Giving Up My Louis Vuitton Smartwatch For Samsung Galaxy Watch | Unboxing

– Gave up my iPhone 10S Max as my main, daily phone that I takewith me everywhere.

And I also had to give up my Apple Watch, so in doing so, I wentback to my Louis Vuitton, Louis Vuitton, Tambour Horizon Watch.

It's their first generationof their Smartwatch.

It came with a four or500 milliamp battery, so that impressed me, so I dropped a ton of money on it, and I bought it.

And I've been using it and collecting these watch straps that typically either cost 2.

99 or 3.

99 a piece, which is ridiculous toeven say that out loud.

Nobody knows I've been paying that much for these watch bands.

I mean, I've beencollecting them all over.

And I put it back on when I went back to Samsung Galaxy 10S Max, or Samsung Galaxy S10 Max? No, no, no, no.

This is a Samsung Galaxy S10+.

I put the watch back on, and I figured, whitephone, white watch strap.

Super stylish, right? But I couldn't even getthrough a whole day, a whole day on the battery.

I just connected it tothe phone yesterday, and whatever's goin' on, the technology and the updates, they're just not syncin' up.

I'm not happy.

So, when I'm not happy, what do I do? I spend money.

If I'm gonna go all in on the Samsung, meaning my main phone's Samsung, then I should probably jumpaboard a Samsung Watch.

Full disclosure, this is now the third Samsung Watch I have purchased.

Never had an issue or aproblem with any of 'em.

I love Android Wear OS, I think it looks cool, it's sleek, it runs well, doesn't run well on this, so I'm looking to change, I'm looking to switch it up.

I know I'm tardy to the party, I know this is last year's model, but I wanna include you guys in my overall Samsung experience.

Let's go ahead, open it up, take a look, get it started, seehow it looks and feels.

So you know, I took a moment and I went and I reviewed in the store the new active sports watch by Samsung.

I'm not very sporty these days.

Not very sporty at all.

(laughter) So, I decided that's probably not for me.

They refer to this as themac daddy of Samsung watches, so since I spent like four grand on this, don't tell my husband.

He doesn't watch myvideos, he doesn't know.

Since I spent so much money on this, I figured hey, however muchthis was, isn't so bad.

How much was this? 3.

49, so that's basically what one Alligator Watch Strap costs, so I feel like I'malready comin' out ahead, and I'm probably gonnabe a lot happier with it.

Let's dive right in.

Here it is, front and center.

46 mm, Bluetooth.

I don't think there'san LTE version of this, which is good, because I find that to be a 10 dollar a month gimmickthat you don't really need 'cause I go everywhere with my phone.

When I don't have my phoneit's kind of a oddity.

Long battery, auto fitnessand wellness tracking, supports 39 workout activities.

Swim ready, water resistant.

Swim ready.

So that is some good news right there.

Says here what comes in the packaging.

We have.



Let's see if I can read this.

Can you read it? It's so little, we can't read this.

We're just gonna open up thebox and see what's inside.

Now, I remember my last Galaxy Watch, I was able to wear it, go to bed, it tracked my sleep.

Wake up, through it on thecharger for 20 minutes, it would already be ata 100% like immediately.

So here it is.

Pretty simply, prettynice, very premium feeling.

Let's go ahead and get these things off.

That was pretty basic.

In the box, we've got acouple boxes in the box.

This is the charger, which is still rocking a micro USB, so there is that.

We have not upgraded to USB, see? Here is our very specific Watch charger.

Goes like that.

Plugs in.

You throw it right there, easy peasy.

It's basically how you do it.

No fuss, no muss.

Alright, so there's some extra straps, so let's take a look at those, let's see what those are.

This is a smaller strap, as you can see.

So that's if you have a smaller wrist, which I do not, so we will most likely keep the larger one on.

Thank you for shipping with it, Samsung.

I appreciate it more than you know.

And this is the wall charger.

Let's go ahead, and let's do the fun stuff which is get it set up, see how it looks and feels, and check out some of the features.

So the LV watch is coming off, and it's probably gonna get reset and put up on Ebay for sale, so if you're out there, and you're like, yo, I want a 4, 000 dollar Android Watch for two grand, let me know, I might throw in all my watch straps because there's nothin' I can do with 'em, and it's probably liketwo grand in watch straps.

It's pretty expensive.

