New Buffbunny Review! Suits and No Front Seam Leggings?!

show through when it like really stretches i've had leggings with more resistance than these and i was kind of constantly pulling them down they're actually really flattering on the glutes too i love the strappy details of this hey guys and welcome back to my channel if you're new

here my name is catherine and today we are reviewing the buff bunny collection boss launch this is i think the biggest launch of the year i know like everyone always says that but there's a ton of stuff in this launch and honestly the summer launches were kind of

small so i do feel confident saying that this is the biggest so there's a ton of new stuff and i am going to go over all of the new pieces i don't personally have every single new piece but i've tried to ask people about the other pieces that

i didn't get and i will insert photos so i will talk about every piece that's launching and in addition to new pieces they are restocking the live shorts live leggings and live crop tops in all of the colors and that was by far my favorite launch all summer

in the shorts were just a dream i'm getting all the other colors that i don't have and they're pretty affordable i forgot the price but i'll put it on the screen i did review all those pieces in a separate review and i will have the link to that

review down below but because they have so much stuff in this launch and they're restocking the live stuff i do have hope that things aren't going to sell out like instantly but funny actually never used to sell out as quickly as they have been this summer it's kind

of a new thing for me honestly because i used to be able to go on the like later the day of the launch or the next day and things were still in stock and then plenty of stuff would go on sale for like black friday or other sales

i don't really know what's been going on lately but i think that everyone's been in kind of like an online shopping mood in this whole pandemic situation on that note there have been a lot of launches from a lot of brands recently so don't feel like you need

to purchase from every single launch or need to grab every single thing i know it can seem like that sometimes because everyone always says you need these you need these if you want to buy a ton of stuff by all means go for it but just remember there

will be more launches from buff bunny and from other brands later this year that you'll probably want stuff of too so i don't know i like to dip my toes into the launches you get a few of my top picks you know i know it seems like it

right now but you're not gonna regret not getting every single piece from every single launch there's always new stuff to be excited about anyways this launch has a range of a lot of really cute stuff they have some bright summery colors if you're still in that summer mindset

they also have some shorts and they also have some colors to kind of transition into fall i definitely feel like this launch is more legging heavy than some of the other launches like there are definitely a lot of cute leggings coming out and i didn't even get to

try all of them and they also have suits yeah like real suits and lingerie i did not get the lingerie but i do have one of the suits so i'll be getting into the nitty-gritty details because there are some pros and cons as there always is on this

channel we say the pros and we say the cuts not only do we have a bunch of activewear and suits we also have new game changer bags which the game changer bags are probably my favorite thing from the funny because i just don't know anything else that i

wear from them every single day i just finished my first year of dental school and i have used either my game changer bag or my backpack every single day and it's just so nice and i'll have to carry around a bunch of bags and like a lunchbox and

all this stuff so i will go into all the details about the new game changer bag lux version at the end this review will be 100 honest i always like to help you guys make the most informed decision on what you guys are going to be purchasing or

not purchasing but i do have a support code with them it's just my name catherine if you enter it in a checkout please let me know and i'll enter you into my monthly giveaway i choose one winner every month to give a 50 activewear gift card to anywhere

it doesn't have to be a brand i'm affiliated with it can literally be anything so if you use my code let me know and i'll enter you into that so without further ado let's get into the review so i feel like i have to talk about these first

these are the legacy leggings and i was definitely most excited about these for the launch so there's a couple reasons i was super obsessed with these first of all this print this is the bossy print i am just obsessed with like this like black speckle print it's similar

to like the do you even one i think there's like a few other ones but this is the winner for me because it's made of the newbury fabric which is one of my favorite buff bunny fabrics same fabric as the rosa leggings and i'll do a little size

comparison with the roses the newbree fabric is kind of a medium to high compression brushed fabric that even though it's brushed actually holds up really well in workouts i wear them in high intensity workouts really anything and they do hold up it comes in this bossy print but

it also comes in three solid colors one of which the color is named l woods i almost got it just because of that name so i got these in my normal size small and these have a seamless waistband they have these super cute little seams that i don't

really know how to describe them they kind of like resemble i don't know it kind of reminds me of like a little fountain but it curves kind of around the glutes enhance the glutes a little bit and it's just very subtle and very cute no front seam i

think these are the very first no front seam leggings from buff bunny which just like a round of applause because i'm gonna be honest i love the rosa leggings but they cause some camel sometimes they just do and now it's a thing of the past so no front

seam we love that and at the bottom they just kind of have like a little extra seam detail but nothing crazy so let's do a little comparison with the rows of leggings and then try these on all right so a little sizing comparison these are both size smalls

these are the rosa leggings so like an og buff bunny rosa legging and these are the new legacy leggings and i do have them lined up over here in the rosas are definitely like running basically a full size smaller i did find the rosa leggings did run pretty

small so i often recommended sizing up or at least if you're in between and the legacy leggings are much more true to size i would also like to point out that i've had these rosa leggings for about a year now and i wear them quite a bit and

