Harvey Specter Style | Dress Like Gabriel Macht In Suits

Harvey Specter Style Breakdown[0:00:00] When I got here, I dominated.

People thought I worked a hundred hours aday.

Now, no matter what time I show up, peopledon't question my ability to get the job done.

Get it through your head, first impressionsmatter.

Gentlemen, in today's video, how to dresslike Harvey Specter.

[Music]Harvey Specter, you guys have been asking me to do a video on his style, how he dresseshow he dominates a room for a long time, so here it is guys.

Starting this off, the first thing, suits.

Now, that's the name of the show, but HarveySpecter has a lot of them and he wears them.

That's the key if some of you guys have great-lookingsuits in your wardrobe and what — what happens to those suits? They gather dust, they get eaten by moths.

You don't actually wear them.

If you want to show up, if you want to dominatea room, you've got to actually wear the clothing.

Every time we see this character, he is bringinghis A-game.

And in fact, whenever his — he doesn't havea dimple in his tie, what happens? All of a sudden, other characters pick upsomething must be wrong.

He has set the standard so high.

Now, let's talk specifically about his suits.

So, what do we notice? First off, the fit.

I've talked about how fit is king.

Harvey Specter nails it from the shoulderpoints to the fit and the chest to the length of the jacket to the fit of his trousers.

He has a well-built body and he shows it offby wearing clothing that works for him.

Now, the style is going to be more Britishstyle where we're going to see padding in the shoulders, we're going to see paddingin the chest.

It really just gives him that masculine V.

He looks very strong.

He looks like someone you don't want to messwith and you don't want to mess with Harvey.

And he sends this signal when he walks intoa room and people don't even know him simply by the way he is wearing the suit.

Now, let's talk about the colors.

So, we see dark grays, we see overall justdark colors in general.

What is that — why go with darker colors? Because they are perceived as more formal, stronger, more dominant.

Keeps everything very business everythingvery dark.

But, notice the lapels, he goes for peak lapels.

I've got a notch lapel right here, very common.

Peak lapels are going to be less common.

And where we see peak lapels traditionally? On black-tie, double-breasted suits, but hebrings them into single breasted suits.

It makes it just a little bit more formalhelps him stand out from the crowd and continues to build up his chest area and his shoulders.

Other things we noticed about his jackets, he doesn't really have a whole lot of ticket pockets.

He doesn't go for that flashy look.

Instead, he goes for the double vent on theback which is more of the British style.

But, he's got little details like the stitchingon the buttons which to me saying, you know this isn't — it was probably made by a customtailor or definitely from a higher-end place, but he pays attention to those small details.

Now, when we look he's usually got four buttonsright here on the sleeves.

Again, most of his jackets single breastedtwo buttons.

I haven't really seen any three buttons.

He will occasionally bring in a vest, so whatwe see is a three-button suit.

Now, when we get down to his trousers, he'sgoing for flat front trousers, so no pleats on those.

Now, and his — when we get down to the cuffs, he has no cuffs, but overall we've got a slim cut.

Again, this works for his build, he's gota very toned body he's got, you know, he’s just in great shape and he shows it off.

And he lets basically this send the signalwhen he walks in the room that he is going to dominate.

Pop quiz for you suit fans.


What's the most expensive item that Harveyhas ever worn on set? What do you think some of the suits, someof the shoes? The answer is actually a wristwatch that hewore in season one.

It was a Patek Phillipe 5004P platinum perpetualcalendar split-second chronograph watch.

Guys, this sells used for $270, 000.

Oh, yeah, I guess you could buy it brand-newfor $350, 000.

Yes, he wears a very expensive watch.

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Next up, Harvey Specter’s shirts.

So, what do we notice about his shirts? That they're almost always white.

Nothing wrong with white, guys.

It is a blank canvas which everything elsecan build off of.

You've got enough complexity in your life, what I would recommend if you wear suits quite a bit or you want to start wearing them, juststart off with five to ten white shirts.

Now, you can change them up, I'm not sayingyou got to get the exact same white shirt.

You can go with different color styles.

In fact, when we see Harvey Specter, he hasa few different color styles.

Now, with his cuffs, what do we notice? That he has barreled cuffs most of the time, but he also likes French cuffs.

And he's going to bring in small metal cufflinks, nothing really fancy, but something that definitely sends the signal.

This guy know he is the man.

Now, you can change up and go with a widevariety of cuffs with those ten shirts as I was talking about.

You can change out some of the colors.

