HAUL: Louis Vuitton, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Lambert, Max Mara, Intimissimi

Hello dears.

It's been a while since I've done a collective haul video with my recent purchases from different brands.

The last time I did one of those videos was in September last year and I've realised that you really liked it.

However, my problem is that I am constantly collecting items, but then I struggle to film a video, so hauls are not regular videos on my channel, I have no idea why it is like that.

And again I regret that I didn't divide all these things because when I saw how many pieces I have to show you today, I realised that this haul would also be really long, the last one was around an hour.

I hope this one is a bit shorter, I will try to talk as fast and as much as I can.

What else did I want to say? Because I think this video will be long, you should sit comfortably, get yourself a cup of tea or coffee or, my dear ladies, you can get a glass of your favourite wine, for example Choya, I know that many of you drink that wine while watching my videos.

So I suggest doing that because this video will be very long.

Because I've never talked about underwear and I recently bought a few pieces, I've decided to tell you about the things I got.

This is also going to be a test because I am assuming that after watching this video, you will tell me if you are interested in this topic, please let me know.

So I got some underwear from two brands- Intimissimi and Calvin Klein and I will start off with showing you what I got from Intimissimi.

The first thing I want to tell you about is this bra.

It's a classic nude bra, it's padded, but it isn't a push-up bra.

I don't like push-up bras, so the caps are not padded, the fabric is quite thin and smooth.

I got it simply because I needed a new one.

I really like bras like this because they are very easy to wear, you can wear them under most tops and I liked this one the best because it's very simple, but the straps are not detachable, which may be a con.

Also, I'm personally not very keen on the bow detail because this is not a bra you should wear on a date or when you want to look chic.

There is a different type of lingerie for that, and I think there are brands that are more suitable for that, for example Agent Provocateur, but maybe I will tell you about that another time.

So I needed a bra like this and I got it, it wears very well because I've already worn it.

I can recommend this model, I've noted down its price, it was 115 PLN.

The next piece I got from Intimissimi, and that wasn't the first time I got it, is some underwear, I got these panties in three basic colours.

When I'm holding them now like this, I can see that they perfectly go with the jumper I'm wearing, that is just a coincidence.

This is a product that I am very familiar with, I have been using and buying these for a few years.

I am not sure who recommended them to me, I suppose one of my friends suggested going to Initmissimi and getting their underwear.

What is so special about these and why do I want to tell you more about them? So, my dear ladies, this is seamless underwear, I don't know if you have used this type of underwear before, but in my opinion, it is absolutely brilliant.

It's a good choice for many occasions and the main feature of this underwear is a smooth fit, and that it's invisible under clothing.

So it looks great under different types of dresses and skirts when you don't want your underwear to be visible.

It's also great for special occasions, when you are going to a wedding or a nightclub, this underwear is perfect for that.

It feels a bit weird when you wear it, I suppose this isn't something that everyone will like because it's so delicate and thin that it feels like a second skin.

I personally like that feeling, but at the beginning I couldn't get used to it.

Now, I buy this underwear regularly and apart that it's a great choice for those occasions I've already mentioned before, it's also fantastic to wear in spring and summer when it's very hot and that's because this is microfiber underwear.

You can also find cotton seamless panties, but the microfiber ones are, in my opinion, just brilliant, they can be worn in summer due to microfiber's moisture-wicking and quick-dry properties.

I use these often at the gym and after the gym and that is what they are absolutely great for.

I have only good things to say about them because I think that they don't have any major faults, the only thing is that they are not the best choice for a romantic dinner date with your partner.

But I also want to say that they are available in different colours, I chose the most versatile ones, and they come in several sizes, mine are in a size S and they are a tight fit, I forgot to mention that.

And there is another important thing – usually they are 30 PLN each, but Intimissimi does a special offer, which seems to be a permanent offer, every time I go to the store to get them, the promotion is on.

And the offer is, I think you should be able to see it on the label – if you buy 3 pair, you will pay.



how much exactly? 74.

90 PLN, so that's less than 90 PLN, which would be the regular price.

I recommend getting these when you need this type of underwear.

And another interesting thing is that these are Brazilian knickers.

For those you you who don't know, Brazilian panties are something between a thong and classic knickers.

They combine the benefits of both of those styles because the back isn't too narrow and they show curves very nicely, this is what they look like from the back.

So I recommend this style because it flatters your bum very nicely.

To sum up, seamless underwear is, in my opinion, essential in every woman's wardrobe.

Please let me know, if you are familiar with this type of underwear and if you use it, if so, let me know what you think about it and what brand you can recommend, I'm very curious.