i am not shy about washing them and they are literally still in perfect shape like i wasn't sure at first if the fabric was going to be pill prone but there's really no pilling and i can trust i can wear these on leg days and intense workouts and

even though it's a brushed fabric it still really holds it up first of all the rise is a little higher than the rosa leggings so i feel like they're a more comfortable high waist like the rosa leggings i usually feel like have to pull them up a little

bit to be at the high waist that i really would like them to be these go just above the belly button their seamless waist and the waistband is slightly tapered but they're not digging in too much these overall give a solid medium compression the fabric is the newbie

fabric so it is very soft and brushed the newbie fabric is a little thicker and a little more compressive than the energy fabric of the lid leggings so i do feel like you're gonna get like a little more like cellulite coverage especially in this print you'll get a

little more cellulite coverage but even in the solid colors i would say that these are cellulite friendly not cellulite proof sometimes new front scene leggings can kind of showcase a little too much of this region but because this fabric is a little thicker i feel like that's not

going to be an issue i'm also not getting any awkward gathering that also can be an issue with front seam leggings so i'm definitely happy with the no front seam situation because sometimes no front seam sounds good and then you can get other problems but these i feel

like we're doing pretty good you do have a seam all the way down the leg and then you also have a little seam detailing along the bottom of the leg these are about a 7 8 length on me i'm gonna give these a high on the booty scale

this fabric always hugs you in the right places but doesn't squish you down so i feel like i'm being hugged like you know in the like kind of under glute area but then kind of the glutes are being left at their max potential and you have this kind

of curved seam detailing i would say these are very true to size i'm wearing my normal size small and i think they fit more true to size than the rosa leggings these are kind of more of a warmer legging so i wouldn't put these in like the summer

legging category this is definitely one of my favorite items of the launch if you are trying to pick these up in this print i would be quick because i think a lot of people are into this print so i think this print is going to sell out first

okay i was asked to include sit tests in my review to see how the waistband does and okay so this is sitting up straight waistband is fine we slouch a little bit it's actually not cutting into me very much and i would say it's not really rolling down

like we'll stand up and it bounces basically right back to its shape i just wanted to mention in case this would bother anyone from some angles with my leg out like this like you can see the little gusset here um i wouldn't say you can totally see it

from the front but you can see it like a little bit so just wanted to mention that so i will say this isn't super noticeable hello peach but because the fabric is white underneath this i'll show that in a second when you like bend your knee or like

squat and stuff you are gonna see like white popping through it's not bad it kind of looks worse on camera than in real life it is white on the underside of this so you are going to get a little bit of that show through when it like really

[Music] stretches [Music] [Music] to match the legacy leggings we have the return of the revolution bra this is like a fan favorite bra like people absolutely love this one it's also made of the newbie fabric and it comes in the same colors as the legacy leggings this bra

was one of the things that sold out pretty quickly last time it launched which people tend to love it but honestly it's not my personal favorite of the buff bunny bras and i'll explain when i put it on so it has this beautiful square neckline and it's just

very boxy in shape but somehow enhances the girls a little bit i don't really know how it works removable cut pads it does extend down a little bit so it is kind of a long line sports bra maybe potentially a crop top for some it has a stunning

little cross back detail super strappy and just a simple little logo on the back so let's try this one on all right so here's the revolution bra as you can see it has that really nice squared neckline and the straps go pretty far out so i will say

if you're someone who likes to hide like a little armpit like fat region this sports bra comes out very nicely and will do that obviously i'm not saying that you have to hide these parts but sometimes i think that we just need to accept that some people have

insecurities that they want to cover and there's nothing wrong with wanting to cover certain parts of your body so let people hide whatever they want or let people want whatever they want it's a personal decision and rant it does also go down a little bit so it is

kind of a long line sports bra in the back of it it's just so pretty i love the straps and this material is super soft so i've never had an issue with it cutting into my neck at all it's very comfortable so now that the reason that i

actually don't love this bra a lot this could just be a sizing thing maybe i should size up to a medium but i find when i size up to medium and buff bunny bras i don't really get enough like compression so this is my normal size small and

as you can see it kind of like cuts off in like the middle of my boob and for people with smaller chests i find that this bra kind of like pushes the girls up and enhances them a bit but for me i feel like when i lean down

i kind of fall out of it a little bit so i do find myself adjusting and like putting them back in you can kind of tell i do pop out of it a little bit so if you are a bigger cup size i would either size up in

this one or maybe go for one of the other bras that are launching i would give this bra sell medium support i don't feel like i'm jiggling around a ton but just because of the possibility of like falling out it's definitely not like a high support in this

current size i don't have any gaping anywhere and i do like the bottom band of this because it is seamless and it stays put and it doesn't roll up but it doesn't have any little band at the bottom so it's very comfortable we have our first guest of

the show this is pinto and i'm gonna ask you to not ruin any of the leggings you see up here okay and we have a new sports bra this is the alpha bra and this is my personal favorite of the launch first of all this color this is