Such an easy way to quickly build up a veryformal, but very sharp looking wardrobe.

So, when I was talking about shirt colors, I was talking about that spread collar.

Why go for a spread? Because it allows you to put in a large necktieknot.

Harvey loves the full Windsor.

Now, I've only got a half Windsor here because, hey, it suits my body type and I didn't want to go overboard here.

But, a half Windsor, a full Windsor, a largeknot with the right necktie.

Now, what do you notice about Harvey's neckties? They are always silk.

He doesn't go for any of that wool or anyof that knitted stuff.

He doesn't want no casual ties.

This guy is going straight silk.

And we're not talking imitation silk here, go for the real thing.

Look for a sevenfold necktie look for somethingthat is going to be of higher quality.

If you can't afford that level at this point, well, then just go with the best that you can find.

But at the end of the day, silk is going tobe the most formal.

Now, he usually goes for solid colors, we'reseeing a dark purple, the color of kings.

We're going to see our navies, we're goingto see blacks, so you can go for these darker colors.

What you want to avoid is something that'sgoing to be silk, but way too casual.

Those are going to be lighter color ties, those are going to be ones with really bright colors with larger patterns, those are goingto be much more casual.

Now, let's talk about Harvey Specter’s shoes.

So, is this is where I feel the costume designdepartment kind of fell down.

They know that most of the time the shoesare not even going to be seen.

So whenever we do see the shoes they're goingto be oftentimes in pictures, what do we see? He just goes for a basic black cap toe Oxford.

Hey, it works when well-shined.

It's classic, works with everything.

I do find that Harvey gears towards black.

He also brings in some dark brown.

I would love to see him in oxblood.

Now, when he's bringing in the brown, we seeoftentimes a brogue.

He doesn't really get super crazy with hisshoes and this is an area where I think you could outshine Harvey Specter.

You can have fun with your shoes.

You can go with a two-tone, maybe go for adouble monk strap, maybe go for a whole cut that's got a little bit of a medallion rightthere on the toe.

Have fun with your footwear, guys.

Next up, let's talk about Harvey Specter’shair.

So, there was an early interview that GabrielMacht did talking about how, okay, they took some cues from Gregory Peck from Cary Grant, but they wanted to modernize it they wanted to change things up.

Now, that was early in season one.

What we saw happened in season 2, season 3is that his hair started to evolve.

His hair, it became more vertical, but itstill had a strict and structured feel to it.

We see a tight side part on the left handside with a subtle pompadour in the front.

To get this look, you need the sides to becut short, not buzzed just cut short with some length on the top.

Now, to keep it in place, you want to runthrough it a strong hold gel or a pomade, something that basically is just going tokeep that longer hair in place.

If necessary, use the right brush maybe usea blow dryer.

But at the end of the day, what you're lookingfor is a bit of volume there on top, something that isn't going to get too long somethingthat's not too short something that gives a modern business look.

And let's not forget the pocket square.

So, Harvey Specter wears a simple presidentialfold with a white linen or cotton pocket square.

We’ll occasionally see gray as well, buthe's not going to bring in a big paisley or something that has, you know, just brightcolors and stuff it in there and have it going all over the place, that would be distracting.

Harvey Specter knows that he wants to keepit very simple to the point and keep it all about business.

All right.

So, those are some great tips on how to dresslike Harvey Specter, but understand they mean nothing if you are not the type of man thatcan actually pull off this look.

Who is that type of man? Well, you need to be a man of integrity, youneed to be a man of your word, you need to be a man who every day is working harder tobecome the best him that is looking around to raise and to help lift up others.

That's what I like about Harvey Specter.

He's actually a good character.

Yes, he may come off as arrogant as brashas someone that's egotistical.

Yes, I get that.

But, when it comes down to it, he's actuallya good person who actually has strong feelings and protects and takes care of those aroundthem.

I think that men at the end of the day, weneed more leaders like that.

They're a good person trying to improve, youknow, just the world in general.

[0:10:15]So, guys, hopefully you took some great things from today's video.

If you want more, go check out the supportarticle I'm going to link to it down in the description.

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Let me know which styles and how you wouldmatch them with your Harvey Specter outfit.

Let me know.

I want to hear like what are you going tochange up the tie? You may be going to go for a little bit morefun on the pocket square? Just I want to hear from you guys I love hearingyour different looks and I'll be down there in the comments interacting.

That's it guys.

Take care.

I’ll see in the next video.

[0:10:54] End of Audio.