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Casual Comfortable Style[0:00:00] There’s a rumor out there that I sleep ina suit.

Guys, that’s not true.

On my days off, I do dress down.

However, when I’m going to the grocery storehead to the post office, I still like to look good.

Today’s video is how to look great whenyou’re dressed down.

[Music]So, I’m breaking this video up into two parts.

First up, I’ve got the five rules that everyman needs to follow when he wants to look sharp, look great, but still dressed down.

Next up, I’m going to get into all theseclothing behind me.

I’m going to talk about individual piecesthat should be in your wardrobe.

Are you ready? Rule number one.

Respect the dress code.

So, if it calls for a business attire, itdoesn’t matter how great your casual outfit is, it does not meet the dress code requirementand therefore it’s the wrong clothing.

So, guys, just pay attention.

There is always a dress code even if it’sunwritten, unspoken, you need to pay attention.

Make sure that you dress appropriately becauseI think casual clothing that’s great, I absolutely love it, I think you can look sharp, but it’s not going to fit the need if it calls for formal, semi-formal, or businessattire.

Next, know the style pyramid – fit, function, and fabric as it applies to casual clothing.

First up, let’s talk about fit.

So, when you’re buying business clothingespecially a suit, you’re going to get that adjusted to fit you oftentimes because thecompany has a tailor right there that can adjust it, not always with casual clothingand this is where a lot of guys drop the ball.

Understand, fit is king.

A company that may be had one size fits all, that’s not great because one size does not fit all.

You want to find one that actually breaksit out into multiple different sizing categories, so you’re more likely to get the perfectfit.

So now, let’s talk about function.

Both of these right here they are jacketsboth of them are great, but the style is very different.

This is a casual bomber style, so it’s goingto fit into the dress code category, casual maybe ultra casual.

This jacket over here is going to be casual, business casual because of the style.

So, make sure when you’re picking piecesyou understand the function of where it’s going to fit in the dress code.

Now, let’s talk about fabric and that’sthe build quality that’s the actual material that the clothing is made from.

You can also see how fabric has an effecton formality.

So, luxury fabrics such as wool are oftentimesgoing to be the most formal of the casual fabrics, then cottons, and then synthetics.

Now, I love synthetics and where they’vegone in the last twenty to thirty years, but it is something that synthetics in generalare going to be more casual.

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The next rule of casual dressing, nail yourgrooming.

Guys, I think grooming is more important whenyou dress casually than even when you’re dressed sharp in a suit.

So, let’s talk about your hair.


So, you want to make sure it’s cut, makesure your hair looks good like you put in some effort.

Carry a comb if needed.

Keep your hair in check.

Next up, let’s talk about facial hair.

The key here, you don’t want it to get outof control.

So, if you’re going to the gym on a weekendmaybe you’re not going to shave, but if you’re potentially going to meet with aclient right afterwards, yes, you do want to shave, you want to get the job done.

Electric razor right in your vehicle, youcan shave right before you go into the gym.

Now, if you’ve got a beard, use a beardtrimmer.

Don’t let that thing get out of control.

I like beard, but I don’t like somethingthat’s all over the place, it makes you look like grizzly Adams.

Next up, your nose hair.

Gentlemen, have a nose hair trimmer and useit.

Next up, let’s talk about accessories.

So, you’re taking a weekend trip, well, this one right here this backpack, I love backpacks, but they scream student.

So, this one right here, it screams stylish, a very nice leather weekender.

Understand, guys, accessories carry more weightwhen you’re dressing casually because your clothing isn’t grabbing as much attention.

So, the accessories, you may want to bringin a bracelet, maybe you want to wear earrings, have a necklace, maybe a nice watch, and sunglasses.

Don’t forget, guys, great shades can levelup your style.

So, the next rule is to understand that colorand texture have a lot more weight in casual style than they do in formal styles becauseformal styles what we’re going to see, black, gray, dark blue, those are going to dominate.

But, all of a sudden in casual styles, youcan start to bring in dark rich hues of red and a variety of other colors and they’regoing to look great, they’re going to be right at home.

[0:05:07]So now, I’m going to talk about color and texture wearing a number of these jacketsand kind of show you guys the differences.

So, this jacket right here, the style is aquilted jacket.

That right there is casual and then the colorright here is a brighter green, this is going to be a very casual sporty jacket.

Now, let’s look at this jacket, similarstyle, it’s a quilted jacket, but notice that it has buttons.