I also got some Calvin Klein underwear.

Some of you already know that, especially those of you who watch my vlogs regularly because in one of my vlogs I showed you how I was trying it on.

And today I would like to show you the underwear I got and tell you a bit more about it.

So up till now, I haven't had any Calvin Klein underwear and I got it mainly out of curiosity.

What I very often do when I don't know a product, I buy it in order to form my opinion about a particular brand and their product and that's how it was with this underwear.

I was looking for underwear that would be casual for everyday use and that I could sleep in or use it at the gym or after a workout and the underwear I chose is suitable for that.

I was about to say that I got three sets, but that wouldn't be entirely true.

Again, I went for three different colours and that is grey, white and black and these are hipster panties, I will show you.

These also wouldn't be suitable for a date, but they show the curves nicely and you can comfortably sleep in them.

I also got these bras to go with the knickers.

It's actually not a bra, I'm not sure if you know, but this is called a bustier (bralette).

And it's something between a bra and a corset.

It doesn't have padding, it's very thin and of course, it features the signature elastic underband, which says Calvin Klein.

I got this bralette in three colours to match the hipsters – white, black and grey and I also got extra underwear.

So apart from these, I also have thongs, again in three colours – grey, black and white.

I'm not going to show you all of them and I didn't show you all the brallettes I got either and I'm going to tell you why.

Because my darling dog, Aston, ate a pair of underwear, he just chewed it, as well as one bralette.

So I can't show you all the things I got, I will have to replace those things soon because now I don't have complete sets.

But I've worn all of them, I am very happy with them, they are very comfortable to wear and I have nothing negative to say about the quality.

The price of the bralette is 130 PLN, the thong is 80 PLN and the hipster panties are around 100 PLN.

I got all of those pieces in Van Graaf and at that time they had a very limited choice of underwear.

I know that the stock varies depending on where you shop.

I've seen some other interesting models on Zalando and I think I will buy those at some point as well.

I think I will link the items I like the most in the description box below, but of course, I recommend the ones I have and as I've said before, I am very happy with them.

Now, I have a question for you.

Have you had Calvin Klein underwear before? If so, let me know if you are happy with it and if you have any favourite styles.

Please let me know in the comments, I will be happy to read them and maybe I will follow your suggestions on what styles I should get next.

While I was shopping in Van Graaf, I also bought two identical white T-shirts.

They are 100% heavyweight cotton that isn't see through.

It's a short sleeve top, but the sleeves are a bit longer than the traditional ones.

The brand is called Brookshire, I've never heard of this brand or seen it anywhere.

I don't know anything about it.

I believe it may be a brand that is available only in Van Graaf.

And this is a size S, I tried on different white T-shirts available in Van Graaf, but most of them didn't meet my requirements because the T-shirt I was looking for had to be 100% cotton and there weren't many of them at the time I was buying these.

They are a 'regular fit', I hope you can see it in the close-up, and I have to tell you that I've been very happy with them so far, they weren't that expensive, around 50 PLN each.

And you know that I've been preparing for a video about good quality white T-shirts, where to buy them and what features a good T-shirt should have.

And this is a candidate for that video, this T-shirt wears well, but I think that I will do that video on my channel soon.

I will go again to different shops, I will get different T-shirts and I will test them with you.

We just need to find the requirements for the T-shirt we are looking for and determine what the perfect T-shirt is.

I hope we can find that T-shirt together because I know it can be problematic.

A lot of people ask me for advice and if I can recommend a particular brand, so I think I will be testing some T-shirts soon, especially because a few months ago when I was thinking of doing that video, unfortunately there was nothing to choose from in stores.

And now in spring, there are more and more T-shirts in stores.

And there is also my cat, he always comes at the wrong time and now I will have to watch him so nothing bad happens to him, but I can see that he is going to jump off.


So I got those two T-shirts.

And apart from the tops, I also got two shirts from Ralph Lauren, which is, as you know, a brand that I really like.

In my last haul from September 2016, I told you that I was planning to get my first Ralph Lauren shirts and I even showed you photos of them.

And I did what I planned to do.

If you watch my videos regularly, you must have seen these shirts.

I'm talking about these blue and pink shirts made of 100% cotton.

These shirts are great, I can't say a bad word about them, I love them and I wear them very often.

I highly recommend them, you can still buy them, also in white.

I will leave links in the description box below.

But these are not the shirts I wanted to talk about, I want to show you two new shirts that I got.

