Luxury Handbag Collection (Dior, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Balenciaga, YSL)名牌奢侈品包包合集

Hi guys I'm Eileen welcome to my channelso today's video is about my handbag collection now I don't have a hugecollection compared to what you might see on social media but I would say Ihave a healthy collection of handbags and I feel very fortunate to have what Ihave so if you are interested please keep watching.

So this is my only Diorbag in my collection and this is the Lady Dior in the black color in thelambskin leather with silver hardware this is actually my very first designerhandbag and I still love it today so I feel that the bag looks very elegantand ladylike.

I'm not usually a very girly girl but when I carry this bag itdoes make me feel very feminine.

I think this is a perfect wedding bag because itcarries quite a bit and at the same time it looks fantastic it looks verystunning.

I usually prefer yellow gold or rose gold hardware but I went for thesilver hardware on this bag because I think it looks softer and more elegant.

I think this strap on this bag is perfect because the length is not tooshort or too long so when you use the strap the bag does fall nicely on yourhip and it looks great also when you use the strap, the handles will be up likethat so it looks perfect.

The top handles are very generous so you can easily usethe bag on the crook of your arm and I think that is a very elegant look aswel.

l I think this lambskin leather is quite durable and hard wearing.

It's not asdelicate as the lambskin from Chanel it's not my everyday bag but I've usedit quite a bit and I still can't see any scratches.

I think if we do get morescratches you can easily buff them out with let's say a piece of polishing cloth.

The bag also has four feet on the bottom so again they help to protect theleather and I can't see any scratches on this part which is great.

I would say theonly complaint I have for this bag is that the opening is not very generous sowhen I open the bag I do have to work my hand inside the bag to get things andput things in and I would say it's just something youhave to get used to because the leather does soften after a while so it does geteasier Inside the bag it's got this gorgeousbright red color I hope it will show and I think it just looks greatI really love this bag I know the lady do for some reason it's not as popularas the Chanel double flap or other popular bagsbut I think it's a solid piece to have and I'm very glad to have this in mycollection.

So I have two Chanel bags in my collection this is the first one sothis is the double flap in the small size so the one I have is in black colorand this is in the caviar leather with gold hardware and when it comes to Chanel Iactually prefer the caviar leather, not just because it's less prone to scratches butI also prefer the texture and the finishing of the caviar leather.

For somereason as much as I like the look of the classic flaps I don't use this bag alot so I have been neglecting it quite a bit actually so recently I've beentrying to use it a bit more and I usually like to use it on this singlestrap, I don't like the look of the double the strap I think it looks a bit tooserious.

So what I've been doing recently is I've been using it as a crossbody bagand I think it looks very playful and chic.

So this is my second the Chanelhandbag and is the mini flap in the black patent leather with silverhardware and this one has got the Chevron patterns now I feel like patentleather is so shiny and vibrant and lively and I just love it in the blackcolor.

This little bag can actually carry quite a lot of things itactually carries as much as the small double flap because on the inside isbasically just one big space it hasn't got a double flap now when it comes tomini bags I very much prefer to have just one big compartmentrather than a few different compartments just because it can be more flexible foryou to arrange your things inside and the back of this bag has got a pocket which ithink is a very handy feature to have I usually put my parking ticket in there.

Ithink this bag is perfect to be used as a travel bag because you can use it as acrossbody bag and the patent leather is quite easy to look after I wouldn'tsuggest you to use it when it's raining heavily but if you do get some water onit just wipe it down with a piece of tissues and you should be okay.

I knowthe waiting list for the Chanel mini flaps can be quite long they usuallysell out very fast but if you can get your hands on oneI really recommend them because they have the look of a classic double flapbut the price tag is quite a bit lower and it's small but it can carry quite alot of things so it's quite practical so I think the mini flaps are fantasticpieces to have and I could totally see why people want to have these indifferent colors but for myself this one is quite enough for me.

Onto LouisVuitton, so the first Louis Vuitton bag I gotwas this Speedy bandouliere in the size 25 this is a workhorse it can carry so muchand canvas is just clever because um it's so durable and at the same time itswaterproof and pretty much worry-free I also think this print goes with a lot ofoutfits I wear.

