LOUIS VUITTON I Pochette Métis Monogram Empreinte I Unboxing + Mod shots I Try on Burberry coat

Hi guys my name is Pia and welcome backto my channel So I'm very excited about this videotoday because a few days ago I have just returned from Europe where I got myhands on the new LV collection thanks to my amazing friend and sales associateKatrina.

Katrina thanks again for an amazing experience.

It's always very nice to shop with you.

So this will be my first unboxing videoare you ready to dive in I am super very ready I'm actually very excited aboutthis unboxing because it's my first and empreinte leather item.

Here is the receiptand the receipt comes in an envelope on the paper there is watermark which is usually a very easy tell tell sign if you are buying a pre-loved item, if you got the original receipt or not.

The bag comes with adust bag from 100% cotton made in India.

And let's seewhat's inside.

I got a very popular model of the bagyou can see already it's Pochette Metis in the new color of the season.

Iscalled Scarlet and it's such a beautiful red with a gold detailing.

Come alittle closer and I will show you more Pochette Metis is a very popular bag.

Ididn't want to get it in monogram because I think the leather one is morechic.

The details of this bag are 25 centimeters in length 19 centimeters inheight and 7 centimeters in depth.

It has gold hardware with LV here andLouis Vuitton Paris here it also says Louis Vuitton on the handle on top.

And Louis Vuitton Paris here on the zipper.

It has a very small compartment over here.

And the inside of the bag looks like this.

It's very difficult toopen for some reason and I don't know why because if we take look Glam Lock bagfor the reference it's very easy to open and the opening system is pretty muchthe same so the inside of the bag looks like this it has three additionalcompartments so altogether four compartments and the inside of the backlooks exactly the same as Damier Ebene it has this like red cotton herewe have a leather strap it's also Louis Vuitton Paris made in France with the gold lettersin the middle compartment and the last compartment holds the booklet now if youare a regular with a Louis Vuitton you already figure out then when you are buying canvas bags you usually only get a paper that says what the bagis made of and if you get a leather bags then you would get bookletswhich will tell you how to keep the leathergood condition so let's see how much it holds first of all for the referencebecause I think that the size is very similar I will take the pochette fromNeverfull as you can see it's basically the same length it fits in themiddle compartment but I will not recommend you stopping inside because itbarely fit I see this middle compartment doesn't stretch a lot which I hope youwill because I also hope it will take my MacBook.

I doesn't fit.

Too bad I cannot use it as a school baglet's see the Louis wallet I don't usually use the Louis wallet so much here inChina because we use the QR code for paying and I don't have so much choiceyes it fits it fits nicely in the middle compartment overall I think it has a lotof space so you can stuff quite a lot of stuffinside just not the computer it's a very nice crossbody bag the only thing I haveproblem with is opening and closing so it's of course my first Metis bag ifyou have any comment on that how to solve this problem please let meknow in the comments below so this are the detachable strap and thestrap also stars leave it on here this strap is also adjustable it has sevenholes so you can now see let's see how it looks on.

I want to try the Pochette Metiswith my new Burberry London coat which is made from 22% of cashmere I really like the cashmere blend of thecode because it makes you really warm in the winter and the winters here areextremely cold so you don't really have to wear all lot of stuff underneath andI was really looking for the perfect brown coat for this season as the redbags are so in I think that brown with red goes extremely well so this is howit looks in hand and you can also wear it crossbody which is my favorite typeof bearing and from I actually like it on the fourth hole I think it wears thebest because I like my bag to wear on a hip so the third wayof wearing it is on one shoulder and it looks like this the bag itself isreally light so it's not heavy bag like Capucines so I really hope youenjoyed my video if you did please give it a big thumbs up comment down belowand subscribe.

Bye bye guys!.