Make Captain America's Suit & Shield – DIY Costume Squad

Dustin McLean Claire max and Benjamin margin experts in the world of cosplay and DIY masters of duct tape cardboard and hot glue together they are the DIY costume squad hey what's up I'm Dustin and today I'm going to be making a very DIY Captain America costume I'm making

this for an upcoming episode of homemade movies so it's gonna be very scrappy and homemade and DIY using some stuff I just found in some thrift stores so let's give a shot okay so Captain America specifically from a Civil War it's a pretty straightforward costume when you really

look at it but I want to fancy it up using some foam with some of these little panels and things I'm gonna just paint a shirt and some pans of blue and then there's some straps the belt gloves and then the helmet of course that's probably the trickiest

part really is the helmet and then there's the shield too but we'll get to that in a little bit so I'm going to start with just kind of the base of the outfit that's gonna be blue so here's all the goodies that I got is the fun part

guard so for the first piece here I found a jacket this was $10 at a thrift store figured this was kind of like a nice plain canvas to start with and then I'll add some pieces on top of it and then paint it blue it's pretty sharp jacket

okay let's start by just trying it on and marking out some shapes because I'm doing this for a homie movies episode it's going to be our friend Michael he's playing Captain America so I'm gonna make it so that will kind of fit me and then I'm hoping that

he can squeeze into it also so I'm going to attach some various panels of different shapes on here and for that I'm gonna use craft foam from the craft store these are 99 cents apiece super easy to cut super easy to glue so I just printed out a

star for my computer that will just serve as a guide I'm just making this up and I'm like looking at the pictures but I'm making up a lot of the shapes myself to you yeah that's cool so it kind of made like a negative shape around where the

stars going to go so I'm going to trace these to make the mirror image so I'll have the other side as well okay so I'm going to glue these pieces down hot glue works really well on this EBA foam and it works really well on fabric too it

just soaks right in okay so this bottom piece I'm only going to glue halfway so that we can open the zipper later oh yeah [Music] so I'm just moving on to the arms it's a lot more of just kind of looking at the shapes and kind of just

faking it and drawing the shapes out here cutting them out gluing them on saving the red ones for later but all the ones that are going to end up being blue I'm just gluing right on definitely shield you can tell by the geometric pattern I think that's the

last piece of armor but what I'm going to do for the arms is I'm going to cut a seam right down the forearm and then align these edges with tape so that I can just tighten it down on my arm and then put my hand in the glove

and we'll all kind of stay in place alright now that all the foam pieces are in place it's time to paint in blue I picked up a handful of these blue paint cans they were three dollars each so let's head out to the paint station [Music] all right

so while I'm painting this blue I'm also going to paint the pants which I picked up at a thrift store for six dollars I made sure that these were kind of the same color as the coat so that way the paint will sort of sit on it the

same way all right so just got to wait for all this paint to dry and then I'll pick this back up tomorrow okay paint is all dry looking pretty good I've got my pants and my jacket so what I need to do is start adding in some of

these other pieces that are going to really make it pop so there's the star and then I've got the ABS these red and white stripes so I'll just be continuing on with craft foam I'll just trace these on here and then cut them out [Music] right okay I

think those are all the pieces so now I'm gonna glue them in place [Music] [Music] captain ooh what ah the star that really sells it alright so he's got this little Avengers emblem on his shoulder so I'm just gonna cut that circle out of some red foam and

then draw on the a with a white paint pen it's like a Necco wafer okay so I'm gonna paint this star silver I already have some old silver spray paint but usually it's around three bucks by now ooh that looks nez the finishing touches on this jacket are

going to be to draw on a few of the extra details using a black marker I'm just looking at the pictures and kind of figuring out where some additional lines should go alright so now it's time to add into velcro I have a little tiny bit left usually

you can get a whole roll of this for like I think two bucks [Music] sweet okay there are a few red pieces on the pants too I'm just going to cut some pieces and glue those on alright so next up I'm going to move on to some of

these straps and the belt so I bought a handful of miscellaneous belts and things they're around $3 each from a few different thrift stores got different sizes alright before I go too much further I'm gonna pay all three of these brown I [Music] really like the little metal

buckles on this black belt so I'm going to attach those to this belt alright I'm gonna make this little buckle piece in the back just add a one solid piece of cardboard cardboard that I recently used so I'll just draw out the shapes and cut it out and

then paint it okay the buckle is ready I'm going to be attaching the belts to them [Music] all right I think that's ready to go I'm going to move on to his belt I'm going to make the buckle out of cardboard of course I'm going to do a

very light coat of black on here this is 99 cents just to darken it and make it a little dirtier his belt has a bunch of little patches and pockets all along the sides so I'm going to use this fabric belt and cut them and just make a

