LOUIS VUITTON 6 Ring Key Holder vs Key Pouch| Review, Pros and Cons

hi guys welcome back to my channel todayI'm going to be sharing with you guys my Louis Vuitton Key Pouch and 6 Ring Key holder.

I'm going to show you the difference between both and I'm also going to bereviewing both as I'm discussing both of them with you I do have a more in-depthvideo on my Louis Vuitton key pouch I will have it linked right here firstwe're gonna start with my 6 ring key holder I do have this in the monogramcanvas as you can see and I will tell you that this thing has been through somuch with me I am obsessed with it or I was obsessed with it I will show youthat I have really put some mileage on this thing right here so this is how itlooks it does have this little gold button right here you open it up and youhave the six rings here where you can put your house key you can put your carkey you can put little small cards right in here and what you do is either justput it in in the hook right here or you have to squeeze this and kind of pushthis out this way which allows you the ability to remove the hook and place wecheck our item you want to and put it right back in slide it and voilait's in there nice and secure another thing that I like about this is that itjust doesn't hold your keys or whatever it is that you're gonna put right herebut you can actually fit a couple of cards maybe two or three your licenseand maybe two other cars that you use more often you can just stick them inhere and a couple bills I wouldn't put too much in here because then it makesit difficult to actually close it those are the pros in this card holder asopposed to my key pouch which I will be sharing with you I wanted to show you I usethis thing for a good year straight and I'm not sure if you can see it but Ireally put this thing to work so the canvas is kindyou know separating so I wanted to give it a break I do plan on bringing it intothe store to see if they can do something about this canvas if not Iwill buy another one because I do use this thing quite often I do have one conand yes that's just one con with this and I will show you what it is right nowif you decide that you're gonna put any cards in here just like that you stickit right in here I have my license and two cards in here and you go to close itit really doesn't close however it's it's very thick and I thinkthat's where I ended up damaging these areas right here it was definitely toomuch I wish that it could hold way more than just you know three thin cards andthree keys on here for something that's supposed to be a six ring key holderthat is honestly the only con that I have however to replace that I do havethe key pouch with this key pouch I can fit so much I have the little key ringright here which I can just slide my keys right on and then this one in theinside it just holds way more than the six ring key holder held as you can seealso because you can zip it open and shutit's much more secure than just clipping the six ring key holder that I discussedhowever like with everything there is a con to having this key pouch yes it'sgreat that it holds so much but the con to having your keys just dangle likethis and not in the six key holder that when you clip it you can have all yourkeys inside here having your keys like this and then putting it in your bag ifit's a really nice bag and you don't want to damage the interior this willdefinitely end up scratching everything up inside of your bag it has happened tome and at that moment I really did wish that I had this six ring key holder Ihope this video was helpful to you if you liked it please give it a thumbsup please don't forget to right down below until next time.