Louis Vuitton Kusama Unboxing and Return! | The RealReal

(upbeat music) – Hello and welcome, you are here with me fora very special unboxing.

This is a Louis Vuitton unboxing, and I got this piece from the RealReal.

It is a true unboxing, Ijust received the package and I have not opened it yet.

I wasn't specificallylooking for this piece, but I have been looking to add to my collection in this area.

You'll see what I mean, you might have alreadyseen from the title, but you're about to see what I mean.

And it was Autumn Beckman who texted me the minute she saw this piece, and I ordered it.

Here it is, here's the box! Covering up my addressthere, I just received this, literally just receivedit from the RealReal.

The box is a little bit beatup, but I'm not worried, it doesn't look like anythingwas really opened or punctured or anything like that.

I don't have a knife here with me, I'm not going to need one, this will be a little bit loud.

(loud cracking) Okay, here it is, it hasthis bubble wrap here.

Here's the card on the inside, this has my receipt in it.

On the back it says, “Take your pleasureseriously, Charles Eames.

” Here I am in thismid-century modern house.

I have Charles Eames furniture, I wasn't expecting a CharlesEames quote from the RealReal, but there you go.

Yep, it's just talking aboutthe guaranteed authenticity and my receipt is in here.

You can actually see whatthis is through the slipcover.

It is Kusama, this is in yellow and it is a Louis VuittonKusama makeup case.

This is the first time I'm seeing it, so I wanna take a good look at it.

It's supposed to be in verygood to excellent condition.

the RealReal is not generally the best about their photographs.

They don't tend to havethe best photographs.

This is returnable, so I can return it if there's any problem with it at all.

I'm not an expert authenticator, there's something that's feelinga little weird about these, they just feel a little different, but that may mean nothing at all.

I will have somebody look at it, but let me go ahead, I'll give you a 360: this is the front, becausethe LVs are right set up, it's hard to see it with the Kusama on it, with the pattern, this pumpkin pattern.

There's the side, theback, the other side, the top and the bottom.

Let's just zip this, unzipit, here is the interior.

One of the things thatI did like about this is this yellow interior.

It does come with a LouisVuitton dust cover, that's nice.

That's the right age.

This says it's a final saleand it's not returnable, but that is not what the description said, the description saidthat this is returnable.

I like that yellow interior.

Louis Vuitton Paris made inSpain, that all looks good.

Now, you may know thatI have a Kusama bag.

I want to see how these look together, and my Kusama bag is theSpeedy and it is white, so here's the white and here's the yellow, and I just wanted to seetoo if I like them together.

What do you think? Normally, I'm not somebodyto have a lot of SLGs, and this is not one of my favorite pieces, generally speaking.

I do like it, it's just that a lot of times I like the Mini Pochette, because it fits into things better.

I did make sure I haveanother one of these in Epi, and I did make sure that itgoes in here well, and it does, even with my Samorga insert.

Let me show you that.

Here's the inside with my Samorga insert, and it definitely fits here, you know, in this big area.

What I wanted to know was how will it fit in oneof these center things.

And it does fit well inthere, let me show you that.

That's where I wouldgenerally place it, I think.

If I didn't wanna put it on its side, I could put it bottom down, you know, right side up in therein the bigger pocket.

I know these Kusama patternsare a love-hate thing.

I happen to love them.

If you don't, I understand.

Part of the reason I love them is that I love Kusama herself.

Kusama and Marc Jacobscollaborated on this.

I have another video thatI'll put up here about this, and I talk about Kusama and why I feel such a connection with her.

Not only are they different colors, but they're sort of reversed, you know, this is the pumpkin, where the circles are negative space, and this the dots are positive space.

So what do you think? I know, it's a little out there, Kusama is a little out there.

That is part of the deal, and part of why I love her.

So there's a little bit ofpsychedelic going on here.

I think I love it, I was trying to decide, if I wanted to hold out for the white or if it would actually bebetter to get another color.

The white is my favorite and the yellow is my second-favorite.

She also did these inred, blue, and green.

They're all nice, it's just that I think the white and the yellow work the best with the brown Louis Vuitton canvas print.

They are definitely a statement.

I have to say, I do wantto get this authenticated, I just haven't handledenough of these to know there's something, it feelsa little bit light somehow.

But I could be way, way off.

I'm going to phone a friend, Bobster92, has had this exact sameitem, so he knows it well, and I'm going to phone him and ask him some questions about it.

It's feeling a littleoff to me, I have to say, and that doesn't necessarilymean anything but it is weird.

I'm not seeing anythingwith the date code at all.

I am going to phone Bobbyand see what he says.

(record scratching) I'm breaking in here with an update on the Kusama cosmetic case.

When I unboxed it, I wasn'tsure if it was real, I just, there were some things about it, that I didn't quite understand.

I wanna to let you knowthat I have the opportunity to meet with Bobster92 in person, and he looked very closelyat the cosmetic case.

We do think that it is authentic.

The tabs and everythingabout it was right.

He'd had the case before and he had some very specificphotographs of the case, that he had, and everything was right.

The only problem was, neither of us could find the date code, oddly, that is actually something that may show that it is authentic.

We were looking it up online and even people who had purchased the cosmetic case back then, had trouble finding the date code.

It was hard to find, and because it was justembossed into leather, that expanded and a lot of thedate codes have disappeared.

So that actually is right, however I returned it because I didn't want thatto be a problem for me later.

Just one of those things.

I feel kind of bad about it, because I do firmly believe that the piece is right.

I just didn't want to havea headache going forward.

It's just a little weird not to be able to find the date code.

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I am doing a video everysingle day for the year 2019, and I would love to seeyou here again tomorrow.

Until then.

(upbeat music).