FOUND 100 GRAMS OF GOLD & LOUIS VUITTON! I bought an abandoned storage unit

and here's where the real money comes in200 grams whoo ladies and gentlemen boys and girls of all ages we are back withanother exciting episode probably number 942 7000 in this storage unit of what inthe Hales did we buy so far in this unit we found jewelry gold gold

gold moregold right girl 5 most gold I've found almost in a storage unit mind-bogglingtons of silver we have found things like both a really nice Bose remote controland the Bose radio with a CD player we found expensive sewing machines likebaby laughs we found high-end purses like Dooney &

Bourke if the listenerkeeps going on all in all the beautiful things we found and we're about tofinish this you know otherwise episode I was moved all this clothes out of theway we got to go through all of this right herethere's boxes in there and then there's this right

herewe have to go through all that we got a bunch of these I'm guessing that we'regonna need to look at each one of them carefully right that's appointment very mean stone let's look at these allwhen we get back to the storage unit we're gonna take these and just

takethem back to the unit and go through them there we got this one here I thinkit's the same thing so we're gonna go through this whole box back at thestorage as well here we have a radio you math chuchita ACOh that's so anything I'm very made in USA

heaven Oh what do we have here a Minolta SRT3:03 be 35 millimeter SLR with the rope for the note to roll for Lynchunderstand this is work you know he'd be selling the heck out of it you get aspec it right now huh hi young lady I like to

buy it so your dad's not heredebate how much you can sell this before okay and you would take nine calls toanswer he would say just touch me and taking the 30 that's it who this one looks like this gotpotential lots of little things Julie we're gonna have to

do some batch pulleverything out the Box slowly into Stuart soil but this at the end tooright here we have a Vitamix 7500 dusty it's been sitting the storage unit butit looks in pretty good shape you know about these right here don't youwe used to have one day how

much will you get on eBay for that one we're gonnashine this summer summer biscuit up like the rock will say shine this song topick it up turn this sideways it no we're not gonna beat up but we will get200 bucks on eBay for that guaranteed this right here

I think we're gonna keepthis one I got rid of my red one I haven't seen apurple one but it's a deluxe edition so we're gonna keep that one for ourselvesI got the whole world in my hands like let's pick a place right now and just goto that one

second we can't really go there this wasn't agood idea this is pretty nice stuff you guys remember that uh-oh it's cracked Iwas gonna say remember Jebus and amber found one of these it's a flat toe clipthat's the practical case then we have this first shirt it's not very

specialall right let's get on to this other box of purses here this that was that let's see little sandy needs to be cleaned that'sreal baby girl okay I'm here to change you want a change yeah kinda littlespider spider pay it off all of it what do you think

this is worth this isvintage this comes out like that there's more change do it yeah I still hear thesame that's a big pocket checkbook it is when I'm in the light you havebaby that's real that is real open nickel and nickel for your thought apenny for your kiss

but damn if you tell me that your lover Long John and materthis looks like a rare one did you see the way that shape is this is sideenough good well as if we hate found enough coach person in a while huhthat's good Dooney and Bourke baby I hope

all the duty and Burke ladies arethe flea markets it this week especially ones you like blue and they likesnakeskin this is do damn book so Sony here Idon't know about you do but look look is you seem like you might be crazythat's kind of cute I like the

colors yeah hey that's a fakeI can't I can guarantee the other two a real but this one I'm question aboutpossibly a fake ladies and gentleman Louis Vuitton Luis Vuitton realisticsong anyway my breath mint no top and dimes dropping bombs on your mom there'sa lot of change in there

you got to clean up a little bitthat is a Michael Kors everybody all the ladies love Michael Kors I don't know ifright here I hear that coach is not popular anymorebecause it might report you almost got a point star video I want to appoint starvideo – I definitely

do points for me you know every collab with meyou don't want to take me to their coins two-part video I want to collab with youhere star now no one wants to collab with all-zero dad do you mean book thisone's a little heavy so if she keeps her hundred

grand Synnex p1 what's good it's a goodvintage Dooney and Berger who we found a dollar and some changeI'll take it always there so needs to be cleaned out their dutynope what is this one they gave a girl saylouder maybe the time NUI but always say Lewis the car

nobody gets mad at me thislooks like a rare one too this is will see the buttons Oh LuisVuitton if the way that stitch you feel that it's a vintage like a mofo I think we had a few hundred dollars inLuis Vuitton very good friends heavyplease be a hundred

grand in here James lord have mercy this lady full/queen cause right there you have togo through all this storage all right here pennies all-weather leather Dooney and Bourkeabout a 15 $20 circuits Dooney Julian Burke pension tenderchoppers anybody wanna fight duty and it is for sale and that's a

