hey guys it's Cassie so today's video isgoing to be one that I was actually wondering whether or not I should do butthe situation is really annoying to me and affected me that I thought you know whatI just have to come and talk about it disclaimer this video I

was going totalk about race if you don't want to hear about that and all of this and youwant to just go about your life come back to the next video still subscribebut come back to the next video so a little bit of background I if you areunaware I'm

a quarter black I'm a quarter Ghanaian my mum is half GhanaianI grew up in Nigeria and I am obsessed with luxury fashion which you probablyknow by now so this particular topic really really riled me up and gotinside my veins as we know Virgil Abloh was appointed artistic director

ofLouis Vuitton men's last year here's the first black designer to be appointed tosuch a high position within the LVMH group which is the group that ownsLouis Vuitton they also own Dior another like I think Givenchy and other likehuge well-known luxury fashion houses Virgil we know came from off-white

it'sa streetwear brand a lot of his background is streetwear it showsLouis Vuitton's embrace of street wear that Streetwear is to be taken seriouslyLouis Vuitton recently revealed Virgil's new sneakers for the brand andthey are basketball sneakers and people are going off in the comments about howthis is ruining Louis

Vuitton its unsophisticated Oh Louis Vuitton mens has nowlost their way Virgil is ruining all of this crap so now there's a black guykilling the game in Louis Vuitton coming out with Louis Vuitton basketballsneakers it's ruining it's ruining the brand even though high-top sneakers camefrom basketball sneakers the whole

premise of having ana sneaker for ankle support came from basketball right but oh this haspreviously been been watered down you know for for for the masses okay butbasketball sneakers now now we're getting to black now it's too blackthere's a difference between not liking a collection in its designs

because youjust don't like it or it's not your style and then there's a differencebetween using the words ghetto unsophisticatedand things like this this is when for me it becomes a race issue you wouldn't usethe word ghetto if Virgil wasn't black Steetwear previously has beenassociated with black people with

people of color as of late it's become moremainstream we've stuck a label of athleisure on it and all of a suddenpeople want to wear joggers out oh yeah let's wear our joggers let's wear azip-up hoodie let's wear high tops right it's been embraced by more and moreby brands

mainly executed by a team of white people so why else would streetwear make it finally making its mark in a huge way in luxury fashion why isthis now a problem if it's not because he's black and for those people who wantto complain and take the stance that it's

not classic it's not elegant youknow it's not the Louis Vuitton that we know right firstly you can take yourcomplaints elsewhere because there are so many other luxury fashion brands thatI'm sure will be able to cater for whatever needs you're trying to satisfythere okay but if you if you

want to go on about how not Louis Vuitton it wasthe super successful Louis Vuitton supreme collaboration was done while KimJones a white guy Louis Vuitton was already on this journey into streetwearwhen Virgil's first collection launched this is the collection that's currentlyout this is his spring/summer 19 Louis Vuitton

collection when it launched atits pop up in Tokyo within two days it had outsold the Louis Vuitton supremecollaboration by thirty percent this is the impact of street wear onhigh-fashion okay it's not going anywhereVirgil is making Bank for Louis Vuitton and I don't know what it is about peoplebeing

like it's so ghetto it's so unsophisticated why are you worriedabout are you worried that the next time you go to Louis Vuitton there's going tobe Oh shock horror a black guy that has money next to you trying on the newbasketball trainers while you sit there in your old

as stuffy ass Louis Vuittonsodding loafers is that what you're worried aboutare you worried that the next time you go to Louis Vuitton there's gonna beblack people spending money it's that it's that what worries you this is justmy opinion on the whole matter and it was the use of

words like ghetto thatreally got to me and made me more like and made me realize that yeah let's behonest here this is a race issue so either you jump on this streetweartrend because it's not going anywhere honey Oh keep complaining from thesidelines if you are looking for something

white that doesn't really movewith the times that don't learn from their mistakes then you may want to goto D&G across the road I'm sure that they would love to help you but Louis Vuitton we're on a different level now okay and if you're not with itjump off you

know what sound off in the comments like this video if you liked itand all the usual stuff subscribe if you haven't already and this video has in noway put you off and I will see you in my next video which will be more upbeat andmore of my my

usual stuff and my usual level of energy because I had you know Ihave to be that to be serious you know bye guys