The first one I'm going to show you.



they are hung on the side, is this denim shirt, which I wore in the video I filmed with Hania, I will leave a link above so you can watch it if you haven't seen it yet.

Why did I get this shirt? First of all, this is a shirt from a brand I like and the second reason is that it's very well made.

And why did I go for a denim shirt? Because I had my favourite denim shirt from Zara, which started snagging some time ago, so I had to get rid of it and find a replacement.

And I found this shirt.

It has these white press studs, so that's a convenient solution.

The shirt looks great on the body, so I can highly recommend it.

I got a size XS, there are obviously different sizes available, the material is 100% cotton and it costs 650 PLN.

And I have another shirt I wanted to show you, I've worn it before and you could already see it, not on my channel though, but in one of Darek's videos.

Hi Darek.

We filmed a video where we prepared desserts together and in that video I was wearing this shirt.

As you can see, it's a checked shirt, this one is white and navy, but it comes in different colours.

I really liked it and although it's not tailored, it still fits very nicely.

It has a button-down collar, for those of you who don't know, this collar is fastened to the shirt with buttons and this type of collar makes shirts look less formal.

The only shirts that are more casual than these are linen shirts, polo shirt, T-shirts, etc.

The shirts I've showed you before, which I honestly love and recommend, also have that type of collar – button-down.

What I haven't mentioned yet is that this is also 100% cotton and this one is cheaper than the previous one and it costs 450 PLN.

While I'm talking about shirts, I have to mention my new purchases from my favourite Polish brand that specialises in shirts and that is Lambert.

The first one I want to show you is this blue shirt with white dots, which, as you can probably guess, is made of 100% cotton.

Just to remind you, Lambert is a more luxurious line of Wolczanka, and this shirt is tailored because that is the fit I usually go for as it is the most flattering and it fits me the best.

That is why I choose tailored shirts.

And I got it in a 34, but Lambert shirts are often available in a 32 as well and I regret that my linen shirts aren't in that size, I suppose it would be better.

This one is in a 34 and it costs 250 PLN.

The next shirt I have to tell you about is hung on the side as well.

That is this white shirt, it's also 100% cotton and it features this distinctive checked pattern.

This shirt has cuffs and a concealed button placket, which is something I really like because it gives the shirts a very elegant look.

It's also in a size 34 and it was 300 PLN.

And I got it because it really reminds me of the shirt I got before, I've showed you this shirt a lot of times, they are very similar, even the pattern is the same as well, but a little bit finer, have a look, this is what they look like.

So I obviously recommend these shirts, I am very happy with them and I think that the fact that I got another very similar one is a strong recommendation.

The third shirt that I would like to show you is this one, again size 34, again made of 100% cotton and it has blue and navy stripes.

I got it because I didn't have any shirt like that and this one is also tailored and it was 300 PLN.

Now, I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who almost massively buys or has bought Lambert shirts after my recommendation.

You post a lot of pictures on Instagram and tag your purchases with my hashtag 'inspiredbyolfaktoria', and the Lambert shirts you buy are often exactly the same as the ones I show you.

And you also post pictures of you wearing them, which is very nice and I would like to say thank you for that one more time, I am extremely glad.

Apart from the classic Lambert shirts, I decided to go for something different that I haven't had before and again, I got it out of curiosity.

And that is this tunic with a white and navy houndstooth check print.

It has a mandarin collar and a few buttons and it can be worn with leggings or on its own, for example on a bikini, I think it will be great for summer.

It has tab sleeves, they are an elbow length, but you can roll them up and as you can see, there is a button, so you can fasten the tab sleeve.

It's made of 100% linenand it's also available in a lighter version.

The size I have is 34 and this tunic costs 350 PLN.

Please let me know if you wear tunics, maybe some of you have a Lambert tunic and have their opinion about it, I would be very curious about it.

When I was in the store buying the Lambert shirts, I spotted some colourful jumpers.

I've never had Lambert jumpers before, so I decided to get two.

There was something about them that caught my attention and I think that was the main reason why I got them – the fabric composition is 60% linen and 40% cotton, I've never had jumpers made of that blend and I really wanted to test them and see if I like them.

I especially liked this one in this intense blue colour, I would call it cornflower blue.

The jumper has ribbed cuffs and hem, split sides and the back is a little bit longer than the front.

And this jumper is very lightweight, thin and airy, it will be great for summer.

The only thing is that the material is a bit see through, so under this jumper you should wear just underwear, for example something similar to my nude bra, which I showed you at the beginning.

If you wear a T-shirt underneath, the end of the sleeve will be visible.