the color xl a few other pieces in the collection come out in this color and this is just like my favorite color of the whole launch i'm not a huge green person but this one kind of has like a cool undertone and i just feel like it's a

flattering green like it's not like your normal like lime green that's like a little too yellow this one is also made of the newbury fabrics anyways it has like this v front this one is also a long line sports bra it does go onto your rib cage a

little bit and then it has this gorgeous open back it's like super strappy and just really open it'll be easier to see on but also has removable cut pads all right so this is the alpha bra it also is a long line almost borderline crop top this long

line part actually does have a seam in the middle of it because it kind of splits in the back into two different straps it still has a seamless bottom part and the band is just very stretchy and sits really well on the rib cage so there's definitely more

of a deep v in more cleavage than the revolution bra but because these straps are shaped kind of like this and go up and over the girls a little more i actually didn't really have to adjust myself and i wasn't like falling out during my workout which i

was impressed about actually there's minimal side boob but it doesn't cover as much as a revolution bra little logos right here and the whole back of it is just super open super strappy and i just love the strappy details of this so in terms of support i would

give it a solid medium support and i don't know if you can tell but it just like holds me in well like i can lean over and stuff and shake around and i come back and i'm still in the same place so if you're more of a small

to medium cup size i think you could go for either the revolution bra or this one but if you're a bigger cup size and you don't mind a little bit of cleavage i think this one actually fits a little better this one i definitely say through to size

i just can't get over this color this is like the cutest thing next we have the confidential set which i didn't really realize until people started pointing it out that this is kind of like a camo print it's super subtle in some lightings you can see the print

more than others the print is a jacquard which just means that the print is woven into the fabric instead of being printed on that's all jacquard means i know that buff bunny used to have a jacquard set and it was a different style of print this is nothing

like that one the print is different the fabric is different so jacquard just means woven into the fabric this set comes in a bunch of really cute like transition into fall colors that's what i was talking about and this is the color nda and it's like this beautiful

like kind of warm purple since it was a jacquard i thought it was going to be a very thick fabric these are like actually really thin and incredibly stretchy so they actually weren't too hot for my workouts and i work out outside when it's really hot so i'm

very picky about that anyways it's a seamless waistband and the glute seams in the back do slightly taper it's nothing insane but it does give a little bit of enhancement all right so here are the confidential leggings and these i would classify as a summer legging they are

really lightweight almost kind of a naked feel the fabric isn't sleek performance or brushed it's kind of like it's kind of like a seamless fabric in a way you know how those fabrics are kind of like knit feeling i do think that this fabric would hold up really

well in the gym i did wear this for a workout and it held up well for me and this also isn't a fabric that's going to collect a lot of lint or pill because it's not that brush material so i actually was super impressed with the fabric as

you can tell it's like super stretchy literally so stretchy i would really only give this a light compression the waistband gives potentially a light to medium compression but if you're looking for a lot of tummy control support this probably isn't the right one but if you're looking for

a super lightweight stretchy legging i really like this one so you see it has a front seam but it's really not very invasive at all just because this legging is so lightweight it just isn't really pulling much and i would say that these are true to size i

feel like they fit pretty well overall i don't have any complaints there's maybe a tiny bit of extra fabric around here but really not enough for me to change my sizing i would say if you're in between sizes i would size down they're actually really flattering on the

glutes too because you can kind of pull them up a little bit the seams do run over the glutes because they're so thin i would say that these are probably only cellulite friendly they do have a little print so it does kind of distract from some cellulite they

are actually like very very sweatproof like i wore these on a very hot workout very sweaty workout and i couldn't see any sweat on them i think it's partially due to the print and partially due to the fabric these are actually more of a full length on me

it might be because they're so stretchy that you can kind of stretch them down over your legs a little bit they just have a simple crotch gusset nothing extended okay now we'll do the little sit-down test says me setting up straight and no issues really and we lean

over a little bit and then get up and they bounced right back so they're not gonna like roll down oh also i will say there was meant to be a logo on this i don't know why mine didn't have one but i'm also not a huge logo person

so i'm not really upset by it but if you get these they will have just the classic buff bunny logo right there we also have the confidential sports bra which is another kind of deep v one i feel like i did have a little more cleavage in this

one than the alpha bra they just have removable cups and just a classic eraser back and i actually really like the razorback of this one because it's such a thin little strap here i just feel like it was a very open back without being like straps falling off

kind of open back you know so i was actually a fan of this one as well i had a little clip from at the gym where i was literally drenched in sweat and you really can't even see the sweat on it so this one definitely good for heavy

sweaters here's a confidential bra and it has even more of a deep fee and more cleavage than the alpha bra i think partially it's because this fabric doesn't quite have as much hold to it as the alpha bra so i don't feel like it's really pulling me up

as much i would give this one kind of a light to medium support i still do feel like i'm held in i don't feel like there's a ton of side boob we have pretty good coverage but it is a pretty deep v and i will say when i

was like doing bent over rose in the gym i felt like there was just a lot going on this is just a classic sports bra just an elastic band on the bottom it's not long line like the other ones which i am glad that the band does sit

