Is This The Coolest Summer Suit EVER? | How To Wear A Solaro Suit | Summer Suit Outfit Ideas

– Of all the different types of suits that are appropriate for summer, a Solaro suit is one of the most unique.

To put it another way, if you are a student of men's style then a Solaro suit is likegraduate level menswear.

You've kind of got to bea bit of a menswear nerd to love, understand, and honestly get it.

But it's such a singularpiece of menswear that if you do consider yourself apart of the men's style tribe, you really need to get to know.

Which is what we're gonna do right now.

But if you don't want thislittle pre-outfit primer and history lesson on the Solaro fabric, if you want to just skipahead and get to the outfits, you can go ahead and do that.

It's really easy with the chaptertitles we have down below.

For those of you whohave stuck around though, Solaro has a very interesting story.

It was designed in the early 20th century and is often referred to as one of the first technical fabrics in that it was developedfor a specific purpose, which was to protect British soldiers from the harmful effects ofUV rays in tropical climates.

Though it turns out thata lot of the science behind its inception reallydoesn't bear out today.

Now, although it might not dowhat it was intended to do, that doesn't change the fact that it is still a very interesting fabric.

It is characterized bya really, really cool kind of iridescent effect created by the brick red yarn on the underside woven into the other yarn, which is typically brownish, but can also be found in greens and blues.

Interestingly, though we use Solaro as kind of a catch-all term, that name is actuallypatented and that fabric is produced by Smith Woollens, which is now Harrison's.

What that means is thatcurrently no other manufacturer can use the name Solaro for their fabric.

Though, there are certainlymany other producers that make a fabric withthe same characteristics.

Just a little tidbit of knowledge should you find yourselfdiscussing the finer points of this fabric at any point in your life.

That's a quick look at the fabric.

Now let me show you five waysthat you can style this suit.

Despite its iridescent quality, and the fact that itreally kinda changes color depending on how the light hits it, when you are consideringhow to style a Solaro suit it's best to think of it asjust a simple brown suit.

Let's actually talk alittle bit about the suit before we get into thisparticular styling here.

So it is from our collectionwith Michael Andrews.

This fabric is not the SmithWoollens Harrisons Solaro, so technically not a Solaro suit.

Our fabric here is from Standeven.

Put the fabrics next to each other, you cannot tell a difference, which is why I'm still goingto call this a Solaro suit.

Price though, there's a big difference.

It's about half theprice of the true Solaro.

Styling details, verysimple, very classic.

Two button, notched lapel, flat pockets.

Though, if you would like to emulate a famous Solaro suitwearer, Gianni Agnelli, be sure to choose jetted pockets.

The jacket is half linedand has a double vent.

The pants have belt loops, pleats, and a two inch cuff.

First look here is just very simple and monolithic, white poplin shirt paired with a browngrenadine tie, sunglasses, simple white pocket square, and finished off with somebraided leather tassel loafers.

Now of the five looks you'llsee in this video, this one, as well as look number four, I'm gonna give the superlative to of most likely to spot at Pitti.

I think we owe a lot of the current, more widespread knowledge of this fabric thanks to the many stylishgentlemen spotted wearing it by the photographerspatrolling Pitti Uomo.

Makes sense, it's a seriousmenswear trade show, which attracts serious menswear dudes.

What I wanna point outmost about this look is just how natural a Panamahat looks with a Solaro suit.

A classic summer suit anda classic summer accessory that just go together.

Underneath the story is the stripe.

Combining two different stripes here.

We have a kind of classicstripe in the shirt paired with the bigbold stripe in the tie.

Pocket square fold witha little more flair.

You might have noticed the watch, I'm wearing the same watchin all of these looks, it's my JLC Reverso.

And once again, I'm anchoring this look with some braided leather tassel loafers.

Any way you wanna look at it a Solaro suit is a standout piece.

It's singular, it's unique, it makes a statement, and it's a conversation starter.

With any kind of statement piece the best and easiest way to style it, and I say this all the time, is to let it be the star, which means to keep therest of the outfit simple.

One more time, statement piece equals rest of the outfit simple.

Remember that.

Nothing more simple than the combination we've got going on under the jacket here.

It's an ice blue Oxford cloth shirt, which is paired with a navy silk knit tie, squared off bottom more casual feel, perfect compliment tothis particular suit.

Now, just to bring in a bit of contrast and a little flamboyance, which again really matches this fabric, we've got kind of a louder pocket square.

Aviator sunglasses this time with a cool Brown gradient lens.

And chic suede loafers to finish it off.

Another kind of Pitti-ish look here, though I might also add, rather simple.

Of course, what kinda takes me to that Pitti vibe is the Panama hat.

You've seen it previouslyin this video already, and in other videos as well.

If you're wondering, itis made by Homero Ortega.

Ice blue shirt pairedwith a green striped tie.

I think this shade of green really works well with this suit, and kind of interestinglyalso with the blue, which is mentally a littlesurprising, I have to admit.

Pocket square again isa very subtle contrast, it's a very light tan withjust a little bit of green peeking out to bring inthe color of the tie.

And then I've got on my horse bit loafers.

Personally I like to wear a Solaro suit with a tie as you've seen, but like most other suits, you can also wear it without a tie.

That's what we're doing here.

Really bringing out thecasualness of this styling, I chose a light blue denim shirt.

You'll also notice, inkeeping it more casual, I've rolled up the shirt sleevesover the jacket slightly.

You may recall I didthis in a previous video, great styling hack if yourshirt sleeves are too long and you've neglectedto get them shortened, which I have to admit is the case here.

We're doing anothercontrasting pocket square here, Oliver Peoples Banks sunglasses.

And once again, the suede loafers, which are the Sagan modelby Baudoin and Lange.

Solaro is just one of the many fabrics that are perfect for a summer suit.

And you can check outmore of those fabrics, as well as more summer suit outfits, with the playlist I created, which is right over there.

Click that and let me show you how you can wear a suit when it's hot outside.

It's possible, trust me.

I'll see you over therefor some more outfits.

And be sure to always stay tailored.