I'm not gonna wear it.

I think we're gonna go all in.

Here's our quick startguide, we don't need that.

Galaxy S10+, not Max, sorry about that, guys.

Alright, so as far as I remember, we gotta come up here, jumpinto our Galaxy department, didn't look like that, here we go, Galaxy Wear.

I believe this is where we need to be.

So I got the Galaxyphone, the Galaxy Buds, and now, I'm gonna have a Galaxy Watch, I am going all in on this Samsung.

Here we are, inside our Galaxy Wear app.

What we gotta do is justeasy peasy, Galaxy Watch.

Preparing to connect.

I'm sure we probably press a button or two buttons to get this thing goin'.

Alright, so that was the bottom button.

Pretty easy.

Alright, so here it is.

It says right here, there's your watch, download the Galaxy Wearableapp, which is where we are.

'Kay, the Galaxy Buds, which are connected, now this is a Galaxy Watch.

So we're gonna keep that going with the Watch preparing to connect.

(phone beeps) Boom, boom, boom.

It's like Samsung Love.

Samsung products aremakin' love to each other.

Okay, that's a little exciting, but if you ever wonder, it's how we do it here at 4theloveoftech.

Samsung Love.

It's late, I'm getting a little loopy.

I would tell you what time it is, but my watch is probably dead 'cause the thing dies really quick.

I'm really excited to wear this watch.

I know it's gonna track my sleep, and to check that stuff out.

So there's a lot of features on this device that I've missed.

This doesn't run on your typicalAndroid OS, Android Wear.

It runs on Samsung's ownlittle special software for their watch called Tizen.

Either way, it's very intuitive, but it's very Samsung-ish.

So I'm really eager tosee how it now integrates and works with one UI, which is what's on here.

Congrats on your new Galaxy Watch.

Restore from backup.

But I find it quicker to start fresh when at all possible, sothat's what we're doin'.

Out of the box, this thingcame with 92% battery, which probably means I'm never gonna have to charge it for a long time.

Looks like we have 2.

5 gigs.

(phone beeps) 1 1/2 gigs free, so theoperating system takes a gig.

Over here, we've got a little bit of RAM, we can connect our Samsung Pay to it, Galaxy Store, it's got someupdates right out the box, and notifications, apps, widgets, all that other stuff.

So I'm pretty sure this isthe watch right out the box.

Let's take a look, we touched it.

Let's go, turn clockwise, okay.

Turn to the other way andyou're back to your watch face.


Now it says turn notification, your notifications will appear, okay.

So there's your notifications.

This is the back key.

So up here, we've got the back key.

Alright, we can work with that there.

And that shows all the apps you have.

So there you go, the bottomone shows all the apps.

Nothin' too exciting there.

There we go, it's like that little control center, if you will.

Kinda like on your phonewhen you swipe down, you get all your main little settings and connections there, same concept.

So cover your Watch, andthe screen will turn off.

So boom.

There we go.

So that works good.

At the movies, you'recreepin' in the bushes.

If you creep in bushes.

It's kinda weird, you'reweird if you creep in bushes, but if you're in a bush, you cover your Watch.

The Watch is ready to go.

You're all done, enjoy yourWatch, is what it says.

Enjoy your Watch, and I thinkI'm gonna enjoy this watch.

I've owned this Watch, I've owned the Frontierone, two, and three.

So now that I think aboutit, I've owned all of them.

(laughter) And I always sell 'em to someone, because I'm doin' thisSamsung thing right now, I don't think I'm gonna sellthis one, not for awhile.

Pretty excited about it.

I think it's importantto embrace the ecosystem.

If I'm going to be doing reviews, see, this, it feels really good.

But I feel if I'm gonna reviews, and I'm gonna be properand correct about it, I should try to dowse myself in as much Samsung ecosystem as possible.

Now, if Samsung made a computer that I can do all my stuff on, I probably would get that, but I'm absolutely terrified of PC.

So don't try to take away my Macbook.

(laughter) Or my iPad.

I might, I guess the nextstep is a Samsung Tablet.

In the description, tell me, what do you guys think aboutthis thing that I'm doin'? Goin' to Samsung here, Samsung there, next.

Should I evolve into a Samsung Tablet? I wanna know what your thoughts are.

Go down to the descriptions, and share with me whatyou think I should do, or more importantly, make a suggestion for a tablet for me.

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