I have already tested it so I could tell you about it.

The same happens with a shirt, so that wouldn't be the best idea either.

But it really is very thin, soft, comfortable to wear, it isn't itchy and surprisingly, I got a size 36, here is a proof.

Why did I go for the 36 and not a smaller one? Because the smaller sizes were too short, they were only up to my belly button and you know, I'm not a teenager anymore, I'm a grown woman and I've my own style, so I wouldn't like going around in a crop top.

So this is the first jumper.

And the second colour I chose is pink.

I don't think anyone will be surprised by that fact, everyone knows I like pink, like every blonde.

So I have two the same jumpers, but in different colours and each of them is 250 PLN.

Now, the only thing I have to do is test these jumpers, see if I'm happy with how they wear and because they are slim fitted, I will also check if they go well with pencil skirts, I am really curious about that.


Because I've been talking so much about my Lambert purchases, now I would like to say a few things about Louis Vuitton.

I have more and more things from that brand.

I mentioned in one of my haul videos and vlogs that I was planning to buy a new bandeau that would be different to the ones I already have.

And I got this one in black with gold elements.

You can see the pattern, and the main difference between this bandeau and my other ones is the width – it is half as narrow as the other ones and the end is different as well- it has diagonal pointed ends.

As all my bandeaus, this one is also 100% silk.

I haven't used it yet, but I think it will go great with different outfits and I think that sooner or later, you will get a chance to see it on me.

Before I forget, it was 535 PLN.

If I forget to mention any prices or any other information, you can find all the additional information in the description below the video.

I always make notes before I start filming a video so I don't forget anything, but because I talk quite a lot, I forget to mention some facts and then I include them in the description box below.

So that was the first bandeau and I have to tell you about the other one, which I didn't buy myself, but got it as a gift.

I could choose the pattern I liked and I got this bandeau from Hania, hi Hania, and this is what it looks like, I did an unboxing of this gift on my Snapchat, if you don't follow me, I encourage you to do so.

As you can see, the main colours are white, black and gold with the Louis Vuitton signatures.

It's similar to the ones I already have in terms of design, shape and length and it's also made of silk and I think I will start using it soon, I'm not sure how, but you will definitely see it.

And as far as I know, it retails for 580 PLN.

And what else did I want to say? I now have a few different bandeaus, so maybe at some point I will do a video about them and tell you how they wear, how I like to use them, if they are worth buying.

Please let me know if you are interested in that video because I think that as someone who uses this distinctive accessory, I will be able to tell you more about it.

But those are not the only Louis Vuitton pieces that I wanted to show you today, because I also got a scarf, it's square and too big to fit in the camera's view, but it doesn't matter.

This is my first Louis Vuitton scarf, I got it not only out of curiosity, I didn't have anything like that, but also to dress up my bag.

I don't think I will wear it with an outfit, however anything may happen, I have different, interesting ideas.

As you can see, it combines different colours – beige, yellow, red and black.

And I think I liked it when I saw it on the display and that's why i bought it, I didn't plan this purchase.

It costs 1160 PLN, all these items that I'm showing you are still available both in the store and online.

And the last Louis Vuitton thing that I have to tell you about today is something that you could already see on my social media and in my vlogs.

Actually, you could already see some of the items that I'm showing you today on me because I've worn some of them before doing this video.

And one of those things are these sunglasses, I'm going to put them on, and when I was doing a live video on Instagram, I encourage you to follow me on Instagram if you don't follow me already, you definitely should.

I got these sunglasses simply because I liked them, I had a pair of Louis Vuitton sunglasses before, if you don't know what they look like, I encourage you to watch my Louis Vuitton haul, it will be displayed above and you can see those sunglasses in that video.

This time, I decided to go for a classic style and the frame and lenses are in different shades of brown.

The lenses are gradient, the top part is darkest fading to a lighter shade at the bottom, the temples feature gold elements and the Louis Vuitton signature.

I really like them and often wear them, they are flattering and they also come in a different colour, so if you are looking for good quality sunglasses, I can recommend these.

And their price is 1370 PLN.

And now there is one more thing that I got which I didn't plan to purchase, but I did have that idea at the back of my mind, and it's a Louis Vuitton bag.

And that bag is the Neverfull in the summer version, Damier Azur, with the pink interior, this is what it looks like and it has a pouch inside as well.

And what is the story behind this handbag? I decided not to do a separate unboxing video.

So I was meeting Honorata for lunch.

Hi Honorata.