on my rib cage sometimes when bras get a little small the band can kind of come onto your boob a little bit and this one's doing a good job of sitting below the back is really open and really pretty i felt like it was nice for my back

day because you can see all the back details i'm just obsessed with training back lately i literally just don't want to train anything else and i know that's really not good but in terms of sizing i'd say true to size and size down if you're in between again

because this fabric is just pretty stretchy and i definitely don't feel like this is too tight by any means and the confidential set also has this little lightweight crop top the crop top is more of a scoop neck so i do think that you'll be able to see

these sports bra straps underneath it so if that's going to bother you then maybe wear a different sports bra underneath it but this top is like super super lightweight it almost feels more lightweight than the leggings it is a short sleeve but i honestly don't think you'd have

a lot of pit scenes because this fabric is just super sweat looking it does go down about an inch inch and a half below the bra band so when you raise your arms you don't have to worry about seeing your sports bra underneath it is more of a

scoop neck and just as i suspected you can see the bra straps underneath so it actually looks kind of cute if you get the layered bra this isn't a size small definitely say true to size like the old live crop tops i definitely recommend sizing up in those

because those were super constricting in my sports bra size but this is a size small which is my sports bra size and i think it's perfect i'm not feeling any restriction or any tightness so think true to size for this one [Music] next we have a new pair

of shorts launching in this launch we have the executive pocket shorts this is the color ceo but it also comes in the xl color just saying so these are the same performance material as the luna leggings in the athena leggings from the last launch so it's definitely a

slick performance material good for high intensity workouts i will say not the most sweat proof though i'm gonna show you the sweat when i get to the bra that matches this one so these are only a four inch in seam which if you don't normally have a problem

with four inch inseams then you should be totally fine i personally four inched in seams are just a little bit too short for me my thighs they just eat them right up and when i worked out on these they did roll up pretty bad i'll insert a photo

this was during hip thrust though so like that is a time where your shorts are gonna roll up more than like a standing lateral raise or something but just being completely transparent these did roll up so i still prefer the live leggings to these these do also run

smaller than the live leggings these are size medium and they honestly look pretty small so definitely size up but they have a seamless waistband these do have a front seam i didn't find it super invasive though maybe a little more invasive than the confidential ones they do have

side pockets and what i love about these is they have this little like folded side detail so they kind of have this little like scalloped edge thing and then the seams do slightly curve around the glutes so let's try this on so these are both mediums in the

shorts the back ones are the live shorts in a medium and these are the executive pocket shorts in a medium and i do have them exactly lined up over here and these ones they felt a lot more snug and i also have the size up in the live

shorts and they're definitely just a smaller pair of shorts so i would definitely size up in the executive pocket shorts all right so here are the executive pocket shorts they have a seamless waistband and they are high waist but they just go basically right to the belly button

the waistband itself is actually pretty short it's only probably like three-ish inches but this fabric itself has about a medium to high compression so i do think you'll get a good amount of compression basically everywhere around i feel like they really don't squish me too much you can

see there's a little squishing going on but it's not digging in so it's not gonna be something that's gonna like leave a mark on your legs but it definitely is just a compressive short so it's gonna squish a little bit if you have a little little thickness to

your thighs the curved glute seams are subtle but pretty nice i would probably give these maybe medium to high on the booty scale the pockets are pretty spacious they do come to a little point at the end and i really like this little scallop detail along here this

fabric is definitely a good summer fabric a good performance fabric also they do have the front seam but as you can tell i'm really not having any issues with camel these are a size medium and i really don't think i could have gone any smaller so i would

recommend sizing up in these so these shorts really aren't my favorite just because they did roll up a lot on me that's really a personal thing i do like my shorts to be at least five to six inches in the inseam but i know on some people that

looks really long so maybe for shorter people this is probably gonna look more like a natural short could be less overwhelming for you but for me i just feel like i like them to be a little longer because i still have the bulk of my thigh that it's

not quite covering yet with this length i still am going to get some thigh chafing walking by but i did do a full workout in these and i was kind of constantly pulling them down that will happen to everyone but if you're used to four-inch shorts and they

roll up on you these will probably do the same i don't know if it's worth mentioning anything about cellulite because your whole thighs are still showing so i don't really know if that's gonna make much of a difference but it does cellulite friendly at least in the part

that it covers sitting up straight not cutting into my waist at all i did size up in these but the waistband is no top seam and pretty stretchy and we lean over a little bit get those rolls in there and it's still actually it rebounded pretty well so

i would say that it's fine so to match the executive pocket shorts there's also the maraschino bra this comes in the same colors as the shorts except this one also comes in this glow up color which is like really bright yellow another nice little summer color but i

also got this in ceo i'm wearing the maraschino bra from the last launch this is in the color passion this one is a size small and this is a size medium so i'll compare the sizing and how i feel about them but i did feel like the maraschino

bra ran a little bit small especially with girls with larger girls made of the same performance material as the luna athena leggings and also the executive pocket shorts and i did wear this for a workout and keep in mind i'm working out in like 100 degree weather outside