Dooney andBourke it must be a specialty or I wish to call it spooky stuff in this person rightanother doing invert you have to scavenge every one of those back of thewarehouse at times X oxo that's plenty chef knife first meeting XOXO last nightwho is that lady I'm super

store there chef Lee's tutorial something noDanielle very poor it's not like that I thought we had a first ball I'm sure y'all can guess what this isnot enough for this movie more of it what is all this stuff baby girl don'tsay we can't say that on camera yeah

somebody had a little bit of a littlelate-night fun and here this is princess is very traditionalpattern for Prince's house then ask me why I always know all these thingsoh please don't eat me up in the comments and you can see that one of thecoolest things I think I

found in this unit was these two grandfather clocksthis one is made by tempest nougat in OG particle I have no idea what the valueon this clock is it's got all the parts that's the joe's clock and watch thathad obviously sold this field so that's one nice grandfather clock

we got herehere we have a second grandfather clock nice doesn't have a brand on it but theyseem like they're pretty smooth I'm gonna take all these offis it light that's what dude why are you so late like how does they even operatethis must be battery-operated steel cool that's

got to be a hundredbucks right there I thought this was a pretty nice tableand carved very I don't know how you call that very nice day back to the labso we can go ahead and go through all this special stuff units been completelygone through salt princess she didn't

want film today she was a little nervousso she just wants to be on my film I can't we can't hear you away over thereyou're in a weird mood is it that time of the month huh don't jinx it aha are you pregnant didJasmine get you pregnant great yeah

she got to wear protective people havesuggested that jasmine was my daughter they see her us out there and they seethat I treat her much like I treat you with the much respect and admiration butjasmine is Mikayla's girlfriend they're dating they have been dating for sometime and no she

is not my daughter but I do appreciate that I do treat her likemy own because I adore Michaela and I treatthat's why I treat people so anyway just want to clarify the Jasmine's hergirlfriend she's not my daughter one year this month on the 7th August 7thlike that did

look at the wave of the light reflects office do we lookdon't we look just now to finish up this third and final hall will actually 5thor 87-thousand video we're gonna go through here see if we get any joy so Isaw that open up all this stuff and we're

gonna tell you what we got coolout of this last video from this 1200 $1100 amazing jewelry hoardso in this recap the jewelry wasn't very exciting I didn't actually find any realjewelry I thought there was gonna be some cuz that box everything's been justpissing jewelry I've got a garment

we got an mp3 player we got all thesewonderful glass stone rock egg things we're going to look real quick and seeif we can AHA decipher any type of signatures I'm gonna rely on you guys tohelp me with that because you guys are so smart and I just not

go to looking upall these things sometimes glass I made in USA that is nice that is a nice hearty'all once again know how I feel about hearts got a cooler Apple you know whatthey say apple a day keeps the doctor away when there's be fun to break allthese

guys haven't done a good break and video in a while I'm just kidding youguys would never let me live that down GES n obg 1987 Royal Doulton crystalmoonstone that'd be dope that was a real moonstone I like when the whole world'son my hands Spencer 99 that's a good

one no rot 95 sculpted crystal oops see there I gobreaking stuff this one doesn't have a signatures that's why the dollar store David Lindsey crystal I like this one alot right here this one's got a butterfly ring spies a leak I just likethe way that looks see how

it actually has some flowers in there and it has anice pattern it's not just somebody threw together some swirls and things ofthat nature but they actually took the time to put a real pattern in therethat's that's beautiful to me that's a cheap one that's a cheap all right

sothat's what we have there and up this was disappointing I sneaked it lookedand there was nothing in there so I had to show you cuz I promise to let you seethat at the end not sure what on ebay but that is a good decent 35 millimeterSLR and here's

where the real money comes in here's where the real moneycomes in right here this right here I'm gonna go out on a limb I'm gonna go outon a limb I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that's 500 bucks right there this isreal this is real this

is real not sure if I can get more someone who might sayhey pirate you can get 500 for just this one that's a limited edition with thelight beige leather I don't know things like that I can tell you these are real100% I can look at them I could

tell you quality from the inside is vintage thisis a much older Louis Vuitton it's like when they first started making them thisis legit that's the money right there not bad considering on top of that wealso had the mixer hundred bucks easy I'm keeping that the Vitamix are chewingon

eBay and a slew of Dooney and Bourke purses I'd say this unit wasn't any goldin these last video but the two before that we did find some and I didn't get achance to weigh it cuz I told you I'd do it at the end but it looks like

we mighthave another 104 grams hundred and grams right here Lisa hunt a potential of 100gram I'm sure there's a few pieces fake we got to take off the stones butnonetheless whoo with that being said this is everything that I've gonethrough in the unit there was some clothes and

stuff I didn't show you butif you watched all these videos to their entirety you will see that for a 1200which I said 1,100 but after watching the auction it was actually a $1,200unit if you watch all those videos you will see I made a boat ton of money

onthis unit very happy and got me too excited whereI ended up going and spending $7000 in one of my very next units but that'swhat happens when you make a bunch of money you let the dice roll and you doit again you keep the energy going high and ride

the wave with that being said Ilove y'all don't forget to like button share button subscribe and say somethingpretty like pirate I love these videos you have put nowpeace out