Louis Vuitton Unboxing Pochette Voyager GM 有中文字幕喔

hi everyone welcome back to my channel today we're going to do is leave it on boxing and let's get started let me show you oh my goodness this is a surprise I did not think I'm going to buy any Louie Vuitton this year in fact that I'm trying

to save money to get something else in the future and I recently got this for Valentine's Day gift and I thought oh my goodness is so perfect to do a unboxing video and where's your two-piece on boxing and let me show you what are they so first thing

is I want to show you inside envelope this is Louie Vuitton standard envelope and you're still receive some secret stuff you don't want to see okay so to sube see right here and I always particularly because right now waffle past year I really exclusive purchase rubyconf on my

salesperson instance my Cisco Union Square and you know who you are thank you so much for helping us to finding this very limited piece and I'm if I'm going to buy believe it all this year I think I want to continue to do what I do last year

I want to find the limited showpiece and was a reasonable price that's all along – okay let's go to the small item first okay okay so here's the box and you know like every time you slide this Olson you can feel like oh my god the butterflies of

us coming up on the box if you use the same feeling like I do comment below maybe not butterfly could be something else so um I don't know if you can guess what is it okay you see it let me get a little closer to show you guys

look at this this is just I believe the spring 17 collection of our Louie Vuitton chapman broader the Safari collection and this is the Y monogram and let me tell you why it's so hard to get in the USA lay head with the other theory is the dark

blue it's more easy to sign but the white one it's really really hard and this is their pocket organizer very very cute inside is the blue main front ok so you guys know any kind of minion fronts it's the first batch that I made and this little baby

even those limited editions for the price it's very affordable for Louie Vuitton ok it's a 390 so this is the information right here and on this particular piece in the cupholder your hole has a three slots right here and there's a one large slot and both side open

it's a standard there be some pocket organizer in a basement colder pocket organizer but the different pattern outside and look at this is so beautiful I'll get closer to show you guys the detail I mean I personally just love the white monogram and a lot of times why

monogram is only available in Asia in the US it's impossible to get it and after this particular monitor and collections myself person told me that it's extremely limited so it's really hard to get this so I'm very very simple she was able to help us to find this

so well like a little oh my god this person is these know that it's a very heavy rich leather smell almost milling safari to anything alarming ok so that's the first one and now let's open the big one here so we're going to remove this girlie look at

this this is bigger than me model so skinny next to this okay so let me get this out for you guys oh this is so exciting can you see it look at this a beauty oh my goodness omg omg this is a ridiculous this is a beautiful is

there I'm also the Chapman blogger collection it I think is a push a Voyager GM yes sir huh sorry got very excited so when you first look at this there's a four different packing on here animal illustration you have giraffe and this elephant and um oh I totally

forgot what's the English name for this baby right here but I know in Chinese so I'm it's really really pretty and the the top is the trim of the letter and also the size is trim the letter too and when you open it let me get a little

close to show you there's a six credit card holder it's actually become a letter in there I don't think I'll get close to share details the lighting is so bad in here it's a really just a big organizer like a business document bag what I like about this

is to thing it will be started packing one is I light a little the hole right here so you can actually put your key Trump's here so it's really really cute and also they make it very structure on the base you can see that so when you put

any item in it doesn't sink in so I think that's a really smart design and you know it I reviewed this up how do you call this type of back before the base has a lot to do with how much either can pull in there so this can

hold a lot into you right now and still doesn't change the shape it's really beautiful and let me show the sights right now okay so I want to share the South Course I had this ugly ruler here it's about 13 inches wide and hide it's about 10 10

inches high 13 and 10 so it's a it's a really nice document bag and I don't think I'll be using just for document how are you this for you know my daily essential and I mean if you look at this again just so pretty I mean I think

the small part of this design I didn't print all the animal that some have it's all clear it's like purposely Brayan finish so look at the difference it's really pretty though it's a pain on a thing yes it's pin over print over I think yeah definitely definitely beautiful

piece so pretty so here is the two-piece on Cosmo Valentine's Day and comment below I want to see what kind of gifts you got on Valentine's Day I'd love to see it you and hash tag me on my Instagram too and I definitely will be using this when

I go to Thailand and by the way so the fans live in Thailand and Taiwan end of the March I'm going to be in Thailand for about two weeks for SK 2 training trainer business hour training meeting and then April 1st April 8th I will be in Taiwan

Taipei to visit my family so anyone over there want to meet up comment below and let me know I would love to meet up meet up with you guys and I'll be so also you can show me way to shop where to eat it's all about eating in

Asia right look at this I am so happy with this two-piece thank you so much to taking watching my unboxing video for Louisa Tom 2017 men's collections and I truly truly love the waimana brand and I wish in the US has a more wide monogram on collection I

think they just so pretty so so clean line I just really personally I love that I don't know how durable they are too honestly a little bit worried about that but that's okay you know it's a beard you want to have it so thank you again and I

really appreciate value system or on my youtube channel and Instagram any questions concerns or drama you want to let me know leave me a comment below here on Instagram Instagram the staff is respond because I chain you to grab a couple times a day so definitely Instagram message

annoying one and don't forget to subscribe my youtube channel and share my video on youtube on your social media once again thank you so much and I'll see you guys next week bye [Music]