Louis Vuitton Pocket Organizer Unboxing 有中文字幕喔

hi everyone welcome back to my channel today we are going to do a little unboxing and let's get started let me show you what I got this time this particular I actually purchased when I was in Taiwan that's right I was a couple of months ago and apparently I thought I stole the video but I did this from the video and I didn't even open this until just couple days ago Mac I totally forgot about this not good so I want to show you what I got on Taiwan and I purchased this at Taipei 101 which is the iconic building in Taipei the tallest building in Taipei and there leave it on flexuz store it's an opposite of the beautiful store and that's the place I met my new BFF Charles and so I want to share what I purchased and here's a receipt one thing you should know that you do travel publications especially buying a luxury goods you always want to carry your passport because they can do the tax return paperwork so when you leave the country you can get tax pack so there's like a lot of people all right here so let's see what I got I believe I paid for this a 14100 NT not US dollar I think you kidding me so there's about 300 u.


dollars roughly 10, 000 NT roughly around there so this isin I think I keep exchanging maybe our paper 320 330 so this is a small item you know this is the paper where you can see it's very complicated and then there's a tax return paperwork right here so but in a way it comes with all this beautiful believe in envelope and now let me show you what I got from the size of a bag you can hear is a baby sign so it's not a big item okay just get this come on it's just every time I open then it just feel like oh my god amazing and my biggest torture for leave it on boxing this from the dare purchase to the day I've known the video I can't really open this to use together is not on boxing then either I want to use this but I can use this so it's very like missing motion anyway so I'm glad that I got it I'm going to show you right now so I can start using this okay so when I open this so if you leave it something you probably can guess what is this in here are you ready Tala look at this beautiful pocket organizer from the 2017 American Cup collections and this is most of these white and yellow stripe you know I have to say that out this is my third pocket organizer before I never even think about this but then I realized that it's actually really really easy to carry especially when a date you don't want to carry the hand that you just want your key item in there this is the perfect Louis Vuitton actually make different types of pocket organizer in different finish and this particular one is the demography I feel like personally I love this pattern because it's a very low-key has a blue undertone to it and I just learned this now as I opened this inside the filled with a very soft a letter right here so the very very smooth so what's good about this is that you can really pack on credit card if you put on and put one in there it was stress you will hold them really nicely and comfortable with three slots right here one big big slot and with a 2 opening on the side and i dis is their instruction in Chinese I'll show you guys here real quick and it is man in it's funny if this right here mailing making in front you can see how small and hasta me with this so let me give you the size of this particular item right now okay so the pocket organizer it's about four and a half inch tall and it's about three inches Y so it is really really small naturally called pocket organizer one thing that I want to share with you is that if you really want to collect leave it on but you don't want to spend a lot of money they want something unique and special popular awareness is really good I believe the prices range of about 320 to 350 or $400 depends on the pattern so it's a it's a affordable for Louie Vuitton and still a lot of money don't get me wrong maybe just want something small to collect and this is a great great piece to collect them look how pretty is this I think I might start collecting them right now it's just so easy to use that once again you can put it I'm talking to you you just put in the pocket and go so definitely appears I'll be using a lot when I'm in another store I definitely feel like this is a great piece to collect because every season they come out different pattern designs different pattern over the pocket organizer so if you don't want to spend on money but you want to collaborate the top this is a great item to start collecting them so want to say thank you so much for continued support my youtube channel and follow me on my social medias such as Instagram that means a lot to me and I want to let you know something real quick here is that Instagram is the best way to give a response because I'm honest about all the time and typically Sunday or Saturday I will do my life skincare routine it's time to connect with you guys and just chit chat answer questions and know what I'm using today for the month so the really great way to connect me in you so once a thank you so much for all your support and let me know what had a video you may need to sound going forward if you want me to do a little skincare budget-friendly or the epi Y or anything vanilla because I want to make sure I'm a I create video that you want to watch and that means a lot to it and I will say thank you again and don't forget to follow me on my social media right over here and the most important thing I'd say couples I've already subscribe my youtube channel alright sequencing suite 5 [Music].