sweating like a lot but i definitely had a lot of underboob sweat in this one and it was definitely very apparent anyways this bra has a nice little deep v but it actually holds you in pretty well like there's cleavage but it's not like crazy the back of

this bra is so stunning it's an open like oval style back my only thing is it does have a little band at the bottom of the bra it doesn't cut in or anything but if you like just very seamless bottom bands kind of thing then this one does

have a little seam alright so we got the maraschino bra this is in a size medium which is a size up for my normal size and i will say it's a more comfortable fit i feel like this part isn't coming up onto my boob as much as the

small did i think it fits better in the actual cup region i can actually put the cup pads in comfortably it's still a solid medium support i'm getting a little bit less compression so a little less jiggle resistance than a smaller size because it's obviously just squishing me

down a little less potentially a little less cleavage but i just love the shape of this bra i think it's a really nice v but i don't think it's like too much cleavage you actually still do get quite a bit of coverage really no side boob and you

have this just beautiful open rounded back my only thing about the size medium is that i do feel like i have a little bit of extra space in this region it's not crazy so i'd say if you're in between sizes definitely size up [Music] next i got the

timeless top there are two tops launching and they're both very similar but this is the one i have it's just a super lightweight top kind of borderline sheer so if you get this in the white color which it also comes in you probably will see some color through

so that is actually a good option if you're trying to show like the color of your sports bra underneath or something and you either don't like to wear just a sports bra or your gym doesn't allow it which is stupid anyways the fabric itself is lightweight but it

also has these little like panel details in this very nice lightweight mesh a very classic tank i'm wearing this in a size small and the fabric is really stretchy and super lightweight so i don't think you need to size up to avoid it being tight in any areas

definitely like more true to size it's not a skin tight top either i do have a little bit of relaxed room down here so it is more of a casual fit i love the little mesh panel details you can see the color of what you're wearing underneath it

especially with the white the white i think is actually a little bit see-through even in this part so just keep in mind if you're like oh my gosh i don't want to see the color of what i'm wearing underneath the white might show that and then they also

have the mesh panels on the back on the top part it is a full length with a slight scoop hem and a little logo next we have a lounge set this is the goal digger set not gulge digger but goal hashtag goals they have a thick elastic waistband

but they also have a little drawstring they have two little front pockets they're pretty plain in the back if you got the balance lounge set from the last launch i'd say that these are slightly more of a slouchy fit and they also are a little bit longer so

i personally prefer these ones to kind of lounge around the house than the balance ones the fabric is a super plush stretchy knit fabric and it is slightly brushed on the inside but it's not as brushed as the balance set it's still like super soft though they're just

kind of a basic lounge short i will say that i definitely have a lot more coverage of the glutes than the balance set shorts so i do definitely like that i feel like this is more of a slouchy relaxed fit they have the two front pockets it's a

very plush stretchy comfy fabric i also prefer this fabric to the last one it has like a little knit marled fabric detail but as you can tell there's just like a lot of fabric here i am wearing a size up for my normal legging size but this is

the same size that i was wearing in the executive pocket shorts but i'm just going to show you like how much room there is on the waist so it's definitely a relaxed fit i would go with your normal legging size potentially even size down depending on how you

want these but i do not think i would size up because these will still be relaxed fit in your normal size they have a little scoop detail on the leg here i feel like the inseam actually isn't that long itself but the whole shorts themselves are just kind

of long so i feel like i'm just getting a pretty good amount of coverage they go up to my belly button i'm never crazy about lounge stuff i prefer to review the leggings for you guys because i feel like this kind of speaks for itself they're just kind

of long shorts but here they are [Music] and to match that there's the gold digger pullover it's kind of just like this boat neck style little cropped sweatshirt the same very plush stretchy fabric and these also have a little cuff at the sleeve with a little thumb hole

and the little neck detailing is the same as the little cuff sleeve so let's try it on all right so here's a little pullover and like i said you're really not seeing a lot of midriff here i have a very long torso i do have my torso measurements

down below but if you have a shorter torso than me you're probably not going to have any skin showing it's probably going to be kind of like like this this isn't a hoodie or anything it's just kind of like an open neck little sweatshirt thing very plush fabric

it is actually decently warm and they do have the little cuffs on the sleeves for little thumb holes i am wearing a size small and i still do actually have some room so this is also a relaxed fit i would go with your normal top bra size if

you're in between potentially even size down but this one already comes as a relaxed fit so i don't think you need to size up for the extra space and the last clothing pieces we have which i'm super pumped about are these suits so they just have the boss

blazer and then they have three options for pants i have the vp pant but they also have the boss pant which i do know a little bit about that so i know a lot of people are saying like this is a horrible time to like come out with

like suits and stuff because we're all like working from home but as someone who doesn't wear suits often i still feel like this is something you always need in your closet like i needed suits for my dental school interviews and i literally had none i will still need

professional attire for future interviews future professional events i've never seen a suit as something like oh this is something i need to wear right now this is something i just want in my closet for events like that another reason why i'm excited especially for the pants is because

