How to Pair Shirts & Ties with Blue Suits – Smart Menswear Combinations

Welcome back to the Gentleman's Gazette!Today, we're going to be talking about different shirt and tie combinations youcan wear with a blue suit.

Now, if you happen to already be a suit wearer, you mayalready be aware of how popular a choice blue is when it comes to men's suiting.

As you're shopping, you might notice that in suiting departments, there's always alot of blue options.

This is because it's considered a staple within menswear.

Now, there's a reason for the popularity of this color; blue is neutral.

There are many options to be able to create different outfits at differentpoints and times throughout the year.

Also, for more information on how to beable to best wear neutrals, check out this wonderful video over here fromGentleman's Gazette! Now, you could always opt to wear a blue suit, as I'm doing now, with a crisp white dress shirt or you could opt to wear the suit jacket with apair of contrasting trousers and no tie.

One area some gentlemen struggle with isselecting the right tie and shirt to wear with their blue suit.

Now, you mightbe thinking since the blue suit is neutral, could simply wear anyshirt or tie with this? The answer is no.

Unfortunately, not all shirt and tiecombinations are created equal.

Throughout the color blue, in terms ofsuiting, there's a lot of different shades being made available.

Now, let's goover some great options for what you could wear for shirt and tiecombinations with your blue suit.

The navy suit option is a very classicchoice, often used for people who are going to work, to church, or for justday-to-day functions.

This looks best with a variety of shirt colors so wehave the crisp white shirt, you could do a pastel blue or even a pastel pink withthis.

The midnight navy shade of blue is very deep, very rich, it's often mistakenfor black.

I find that this looks quite best with a crisp white dress shirt, mostof all.

The midnight navy color is also something that is traditionally seen inevening wear.

Now, we go over this a little bit more in our black tie guideon the Gentleman's Gazette.

The medium blue shade is a little bit moreunderstated.

This can certainly be dressed up like many of the others thatwere mentioned with a crisp white dress shirt.

You couldalso do a deep navy dress shirt, this will give it a little bit more of acasual look but also help elevate the overall outfit.

Also, with this suit color, you could always have to go back to the traditional white dress shirt and thenmaybe incorporate a nice rich purple tie.

This is going to add a little bit oflife to your overall outfit and draw some attention so when you're speakingto someone, it just looks a little bit more lively since that medium blue mightbe a little bit understated.

Also, with this suit color, you could always opt tokeep the same white dress shirt and maybe opt for a solid black tie, as well.

Also, consider wearing some of these different color options that we've givenyou for ties as a bow tie.

With the different suit colors you might beconsidering wearing now.

I've worked with some gentlemen in the past thatsometimes would prefer to wear a full navy suit and a light blue dress shirtand then incorporate a navy solid tie, they consider this to look a little bitmore clean and a little bit more refined.

Although the navy tie offers a nicecontrast to the white or light blue dress shirt you might be choosing towear, this is actually not the best choice.

The reason is this will usuallyalways clash with the navy of the suit.

To best counteract this, always choose atie that offers some contrast to the overall navy suit.

You can try a lightpink or even something in yellow or green.

Lighter or pastel colors wouldoffer you the opportunity to both have contrast with the suit but not clashwith the overall outfit.

Now, let's talk about textures.

The year-round woolmaterial found in many suits serves as a great foundation to use when mixing indifferent textures of shirts and ties.

In fall and winter, try wearing a woolbased tie against your navy suit.

These are cooler ones to begin with andthe tie itself being made of wool helps suggest some warmth.

You could certainlychoose warm colors like burgundy or mustard or even cooler tones likesomething in an emerald green.

These will all look quite smart in the spring andsummer.

Try wearing silk based ties or even ties made from cotton or linen withyour blue suits.

Keeping the color palette colorful yet pastel will beseasonally appropriate, especially in the spring.

Now, let's talkabout some shirt color options.

Now, if you were to ask any man today what shirthe would pick to wear with a blue suit, most likely he would say white or even alight or pastel blue.

Now, he wouldn't be wrong.

These are very popular choices, however, these two colors have remained the dominating force of what ispurchased for many men who choose to wear a blue suit.

Other options you couldchoose to wear with your blue suit to give a little more life to your closet, pink, even a light or pastel pink, ecru which looks more like a cream or kind ofa light pastel yellow, or even a light gray.

There are also many different shirtpattern options made available.

This helps give a little more visual interestto your outfit.

Some of these choices include a herringbone, a stripe, or even aGlenn plaid.

There are also many different pattern options made available in men'ssuiting.

It's important to remember that when choosing to wear different patternsthat you change the scale.

What does this mean? This just means that when you arechoosing to wear something with a pattern that the next item in the outfit, say your shirt or your tie, is something of a larger or smaller size scale.

Forexample, you can even look at my outfit today.

I'm wearing a very small patternedsuit, a solid shirt, and then a tie that has some wider stripes inside of it.

Thishelps give a little bit more visual interest, it helps make sure that theperson viewing me does not think that I am wearing wallpaper, there's somedimension to my outfit.

Small patterns like this are great when you want toremain understated but it still allows your outfit to have a little bit ofvisual interest.

As a matter of fact, when it comes to houndstooth, we've alreadygot a really great video that helps educate you on how you can best wearthat pattern check it out here.

Medium sized patterns like a shark skin or aGlen plaid offer a nice way to remain noticeable but still subtle.

Largepatterns like a large windowpane or white chalk stripe can sometimes be seenas much more whimsical and very eye-catching.

Moving on down the outfit, we move on to footwear.

Footwear options are fantastic with blue suits.

Becauseblue is neutral, as we've discussed before, you always have the option ofwearing a variety of shades of brown or a classic black dress shoe.

When wearinga navy or even in deep midnight navy, one great option is the black cap toe dressshoe.

Chocolate, chestnut, or medium brown color shoes would look great with aclassic navy or even a medium blue suit.

These color options will make your lifemuch easier when shopping or planning your next outfit when it involves a bluesuit.

What is your favorite shade of blue suit that you might already own in yourcloset? Please let us know in the comments section below and also let us know howthe tips that we provided today may have helped you plan your next outfit.

todayI'm wearing a blue birds eye suit from Indochino.

it has a blue base with alittle bit of a black weave throughout it the white dress shirt and silver andblue tie I am wearing are both from Hugo Boss I also have on a pebble leatherchocolate brown dress shoe from Assen Greyy I'm pairing my blue suit withpurple and medium blue striped socks they look great with my brown shoes andthey really complement the blue suit and my solid Brown belt with gold buckle arefrom Anson the colorful pocket square I am wearing is from Fort Belvedere theunique color combination offers a lot of life to my otherwise very neutral outfitand you can find that in our shop here.