it's having fun without being too colorful I like that silk printed button-ups I love a button-up I love silk I love a men's blouse and I think this trend of patterned shirts specifically floral or having a huge moment and I love it it's no matter of your body type big small short tall it acts as a tie almost it dresses up any boring suit you almost don't even need a jacket with it because it becomes its own its own thing I like it when you can see the all-over print and it's not abstract of a beach scene and tennis court because if we can't see it what's the point I like it tucked I love it untucked traditional I love a three-piece suit any day of the week any event pocket watch Bob from the vest going into the pocket watch pocket great accents pocket square and a boutonniere peak lapel I love a contrast vest that's really nice to see white under the blue suit he's showing a lot of tie it's a very low vest the tie bar not sure if it should be a tad higher or maybe disappear I don't know if a tie bar is necessary just maybe one doodad too much but again it's really nice to see men in traditional attire I'm not exactly sure what Ryan Reynolds is doing I love a vest but I'm wondering where the jacket is is it thrown to the assistant real quick hold that I'm sweating or no this is the look I thought that a man wears the vest as an usher a movie theater as a waiter busboy when you hit the streets if you're wearing a vest or end or a tie probably want a jacket with it but in this case it looks pretty comfortable without it when I first saw the harness I was hoping that it had some you know secret pockets I know they're not carrying a gun maybe a couple joints maybe a lighter maybe slim pocket for the phone I like it because it's black and blends in with the foot with what he's wearing it's not white it doesn't stand out sure it's sort of flowery and I'm not sure what that fabric is so it's different than what he's wearing but it's different you know it's not just another jacket and it's not a vest so call it what you want it's a trend it's happening but for him actually really liked it [Music] I want to say wear this suit don't let the suit wear you but you won't know that until you take the selfie and send it to me for approval or your loved one because salesmen lie not all of them but they're gonna tell you what's an inventory they're gonna tell you what they want to sell and maybe get Commission on so you got to go to a really trustee trustee trustee trustee person and please by all means send me pics and I'll give you my approval thumbs up thumbs down but I would definitely error in the side of oversized you know not schlumpy an unnecessary from penis but anything but shrunken [Music].