i literally don't even own any suit pants because a lot of brands will say that their pants are stretchy and they still just like cling to my thighs and my calves which are very like meaty muscular part of my body and have always just made me feel really

insecure and really not confident and i have already tried on these pants and they did actually look good on me so that was a big step so that just really got me excited because now i actually have a pair of suit pants where i don't look you know

weird in them because they're clinging to my legs in a weird way so these do have a four-way stretch and when they say stretch like they really mean stretch it's 70 nylon 30 spandex let me just say like they like truly do have a lot of stretch to

them let's just talk about the blazer first so i got the boss blazer in onyx i got it in a size small usually i'm kind of like between a small and medium and suit jackets i would just recommend getting your normal size slash smaller size because you don't

need that extra space to like compensate when they're really tight you know some work clothes are so tight sometimes like they've zero stretch to them so it's just a classic blazer it does come with a little extra button in case one of the buttons does fall off the

pockets on the jacket are actually like real pockets and they are open i will say that the fabric is a little bit shiny you can kind of tell on camera it's not like a super matte fabric it's also not quite as structured as a classic suit it is

slightly more of a slouchy look i think it still does come across as like a normal suit but you can tell when i put it on you don't have as much of a structure and like crisp lines as a normal suit i feel like this is probably the

most important thing to review because they've really never launched a suit or not even really never launched a zoo they have never launched a suit so this is a size small which like i said before i'm kind of between a small and medium but i definitely think the

small is totally fine for me i'm just wearing a sports bra underneath because i wasn't gonna like put on like a shirt usually my issue with suits is that they're a little tight on the bust area but as you can tell it's really not pulling on this area

i think that the suit runs maybe a tad bit big the sleeves are actually a perfect length on me so if you're on the shorter side the sleeves might be a little bit long on you they're good for me but they kind of have to make them long

in case you need to like hem them because you can't make things longer but you can make things shorter so i just buttoned one of the buttons here they do have two black buttons they also have a little clasp guy on the bottom so you can kind of

make sure it doesn't come apart so here it is all buttoned up and then you have to clasp on the bottom so this part is not going to come undone either i'm not sure if that's like a common issue in suits or not in terms of shape i

think it's pretty fitted pretty nice it's not too tight in the back i don't know if this is considered like baggy for a suit or not but as you can tell with this fabric first of all i do wish it was a little more of a matte finish

it is a little bit shiny so i feel like in certain lighting like right now i have some bright lights on it it's definitely you can definitely see the shine and sometimes that just kind of gives off the appearance of like cheap and this isn't like your classic

jacket with a ton of structure big shoulder pads or anything i would say it's almost on the more relaxed side of blazers i feel like i'm just talking in circles so we're just gonna move on to the pants then we have the vp pant which is made of

the same material as the jacket so it does have slightly more of a shine to it and it still is super stretchy and i would say like slightly slouchier than some suit pants but i feel like the pants look a little more normal than the jacket like it

looks like it has a little more structure than the jacket i really love these pants not only because they actually like fit me for once and like that's huge they're super stretchy and they're actually high waisted they actually don't have a classic button and zipper down the front

middle it has no details around here it's just very simple which i think is really nice sometimes a button and zipper can kind of like increase the fabric in the region make it a little more baggy so i think this kind of makes it look a little more

sleek but to help it get on it does have a zipper down the side but it's one of those zippers that like you can't even really tell it's in the air once you zip it up it comes with just this like little fabric belt thing which you can

kind of tie in a little bow i'll show you to make it maybe a little more feminine they do have two pockets in the front and these are real pockets that fit actual things but the pockets in the back are not real pockets which i don't really mind

because sometimes like sometimes pockets can kind of like crinkle up and not look very good so these ones do not have real pockets and they also have a slight like kind of like contour detail in the back it's not gonna make people look at you and be like

oh your work pants have a booty contour but i still feel like it is like slightly flattering these are also about a 25 to 26 inch inseam and the rise is about 12 inches so i will include photos of that i'll step back and show you the length

in a minute but as you can see these definitely are a high waist they're going up just about to my belly button they do have little belt loops and i really like this kind of like more flat seamless front without the button i don't i feel like it

just sits a little better and looks a little nicer they do have real pockets so you can actually put stuff in here the zipper is on the side it doesn't have any of those clasp things that like most pants do but the zipper is very seamless and it's

really not budging so i think it will stay put quite well and this is my normal size small i almost thought about sizing up to a medium in these and i'm really glad i didn't first of all they're like super stretchy like i could low-key workout in these

like there's no i've had leggings with more resistance than these i could actually benefit from taking in the waist just a little bit so i would definitely go to the size chart and fit these to you based on your waist size because this is the only area that's

really going to restrict you everything else is super stretchy so i honestly think i could have maybe even done an extra small on these but i might just get them taken in a little bit honestly i've had to tailor every single pair of business pants that i've had

