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welcome to fashion and beauty trends around the world good news fashion and beauty Today we have 15 outrageous moments fashion today had been censured This holder is fashion point elpais.

com before social networks will They give voice to people used to do fashion frivolizando box with topics more delicate some of these examples are the rise of porno chic campaigns glorifying drug use or felaciones brands insinuated that exploiting the sexualization of their models pictures with signs of violence physical rehabilitation and many more we read very controversial situations blue is changing both radio.

com fashion technology in editing Colombiamoda 2019 festival will be this microsoft showing a series of advances technology that give a glimpse of what holds fashion to join the technology in a holder of the colombiano.

com gateway to life Real in February 1966 the designer Paco Rabanne Spanish independence After working for balenciaga Cardin and Givenchy to Dior you do overhand made a 12 parade dressed in wearable plastic plates made of three months later a club dancers night wore clothes beach Plastic work is one of many Examples of these designers They present their proposals in parades fashion and generate in people concern and that who is going to put we have the vanguardia.

com week Fashion the incendiary heat wave that has suddenly officiated the country subjecting them to a mating incandescent in recent weeks has I brought more heat advance if Although all have craved Embrace the start of winter this time relieve the Luciferian mercedes benz delivery seventieth Fashion Week Madrid landed in capital last weekend and she perpetuating summer proposals for next year we the point is united fashion industry Fashion in the US concerned about the rising production costs American fashion industry has shared concern about the trade wars with China fear the same could hinder their business and supply in the next years in a holder fashion network puntocom Kenzo Takada presents its collaboration with cases in Colombia on his second visit to Colombia Japanese designer based in Paris since more than 50 years he presented his latest collaboration perfumery and makeup brand and ibón for xataka local market that was one of Special guests edition Colombiamoda 2019 where he participated with the trans talk category extension brand to other industries and continuing product categories fashion network Colombiamoda opens its doors in a fashion and business environment knowledge Colombiamoda opened officially on Tuesday morning The trade show presents 570 brands in a space of 30, 000 square meters 12, 000 domestic buyers and international and writings the organization expects to receive 80, 000 visitors in the three days of this year 20% more than in 2018 we read of fashion network tire shoes hard shoes as life in south sudan they tell them I read a lot of what the dialect yubá Arabic means you'll die and they will continue slippers made from old tires that have become an economical solution and so hard as life in South Sudan but with a particular charm and style elpais.

com have to record high at auction for some old Nike figure 437 thousand dollars doubling the previous world record paid in an auction of sports shoes the couple more Christmas 1972 Full The collection of 100 models World rare continue with the País.

com news and bags need this season have this louis fabric skin Vutton ep stars in the new collection French accessories signs a series of backpacks and fanny bags of urban style and pop finally flashes elpais.

com have of textiles Colombian craft conquers the world brad pitt of the month through the herzog study architecture and meuron and the Colombian textile craft has conquered the world and has become an instrument transformation social of the country thanks to a new generation of artists and entrepreneurs and on our last news of the day Inexmoda we press room puntocom the Hawaiian holder opens in Colombiamoda 2019 trends and innovation are part of the edition 30 the most important fashion event of Colombia where Hawaiian brand World's most beloved sandals will participate to show the public the range comfort and joy transmits each of his designs through its gateway in partnership with alexandra good and andariega collection here's news today We hope our next installment News about fashion and beauty you We invite you to visit our website www point style point for the whole club Beauty fashion information and advice Image and subscribe to our networks social to inspire with photos graphic videos and more StylePoint.