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welcome to fashion and beauty trends around the world welcome today we end the week with the following fashion news item read mx Turkish eye summer trend in fashion jewelry decoration and amulets They tread hard but one in especially you see everywhere the Turkish lucky eye this summer has It has been a whirlwind of trends among them there has been an explosion in the use of Turkish eye for the charm attract good omens and good luck different fashion pieces and fashion decoration read about the país.

com reconstructive jets When fashion and technology join forces in the era self and betiana Pavon wins twelfth edition Samsung project dedicated to innovation talents Emerging fashion with a proposal functional through supplements technological technology takes years and It is a fundamental part of our lives and fashion continues to draw on This fashion agents either designers and media brands specialized communication have been giving the emergence of new agents from stage to blogs arrival of the undisputed influencers Instagram into a holder infobae.

com fashion in high snow tailoring and sewing fabrics bariloche renowned designers and brands They presented their collections Autumn / Winter 2019 in Patagonia Argentina hand fashion week 'the bariloche high season has already begun and Fashion Winter also in this context Argentina Fashion Week 'called the verónica designers of Jorge Canal karina genoa sarton one day is for guide and adriana estrada and joseba the in to participate in the fashion bariloche 2019 Snow and present their new aurora script collections israel puntocom point and in my dal deivid coveralls global fashion festival authority jerusalem development ministry and property issues of Jerusalem and the municipality of Jerusalem proud to present the first Editing an interesting project is entitled coveralls is the name of a festival introduces the first such platform for designers academic artists and musicians share and explore new concepts narratives and frontiers in the field of the Moses had to elperiodico.

com Fashion grandson live a very fat Crisis that will change how consuming Few designers have so clear what their creative boundaries are we This statement surprised at first interview and assume that should be because as they usually go through all Jinn creativity does not have limits so the limit in these cases can be all or nothing df read puntocom fashion and beauty celebrate their 20 years of mercedes benz union in fashion week madrid brand that hides behind one of the most famous slogans world because you're worth it L'Oreal Paris It is celebrating its 20th anniversary celebration collaborating with the Mercedes-Benz Fashion week 'two decades in the fashion makeup and hairdressing have passed in the same gateway Curls have from elpais.


co released frizzy hair trend that goes beyond a fad as a liberación han calificado los seguidores de michelle obama ex primera dama de los eeuu su nuevo estilo pues ahora lleva su cabello al natural con rizos michelle dejó en el pasado su pelo liso y el tinte oscuro que lució durante su paso por la casa blanca y pasamos a un grupo de noticias the fashion network puntocom la primera inexmoda confirma la presencia de kenzo takada en colombiamoda 2019 kenzo takada el diseñador franco japonés fundador de la marca queso y presidente honorario de la federación de costuras de asia estará presente en colombiamoda con una conferencia especial bajo la temática trans category la extensión de la marca a otras industrias y categorías de productos de la misma web la emblemática camisa de kart lagerfeld será reinterpretada por un selecto grupo de personalidades y Karl Lagerfeld had a favorite outfit this must be its iconic white shirt which generally used with a Black silk tie these shirts well starched were the inspiration for the recent tribute to the great missing designer to take place this fall chubut sugar with which a group Creative will hold to prison reinterpreting its iconic white shirt network of fashion have also Mendoza launches a catalog of textile entrepreneurs of the province the Ministry of Culture of Mendoza He presented on Wednesday July 10 initiative textile am a catalog which includes online entrepreneurs sector in this province in another holder fashion salons network berlin fashion have results last January fashionable salons Germans appeared to be in full swing today the sky seems darker still this seasonal pause is not abnormal the Summer editions salons Berlin fashion have almost always been less frequented than January the same web thousand and bobby associated braun to converse for a new collection Milipol and brawn becomes the youngest contributor to discuss the Stranger Things star of only 15 years has designed an entire collection Chuck Taylor All Starz the shoe more iconic American brand ocean around one of the thematic Preferred fashion actress network also read the designer Ecuadorian Fabricio seller and Pisa strong catwalks in Madrid the seller and designer Fabricio He turned the July 4 the first Ecuadorian to present its mercedes benz collection in fashion week Madrid was first revealed Once its proposal for summer 2020 called Colorada in the capital Spanish and our latest news louis dot-com fashion network Vutton You can collaborate with Mexican craftsmen French fashion house Louis Vutton He released Wednesday that is in Mexican artisans to contact a possible collaboration in the production of a collection of chairs criticized by the Mexican government Bhutto said that by appropriating design as a craft has given AP know here the News today expect our next installment of news about fashion beauty and we invite you to our web www styles point to point club all beauty and fashion information image consulting and subscribe to our social to inspire with photos graphic videos and more StylePoint.