so it's nothing new for me and another reason to go a size down is there's a little bit of extra fabric here but like i said they do run a little big and you're not gonna have an issue with a stretchiness if you size down and here's the

back i feel like it's flattering on the booty but i also don't think it's like giving you that saggy butt appearance that some business pants can have you do have the slight little v contour detail it's super subtle though so i don't think it's like inappropriate you know

the fabric's pretty lightweight i wouldn't call it like thin but honestly i'm gonna squat test these just for fun i don't really know i can't really see but i assume that they're fine and then you have the belt which is just really like a long string of the

same fabric you can put any belt you want into this it's not like you can only use this belt like these are standard belt loops you can fit a regular belt in here but if you want you can kind of have like a simple little tie maybe a

little more feminine or tie it into a little bow i should probably be better at bow tying but you know what i mean i feel like it's actually kind of cute but if you do tie a bow like this just know that the suit jacket doesn't fit over

it as well you can you can like definitely tell there's something underneath it so if you are going to tie it like this this is something that i would just wear with a top and no jacket or at least with a jacket open the pants also kind of

have this little panel detailing that goes down the side it's very subtle but also kind of elongates the legs a little bit okay so here's a full length view of the pants i popped on some heels because it felt wrong to review these barefoot they're actually basically a

full length on me like i don't feel like these are too short on me by any means so these are a nice tapered leg and they have a lot of stretch to them but sometimes stretch business pants can kind of cling to your legs in weird places and

while they definitely do hug my thighs and my calves as all pants do i feel like they're still falling very nicely on my legs and i don't feel like they're clinging to the areas and like looking awkward about it like you can tell they're tight here a little

looser here tight here and then they come apart again at the bottom but i feel like overall the shape of these is really nice so i hope that was helpful about the pants regardless of the shine i still really like these and i'm just a fan so those

were the vp pants they also have the boss pants which do have a button and a zip up in the front so that's the only difference i know now moving on to the new game changer bags and i believe these are called the lux game changer bags i'm

not really sure but they're definitely new and improved so i don't have the prices of anything yet i never have the prices this far in advance but the original game changer bags were around like 90 which i know it could seem expensive and like it is expensive but

in terms of like getting a high quality tote bag i don't know if i've found a tote bag that i really like for anything less than that i'm not like a huge bag person i'm kind of just like get one staple bag and just use it so i

don't think it's bad in that case because i've used it like every single day and my old game changer has literally held up so well like there's nothing wrong with it and i've used it for almost an entire year now so i personally think that the quality is

really on point so to answer the question of do i think the game changer bags are worth it do i think they're high quality yes 100 yes this is my old one that i've had for a year now and there's literally not even scratches on it like it's

still in really good condition and this one does have a lot of upgraded features so yes they're worth it but i will say if you already have a game changer bag i'm not sure that i would like rush to upgrading to this one unless you like are in

dire need of a new one but i know me personally if i had a game changer bag they already last really long i'm not gonna tell you like you need the new one because i don't really think you do but if you don't have a game changer bag

yet and you've been wanting to get one i do think that the new one is a little bit nicer than the older ones so these come in a couple different colors they come in voyager which is a navy with silver accents they come in onyx which is black

with gold accents so this one does actually have gold accents i believe that the old black ones had silver accents so if you like black and gold they have leblanc which is a white with a white accents which i actually haven't really seen and then there's also luxor

which is emerald green with gold accents these now come in a dust bag which the last backpacks came in as well but i do think it's a nice little touch and now we'll go into some of the details in comparison to the old game changer bag so both

bags are vegan leather but they're definitely different this one as you can see stands up a lot straighter and it has a lot more structure to it like you can just tell when i kind of bend the fabric it's just it's very thick and this one is a

lot more soft and relaxed this is also like a pebbled leather as you can see it has like those little like pebble leather details so this one's still like a lot more soft in shape i will say once you like put more stuff in it like your laptop

and like fill it it does hold its shape still but this one is empty and it holds its shape without any stuff the zipper detailing is also slightly different on the new game changer bag it is a branded zipper and it also has like a more sturdy little

leather thing here and this is the old one and it's just like a regular zipper with no logos or anything and it's like a square shape are you gonna try to bite this it's kind of hard to see but the straps are slightly longer on the old game

changer it goes down like farther than the new one the lining in the old bag had the buff bunny logo kind of all over it and the new one is just very simple and plain so there is still a laptop compartment the padding on this one feels a

little more firm in my opinion and you have this nice little leather clasp thing you have the same thing on this one too this little leather clasp also yeah i just have a toothbrush in here just dental student things so it's very similar but this one was supposed

to be for a 15 inch laptop and this one i hear it's for 16 inches so i will do the measurements real quick then the inside is pretty basic this down here is just the meal prep compartment for when it kind of like fills up it usually flattens

out to the bottom of the bag so keep in mind when you put stuff in the meal prep compartment you are taking away space from the inside of the bag and then you have the little inside zipper so you open it up just got a big zipper pocket

and then you have two little like pockets in here that i usually put like a chapstick and whatnot in and then you have the best part you have the meal prep compartment it looks like decent size but it's actually a lot bigger than you think like that goes

up like pretty high i can like extend my hand and then you also have it going down this way and down this way so you can fit a good amount of stuff in here i usually get questions if i put like an ice pack in here or anything

and i usually honestly don't i usually just put my lunch in here and it stays cool enough for me until i get to lunch time to either heat up my lunch or eat my cold salad okay so at the top this one is around 21 inches and the

top of this one is the same so they look about the same in width and in height the new one is 12 inches and the old one is more like 11 inches so the new one is about an inch taller this one across is a little more than