I probably will not bring it to a very formal event like awedding or a ball but apart from that I really think it goes with a lot ofthings.

I also love the fact that I don't have to worry about patina or waterstain on this treated leather on the top handles and the shoulder strap.

Thestrap is a very handy feature to have, it feels very comfortable on the shoulderit also has three settings so you can very much adjust the length to yourliking.

The handles are generous so they feel comfortable on the crook of yourarm.

The inside of the bag has these gorgeous bright red color whichI love, it just makes looking for things so much easier.

Now I know a lot ofpeople don't like the monogrammed bags because they are very commonly seen butfor myself I think that's a good reason why people love the canvas bag becausethey are made to last for a long time and also I feel just because a lot ofpeople are carrying the same bags it doesn't make the bag less of a goodbag to have and I think I will never sell this bag.

This is my next LouisVuitton bag and is the Totally MM now I think this is the perfect tote bag Inever really considered the Neverfull because it just feels too openI very much prefer to have a bag with the zipper it just feels so much moresecure and this bag has got two outside pockets they are so convenient because Iusually leave my keys and my phone in them and on the inside it's got thismassive space with some pockets on the side.

I went back to uni to do apart-time master degree course two years ago and I was using this as my schoolbag so I put my laptop, my books and a this and everything fitted perfectly.

I think this can make a very good diaper bag as well I used touse this bag a lot when my little boy was a baby.

I used to put his favoritetoy inside this outside pocket.

I'm not using this bag as much now because Ifinished my course and my little boy is a bit older now so he doesn't need me tocarry a lot of things for him but I'm glad I got this back before it gotdiscontinued I think it's just a perfect tote bag.

So this is my last LouisVuitton bag and it's the mini palm spring backpack I had quite a hard timelooking for this bag because they are very popular so when I was looking forone they were sold out everywhere so I asked theSA if I could be put on the waiting list and after waiting for quite some timeshe told me that the list was removed because it was just getting too longbut she kindly suggested to me to look on the Louis Vuitton website so I wouldcheck every week and one day I was just very lucky that it was available on thewebsite and I quickly ordered it and I'm veryhappy to have this in my collection I just think it's so cute and casual andplayful and this is my favorite bag to go for on the weekend when we go forfamily outings like going to the zoo or going to the park.

I also like to bringit on holiday because I can use it as a crossbody bag and it's quite small soit's very close to my body so I feel very safe when I go to crowded places.

Ialso like to carry the bag as a top handle bag I think it looks very cutethat way.

Now this is one of those bags that my husband doesn't get he alwaysasks me so it's designed by or is this a backpack but I absolutely love it.

Sothis is my only Balenciaga bag and is the mini city bag in black color withgo hardware now the leather is the aged calfskin leather and because it's not apolished leather you don't really have to worry too muchabout scratches.

I've used this bag quite a lot and I can't see any majorwear and tear although I can see a bit of scuffing on the corners.

I think thisbag looks very casual and playful I especially like to bring it away onholiday because I think it's understated in a sense that it hasn't got any majorlogo and the bag is quite easy to get inside as well.

So you just open thezipper like that and you can get inside so I can easily access my phone.

I alsolove the fact that I can use the back as a top handle bagand I have the option to use it as a crossbody bag the strap has a veryunderstanding design because it comes in for this wider shoulder pad and thisfeels great on the shoulder so generally I'm quite happy with thisbag but that's just something that you need to look out for basically the bag'sgot this studs and at the back they are six of them so one day I was wearing acashmere jumper and I was carrying this back as a crossbody bag I wasn't reallypaying any attention because the studs were rubbing on the cashmere all day soat the end of the day there was quite a lot of pilling on the cashmere.

So ifyou are wearing anything delicate like silk or cashmere just be a bitcareful.

So this is my first Hermes bag which is the Lindy 26 in a color called saugewhich is like a light green color with a gray undertone and the leather is theclemence leather.

I just think that the design of the lady is so interesting it'sjust one of a kind.