As always, I got up in the morning, chose my outfit in white and grey and I needed a big handbag and I had, and of course still have, my Neverfull in the Damier Ebene canvas, but it didn't go with my outfit at all.

So I went out for lunch with Honorata and we were sitting there and I said: “that bag just doesn't go with my outfit, maybe I should buy the same bag in the summer version”.

People usually say that the darker one is better for autumn and winter and the lighter one is better for summer.

I've written a blog post about the Neverfull and an unboxing video, if you haven't seen that video yet you can click the link above to watch the video and the post will be linked in the description below.

I will also do a review on the Neverfull soon because I am happy with that bag, and that is also partly why I got it in the other version.

There is the cat in the background again.

The handbag retails for 4600 PLN and it's in the biggest size – GM, I'm quite tall, so that was the only option for me, the smaller one didn't look good on me.

This one was 300 PLN more expensive than the one I got before because the price went up, Louis Vuitton bags go up in prices regularly.

And this bag is available in two versions, you can choose the colour of the interior, one option is the pink, like this one, and there's also beige, which I didn't like, so I got the pink one.

And I decided not to do a separate unboxing video because I've already done a Neverfull unboxing.

But if you want to see me straight after I got this bag and how I unpacked it from the box in the boot of Honorata's car, I encourage you to watch Honorata's vlog on her channel, in that video you can see how that happened and of course, a link will be displayed above.

I encourage you to subscribe to her channel because she is starting doing YouTube videos regularly on her channel, so I highly recommend it, I support her and I would like to say thank you to Honorata for driving me to the Louis Vuitton store and helping me with this purchase because I probably wouldn't have made it on my own.

Another thing I wanted to tell you is that because my decision to get that bag was spontaneous, I didn't get the bag personalised, so I don't have my initials, DG, on it but I think this is going to change soon.

When I have more time, I will go to the boutique and I will have the hot stamping done.

I would like to remind you that you can have your bags and different Louis Vuitton accessories personalised in the store.

I've done a video and a blog post about it, if you want to know a bit more about it, I, of course, recommend checking out my blog.

And now, what I have to do is tell you about the last item that I recently got and that is the jumper I'm wearing in today's video.

This is a 100% cashmere jumper from Max Mara and as you know, I really like that brand.

I got one of their jumpers before, this one is made of wool and it's in this grey colour.

I was also wearing it in one of my vlogs.

I love this jumper and I really like Max Mara, so I knew I would get another item and I chose this one.

As you can see, it has stripes in black, brown and white, I love it and I think it's absolutely amazing, I have it in a size S.

It fits perfectly, I think I look great in it and I highly recommend it to you.

I think I've chosen the best way to show you this jumper, you can see it properly in this video.

I recommend you this item, it's from the latest collection.

And all the things I've showed you today are still available on sale, so if you would like to buy something, you can use my suggestions and get some inspirations.

I would really like it if you tagged me on Instagram with the hashtag 'inspiredbyolfaktoria' and I almost forgot, the price of the jumper is 1565 PLN.

It's cashmere, but very thin and totally different to the two other cashmere jumpers I have in my wardrobe.

And I can clearly see that there is a huge difference in the types of cashmere my jumpers are made of.

This one is very thin, but very warm and the difference in quality is noticeable.

The prices are also different because my two other jumpers, grey and red, were around 500 PLNand this one 1500 PLN, so this one is three times more expensive and it's much thinner, but I honestly can't say a bad word about this jumper.

So once again, I highly recommend it.

In the meantime – we've gone through everything or actually not because my initial plan was to tell you about a few more things from Hugo Boss which I recently got, but I've decided that this video would be too long and I don't want to tire you out, so I will do a separate haul with my Hugo Boss purchases.

It will be available on my channel soon, so that was everything for today, but you can expect another video, but next time it will be just my Hugo Boss purchases.

I would like to say a huge thank you for taking the time to watch this video.

I hope you liked something, if so, please let me know in the comments what you liked the most and what you would like to have.

I'm also interested in what you have recently got and could recommend to me.

I would like to remind you that in the description box below, you can find a very detailed list of all the things I have mentioned today, including the brand names, sizes, prices, links to the stores and links to similar items.

I spent a lot of time on making that description, so use it and enjoy the fact that you don't have to search for those things by yourselves.

Of course, in the descriprion there are also links to my social media accounts, I heartily recommend checking out my Instagram, I will be doing a live video soon because I've realised that you like it when I'm talking to you live.

I also encourage you to follow me on Snapchat and subscribe to my channel.

If you liked what I've showed you today, give this video a thumbs up.

See you in my next video.