hi guys and welcome back to my channeltoday I'm going to be doing a double louis vuitton unboxing I do know what Ipurchased I however have not opened these items I purchased them onlinethey're still currently in the shipping box here they are I have them turned thisway so that

my address is not showing I made a Louis Vuitton luxury wishlist andthese two items that I picked up were not on my wish list at all I just saw it andpretty much fell in love with it if you're new to my channel welcome my nameis Carla I share

ideas on Fashion Beauty and just Lifestyle stuff in general ifyou're interested in these types of videos please subscribe down below okayhere's the box I'm just so excited to see what's in this box if you've seen myunboxing of my Pochette Metis you all know that I kind of have

a little bit ofnot anxiety but I'm just interested to see what comes in this box and hopefullyit's not damaged this is how the Box looks I'm gonna proceed to open this boxas well these are the boxes here it's one of theitems and then the receipt and then what's

this this is just talking aboutthe new Louis Vuitton jewelry collection another one another flyer and then justa receipt I'm just so excited okay so we're gonna start with the smaller itemoh my goodness let's just see what this it came wrapped and here is what I got this nice

bandeau I saw this and I just love the prints Ijust I really really love this thing and it actually feels really good I love howit has the monogram print all over it it says Louis Vuitton here it has the keycharm what's this oh this is just the the

barcode right here I plan on usingthis in so many ways I'm gonna put it probably on my Alma BB which is rightthere and I actually picked it up for the next item that I'm going to be showingyou for this bandeau I paid these are just thank-you card, shipping

label, andthen just the receipt which doesn't have the price on it the monogramconfidential bandeau costs $180 and I'm on thewebsite right now and if you're looking for it it's available because it givesme the option to place it in the cart but yeah I'm really excited about howthis looks

and how it feels and now I'm gonna just place this back in here andwe're going to unbox the second item and just like the bandeau that I justunboxed this comes with a little envelope and I'm sure like in the other one it'sjust yeah just a thank-you card,

my exchange in return paper my receiptwhich I'm sure does not have the either nope doesn't have the price injust a return label here's the second item and we're just gonna unbox this oneI'm going to take that off open this up oh my god I'm so excitedand here is

what I got oh my god oh my goodness so here is what I picked uphopefully you can see it it's stunning and it has a weight to it which isn'teven a bag but I'm gonna use it as a bag you clip it here and opens right up howstunning

is this I'm like assessing it right now it says um Louis VuittonParis I'm not sure if you can see it it saysLouis Vuitton Paris Made in Italy on the bottom and I love this as I mentioned Ipicked up the bandeau for this item I plan on placing it

right here andmaking it like a like a strap for the bag better yet let's see let's see if Ican put it on and show you here's the bandeau again *music* here it is I just threw this on reallyquick I'll probably mess with the top a little bit and

kind of just having theLouis Vuitton on the bandeau a little just so that it sits more in the frontbut here's how it is and I just love love love this thing I'm so excited withmy purchases this bag cost $1040 like I said it'sactually not a bag it's more

of like decor and it isavailable because it's giving me the option to place it in the cart so if youwant it go and get it let me know what you think down below if you enjoyed thisunboxing give it a thumbs up don't forget to subscribe until next time