When you hold the bag like that on the top handles, itlooks almost like a fortune cookie which i think is so cute.

You also havethe option to carry as a shoulder bag because it has a shoulder strap which isnot detachable.

I usually carry the bag on the crook of my arm like so and Ithink it's really cute and there are five feet on the bottom so they do helpthey look after the leather.

There are two outside pockets on the side, there aretoo small for me to fit my phone so I usually carry things like myreceipts or parking ticket on the inside that's quite a big space so you candefinitely carry a lot of things and there are two inner pockets on the sides soyou can carry whatever that's important for you because of the color I usuallyonly carry it in the summer I'm quite happy with having just one Lindy but ifI was to find another one I will much prefer to have it in thegold hardware but apparently the gold hardware Lindys are not as readilyavailable.

I will certainly recommend the Lindy bags because they are verypractical and at the same time they look so adorable.

So this is my Hermes Kellyin the size 28 and this one has the togo leather in black color with goldhardware.

I've actually done a review about this bag I'll leave a link downbelow if you are interested.

I think the size 28 is perfect for me because itcarries so much but at the same time it look so graceful and elegant.

The tophandle is very generous so you can easily carry itcrook of your arm and it feels very comfortable.

The shoulder strap is veryhandy so if you really need to be hands-free this would be a good optionto have.

There are four feet on the bottom of the back so they do help toprotect the leather.

The only problem I have with the Kelly is that closing theback can be quite a hassle so basically when you open the bag the bag would dropand the flap doesn't go over the buckle anymore so you do have to support thebag to close it and I am getting used to it so it doesn't really bother meanymore but it's just something that you want to factor in if you are consideringbuying a Kelly.

So this is my beloved Birkin 25 I've actually done theunboxing video and while again if you're interested to know more about this bagI'll leave a link down below but basically this bag is in the black Epsom leather with brushed gold hardware.

I really liked Birkin 25 in the Epsomleather because it's quite a small bag I don't mind looking quite structuredand if you follow me on my Instagram you probably know that I've been enjoyingthis bag quite a lot and I will say if you definitely need to be hands-freethis bag might not work very well for you in fact I can only use this bagbecause my little boy is older now so he doesn't need me to carry him a lot butif you prefer to have a shoulder strap then the Kelly bag might work a bitbetter for you.

I think the Birkin is convenient in the sense that you can getinside and out the bag fairly easily the handles are fairly small so a lot ofpeople carry the Birkin 25 as a top handle bag.

For myself I can just aboutfit my wrists under the handle and I can still get inside the bag fairly easilyif I'm wearing a thicker coat I might struggle so if this bothers you then youmight want to go the next size up which is the Birkin 30 because the handleswill be a lot more generous.

So I've been loving this bag I think it's just one ofthose bags that you can easily transition from day to night so you cango out shopping with this bag and in the night time if you need to go to a dinneran event it will go very well as well This is my very first and only clutchbag in my collection is from YSL and the one I have is in the black colorin the aged calf skin leather with gold hardware I've actually done areview video about this bag on my channel.

So if you are interested I'llleave a link down below.

So this bag does come with a detachable strap which ithink is very convenient to have because I usually do carry the bag like so.

Inside the bag there are quite a number of pockets on the sides so they aregreat because I can organize my cards and my cash while having quite a bit ofspace in the middle to fit other things generally I think this is the very good buy, when I was considering buying a clutch bag I was actually considering otheroptions as well like that Hermes Jige but I wasn't sure if I was going to use theclutch bag a lot so I didn't want to spend a fortune on something that Imight not use.

So I went for this option.

I'm glad I did because I reallyam enjoying, it it's very well made and it looks beautiful.

I'm glad I went for the black and gold because this combination is justtimeless and it goes with everything.

So there's my handbag collection video, intotal I have 10 handbags and one clutch bag.

I'm very happy with what I have oneor two of them I'm not using much because of the changes in my lifestyleso if I do get another bag in the future I will consider selling thesebags.

I want to thank you guys so much for watching I hope you find the videohelpful or interesting if you liked the video give me a thumbs up do considersubscribing and have a good day.