Buttons are going to be more formal than azipper.

Also, notice the color, it’s a deeper green.

This is going to be slightly more formal thanthe other jacket I was wearing.

So, notice we’ve stuck with the color green, but we’ve gone to a totally different style of jacket.

This is going to be more of a moto/bomberstyle.

And, we’ve gone to a suede, a textured leatherthat is actually going to be pretty casual, but is going to be a step up from those othertwo jackets I just showed you.

So, I switched colors now, but we’ve stuckwith another classic design, but it actually is a great functional piece keeps you warmand, again, I think adds a lot of style.

So, that’s a quick hack, if you want toadd any bit of style to your casual outfit, throw in a classic piece.

Sticking with blue, but going much more casualwe’ve got the denim jacket aka the trucker jacket.

I’m going to recommend that if you’regoing to wear this, wear this as outer wear and make sure that with your pants your trousersor whatever you’re wearing it with, do not go with an exact match.

So, colors like these I think would work greatwith the dark blue that you see here.

So, now, I’m wearing a jacket again, butnotice the style, a style that you guys are used to seeing me in my more formal look, but this is a classic design.

Now, we’re missing something here and, boom! I look much better.

Guys, remember anytime on a jacket that you’vegot that breast pocket, stuff it with a pocket square.

So, now, we’re getting to some rapid firestyle advice.

This is great for game day, but stains andage, nope, this isn’t something you normally want to wear.

Now, this right here, very casual becauseof the overall style, all the details we see on this.

It’s nice, but it is very casual.

This is going to be a step up, its simplicityand its overall fit and design, also the nice drape and the makeup of the fabric.

Now, this right here, I think is even a stepup, the darker blue color.

It actually look great with a pair of bluejeans.

And then, this right here, wear a casual shirtunderneath, wear this over the top and that’s even going to be a higher level than a hoodie.

Now, vest, I absolutely them.

I think they can elevate your casual stylewardrobe.

The easiest way to bring this in is to gowith dark solid colors that are already used in your sports jacket collection or your otherjacket collection.

Now, when it comes to your casual shirts, maybe you don’t want to branch out, you’re scared to change up the color.

Well, guys, you guys know I love a dark blue, but change up the style just a bit.

So, all of a sudden I’ve got a pocket righthere, I’ve got contrasting buttons.

Maybe you like the light colored blue, tryan entirely different style.

This one, more of like the denim type of westerncowboy, it’s got the double breast pockets, it’s got the snap buttons.


So, natural earth tones, they work for me.

It’s not going to work for every color complexionout there.

But this right here an unusual color, butI think actually works great on my skin tone.

This one, again, a little bit different andsomething that’s very casual, but, again, is going to work for my tones.

And what’s fun is when you start bringingin some of these combinations.

This look right here, I absolutely love it.

Now, I know some of you guys are saying, Antonio, you said to bring in color.

Yes, you can bring in color, but understandthat brighter colors usually make something less formal and less interchangeable in yourwardrobe.

I love this, but this is going to stand outand if I were to go with a color like this same exact style, but this is going to betterwork in my wardrobe.

All right, gents, so I know a lot of you guyswant more.

You want more information on the Henley, moreinformation on the hoodie, how to bring this into you wardrobe, check out this video, howto build your ultra casual wardrobe how to dress ultra casual with style.

I get into athleisure I get into a numberof other pieces I normally don’t talk about in this video right here.

All right, guys, so let me know down in thecomments what do you think of this video.

And, don’t forget, go check out Public Rec.

If you have not been to their website in awhile, you’re going to enjoy it because they’ve got all new colors, they’ve got new designs, and I absolutely love the all day every day all the different options they got for thepants over there.

I’m linking to them down in the descriptionwith the best discount code you’re going to find out there.

Use it or lose it, guys.

Great company, I’m proud to support them.

And, let me know what do you think of thisoutfit? So, randomly I put this together as I’mfilming the video and I’m like, I like this.

I didn’t even think about this combination.

I felt like, again, gray is non-color, soit’s going to work with almost any shirt out there.

The trousers, I need to change them up, I’vegot gray trousers on.

Almost looks like I’m putting together asuit, but I think a dark blue jean with – with this combination here, oh, yeah, this is goingto – this looks good.

I’m going to probably wear it in anothervideo.

That’s it, gents.

Take care.

I will see you in the next video.

[0:09:58] End of Audio.