bunch of little folds and that will kind of look like his little pockets all right I'm gonna start with gray primer that way when I paint the brown you'll be able to see it better [Music] okay I'm going to glue all of these really flat and then glue

them all to the belt [Music] I'm just going to hit those with brown real quick I love these pouches okay I'm going to move on to the gloves I found this pair at a thrift store for five dollars and I'll cut the fingertips off and then paint them

brown and then I think that's pretty much all I need to do ah it's like a couple if you fingertip the most unexpectedly morbid thing [Music] I think he's actually wearing black boots and then there's some long like spats I guess so you could just pick up a

pair of black boots but I'm gonna use these to extend my black boots and make them even taller okay so I've got two more belts here and cut each one of these into three pieces and then glue them on here I'm just gonna spray-paint these all the way

black so they don't look like Edward Scissorhands all right now I'm going to attempt to make this helmet which I think is gonna be the hard part so I bought this foam pirate hat in the craft store it was 250 also bought this Hardy mask and I think

it's like actually papery this was three dollars so between that and one more skinny belt I'm gonna see if I can put this together you know what forget Captain America I'm just gonna there that's my costume cool ready for the party I'm gonna use the heat gun very

lightly which can probably soften this really working [Music] I'm just going to change the shape of this eye a little bit with some tape that's better it's not quite so delayed [Music] it saturated with the tiny place [Music] [Music] [Music] okay I think that's it so I need

to paint this blue and then I'm gonna add in a few straps so first I'm just gonna spray paint the whole thing brown and the a and then I think that might be it okay so the mask is dry it was sticky for a little while so I

let it sit overnight but I'm ready to finish this up it's looking pretty good I'm gonna put the straps on I just need to cut it into some pieces okay on the small side but that's a pretty much it so I picked up some more velcro I'm gonna

have these two pieces actually attach in the middle [Music] I'm just gonna make a little buckle out of some galvanized steel wire alright so I'm going to make this little chin piece I'll just use some craft foam and just cut out some shapes on here and glue it

on [Music] so I've just got to add the final details a for the top there's some little winged things drawn a few more details and then that's it for the helmet for a while there I thought this time it was not gonna work at all but feeling pretty

good about it alright so I think that's everything for this suit but there's one last thing that Captain America needs and that is his shield for an episode of homemade movies been made this awesome Captain America shield out of a trash can lid you know if you want

to get real DIY with it you could do that but I'll show you how to make one just out of a piece of cardboard as well alright so I have this big piece of cardboard everyone always asks where you get your cardboard well I save big pieces this

is leftover from like a TV that I bought a while back so here's a trick for making my circles take a piece of string use that for the radius and then from your center point you can draw a circle all the way around okay so what I'm going

to do is add a little bit more curve to this by making a few slits along the outside edge so that it can kind of curve down so I don't think I need to actually glue those after all I'm just going to tape all of them one by

one and then it should have a nice curved surface alright just going to make a little handle back here alright time to paint [Music] I'm going to use my string again and do a series of circles and then I'll mask it off alright time for silver [Music] there

okay you got a few touch-ups I gotta do but not bad so I was going to just paint this inner circle blue but the masking kind of takes forever and it's peeling so I'm just going to make a separate piece of cardboard plus since this is a little

flat maybe that'll give it a little bit more dimension alright I'm just going to paint this blue Lou [Music] so the very last thing I'm going to do to the shield and to the costume is to do a very light layer of black paint just to kind of

dirty it up and make it look like it's really worn I'm not the back of its black or not but [Music] all right I think that's it I think it's time to try it on I always get the baggiest pants ever never had to make these a little

bit big so they can also fit Michael who is much taller than me [Music] quick nice [Music] okay so I'm just going to take these into place like that okay lastly the helmets here we go okay I guess I need now is my shield alright I think it's

time to go steal the squad hey we're not bad not Ben Ben and Bianca just had a baby as you might know but I'm going to reveal to you the Captain America costume here comes Captain America now Wow yeah with shields alright fantastic ok good this is Michael

and he is playing Captain America in the upcoming a Captain America Civil War homemade movies episode which comes out next Tuesday Claire plays Black Widow on that as well does fit on you a lot better than it fits on me I gotta say this actually took a lot

longer than I expected it's really started getting into the nitty-gritty of like wait no this one fits this one fits with this one you feel like you could like fight crime yeah this is like glued to my body which is ideal for crime fighting so give us your

best poses yeah the shield has we got a breeze coming up I know what what yes back in business very cool alright well thanks for watching this special episode of DIY costume squad and check out the homemade movies episode on Tuesday that's Captain America's Civil War with these

guys in this costume be sure and subscribe and let us know in the comments what other costumes you want to see and we'll see you next year all right best Captain America hug and whole gang and quick [Music] you [Music]