Make Your Own Ant-Man Suit! – Homemade How-to!

[Music] hey everybody I'm ant-man you guys want to see how we made this sweet costume Ben and Bianca take it away welcome to homemade how-to we show you guys how to make props and costumes using just stuff from around your house we're preparing for our homemade ant-man trailer

and today we're gonna show you how to make the entire Ant Man costume so what's the first step first I think we should call the Avengers let's start with the helmet we're gonna make a base first the base of the helmet actually starts a little bit higher on

the head and then it goes all the way around right to the base of the head it tapers in cut little slits in along sides now these tabs will fold down fold it over so you want to continue to glue along those lines one bit at a time

[Music] let's make the side pieces trace the inside curve draw the outside edge there's a circular piece it starts from the top of the helmets then juts down so we'll just trace that very bottom of the helmet has like a tab that comes out get one side done

and then you can trace the other sides and now you have two sides glue these to the inside reinforce the outside with gaff tape reinforce the inside with duct tape there's this cool texture on the inside we have this non-slip mat for that we're gonna need some caps

for the sides so we're gonna use Tupperware lids we're not gonna actually attach these to the helmet because we're gonna need this to rotate but we are gonna drill a hole in the middle take the helmet outside and paint all that black there's no one right we've got

our helmet nice and spray-painted now we're going to put on some of the metal details we're gonna start with the back we're going to use a water job [Music] so for that like grid were using straws [Music] now we're gonna do these two slivers of metal on each

side [Music] there's a center line that runs alongside those straws and for that we're using some jump rope we need to make kind of a spine for all of this to set on the silver pieces that are running like a ladder over the top for those pieces we're

gonna use our water jug has these ridges that are perfect and it's full of water we don't want to waste water so what chug chug chug chug chug oh wow she even even drank the label on [Laughter] [Music] there is some detail cut into the edges all the

ends are tapered and just slightly [Music] we're not going to glue these to the helmets because we want to spray-paint all of these silver first we've got our silver pieces all nice and sprayed so our next step is to attach this tab to the end of that back

plate running that tab from the front running that all the way to the back of the helmet [Music] okay so this is our helmet with all the bug pieces and with our little back piece there I really have to try this on that's alright so what's next next

we're ready for the face plate that's right let's do it so for the face plates we're using this bowl because it already has a curve to it you could also make this thing entirely out of cardboard [Music] I'm using a dremel tool just because it's quicker but you

can also use a saw or box cutter for the end of the faceplate we've got a Tupperware container [Music] come eyes near the mask Yankee right okay let's do the mouthpiece for the front of the mask use the end of our Gatorade bottle there are two tabs at

the end of the mouthpiece now it's time for the yo-yos pop those off in two halves and glue those halves onto those side tabs we found wooden beads that were pretty awesome to use for this ball joint just to make this whole thing secure and so that we

can attach stuff to it we're gonna make a wire base out of a coat hanger we have these plastic salad tongs that look perfect for the joint part here on the sides the in piece is a chip clip for the cap on the end of used the top

of a water bottle so of course this would not be ant-man without the antenna and I'm making those out of safety cabinet locks for the mouth mechanism to move we're using compasses because they have axles already in them and they stay in place too so that'll help out

and zip-tie those rights to those chip clips and there you have it our completed mouthpiece I think it's time to spray-paint [Music] it is time for the gloves and we found these at the 99-cent store the rubber work gloves it says do not use on electrical work or

firefighting they didn't say anything about crime fighting the first part I noticed is there's like a main box that tapers we're not cutting all the way through or just score it away we can bend it and I'm going to cover this all with aluminum foil tapes will be

nice and shiny and metallic [Music] there's all these little boxes that run around his wrist and we're gonna make those 2d and then we've got straws to fill in the space between the top and the bottom piece so now let's put the veins in those are the tubes

on the hand got some great jump rope here I'm gonna be taping the ends right onto the glove I'm gonna run these in between each knuckle [Music] for the buttons on the index finger we've got flashlights they have awesome little buttons that kind of pop on and off

the button is red we're just going to customize that with a little bit of red duct tape superglue or hot glue isn't really gonna work on this metal button on this rubber glove so we're gonna just wrap an elastic band around the index finger to create a surface

that the glue will take to the gray looks awesome I feel like it'd be cool to add some like aluminum foil tape or something like that looks a little more shiny really glad we put the aluminum foil on these tubes and makes a little pop legit let's move

on to the belt hook the centerpiece of the belt lights up and so we're using a tap light spray paint the case silver and the inside is red so spray-paint that metallic insert it's not red enough so we're using a folder with a buckle there's a specific shape

around our tap lights zip tie Arbuckle to the cardboard base these details on the side like tooms use the straws for this [Music] there are three boxes on the belt for those we are using little Tupperware containers [Music] there are a couple of buttons for those we use

a water bottle caps [Music] oh there's our belt now put on the red decals for the lights we need to be able to close up the belt we're using a little bit of velcro grand-finale is to put the tap lights on there [Music] and that is our ant-man

belt for the suit we have a mock turtleneck and then some black leggings there are a couple of red details on the suit and for that we're using this red jersey the first thing that we need to do is to make a template that we will trace on

to the red fabric cut that out and then trace those shapes onto the red shirt just hot glue goes right to the shirt and the pants some of the tubing details will be using metallic puffy paint [Music] and we may be using some other materials like cardboard to

fill in some of the details shoelaces and wrapping them in aluminum foil tape there's some parts of the suit that have a different texture like the elbows and the kneepads we have black socks that have a really cool texture tube for the backpack on the suit we're using

a Tupperware container [Music] at the ends of ant-man shoes there's a little small kind of a t-shape so we just cut that out of some of the jersey fabric and attach it to the shoe using hot glue a couple details to finish up on the faceplate are the

two red strips on the forehead we're cutting out a small panel of red gel for the inside of the faceplate you could also use clear bio folders or dividers there is some trim around the eyes and we're using electrical tape we have two LED lights to put on

the inside of the faceplate and these little lights shine on your face and it looks really cool attaching the faceplate to these lids we're gonna glue them right onto the tabs using a wire coat hanger bend the end 90 degrees run it through the red cap and secure

that to the red cap and then run that through our side into the helmets and then once inside the helmet bend it another 90 degrees secure that with tape and glue and then do that to the other side for the mouthpiece drill two holes into the red lid

yep on either side of the compass feed a bit of zip tie take that compass close that zip tie around the compass and then that is able to move up and down freely I've worn many homemade superhero costumes in my days this has got to be the greatest

this is like this makes me feel like a superhero and that's how you make a homemade ant-man suit thanks for watching and be sure to check us out on Facebook Instagram and Twitter because we're going to be posting a couple of templates from this build as well as

some exclusive photos that's right and come back in two weeks because this bad boy is gonna be in our homemade ant-man trailer so you'll want to make sure you subscribe to the fix that's right man away if that lease it's not working [Music]