15 inches if you can see it's technically around 10 but i feel like you could fit a laptop in here up to like 11 inches tall just because you do have a little extra space in the diagonal you can technically fit a laptop up to 17 inches in

diagonal the old one is only about 14 inches wide and the height is also about an inch shorter as well so in terms of diagonals for this one you're only fitting a 16 inch diagonal and kind of a little accessory to the bag they are also coming out

with game changer wallets which i am so bummed but i did not get one so i can't really give you an in-depth review on it but it comes in onyx and voyager which is the navy color made of the same like thicker vegan leather it also comes with

a metal chain to turn it into like a crossbody purse and it has tons of space like you have room for your keys your phone tons of cards and it has a few little coin pockets it also has one of those little detachable sleeve things like just for

like a couple cards and your id so you don't have to take the whole wallet with you every time and you also don't have to like worry about like transferring everything to like a new wallet if you have like a smaller purse if you're looking for a more

in-depth review on the game changer wallet i recommend checking out gabrielle tongle's review she did a super in-depth review on the wallet she also did a comparison of the new game changer bag to the old one so feel free to check out her review i'll also link that

down below okay finally on to the pieces that i did not get so i did not get the dreamy leggings which are the second pair of no front seam leggings that are launching in this launch so they're kind of a more simple version of like the legacy leggings

they're super plain and simple so they have a seamless waistband they have no front seam just a classic crotch gusset and really no details down the leg so like a very simple legging kind of like the rosa legging except with no front seam is how i would kind

of think of it but they're not made of the newbury fabric or the energy fabric so they're not the same material as the rosa leggings or the lip likings they're a different material i haven't tried this material so what i've heard is that it's also a soft brushed

fabric but it does have more compression than the newbury rosa leggings i've also heard that the energy fabric is definitely a little more lightweight and stretchier than the dreamy fabric those also have a bra that goes with it it's the resource bra made of the same new fabric

it definitely looks like a light support and it has a really cute strappy back detail and the back straps are movable so you can kind of adjust it if you want the straps a little wider or a little narrower as your preference there's also the supply and demand

set which is more of like a lounge legging set it's made of a super stretchy ribbed material i have heard that the material is like very very stretchy so so i would definitely consider sizing down in these i heard that some people got their normal size in the

leggings in the top and they kind of wished that they had size down the supply top has a deep v front and a scooped detail in the back the demand leggings do have a front seam made of the same ribbed material super stretchy and i've seen some people

work out in them but most people have said that they are more of a lounge legging so not really something that they would take to like at least high intensity workouts and they have minimal compression and a lot of stretch they also have new naughty tops coming out

which is the same style of naughty tops they're basically little cropped tees with a little knot detail in the front and it looks like they have some kind of marled fabrics they also have the power hoodie which comes in some bright summery colors as well as black they

have that nice little mock neck little wrap detail which i loved from the sweatshirts from the last fall launch they had it just kind of like keeps your neck a little extra warm so potentially not the best for summer but if it's getting cold where you are that's

an option and they also have thumb holes and they're just made of a classic sweatshirt material there's also the empire top which is the same materials as the timeless topic i got except it's all solid material in the front and the whole back is a mesh there's also

the heart on your sleeve top which appears to be a full mesh and it has a little heart on the sleeve and it also has a bunch of writing in french on the front and it's just a super lightweight kind of see-through mesh and for the lingerie which

i didn't get there's the illusion set which is a bralette set and there's also the agency set which looks like a little more of a classic bra but those come in black and white i don't know much about them but they are just full lace lingerie all right

guys so that's it for the review that was very long i literally just spent my entire saturday filming that my top picks for the launch have to be the legacy leggings the alpha sports bra the confidential leggings and the vp pants if you are looking for business attire

in the game changer bag if you're looking for a game changer bag there are a lot of hits from this collection i'm really excited for the launch i didn't say it at the beginning but i'll put it on the screen but the launch is happening at 1 pm

cst on august 22nd gosh there's always so many things to mention i always forget stuff if this review helped you at all please feel free to use the code catherine at checkout again it's not a discount code it's just a support code kind of let them know i

sent you and if you do use that let me know again and i'll enter you in my monthly giveaway also feel free to dm me with any questions try to do that by friday before the launch so i have time to reply to everything because sometimes on the

day of the launch things get kind of crazy and i don't have time to reply to things like within two minutes thank you guys so much for watching please make sure to subscribe if you're not already and i'll see you next time bye