– President Trump Participates in a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at the Louis Vuitton Workshop –

[Music] [Music] thank you very much everybody very very much appreciated that we've had a tremendous date today in the Middle East we were a little bit unconventional and we did something that nobody's been able to do for many many years they've been trying to put things together so we went the unconventional way and they had some fighting and they said we don't like this fighting too much this is a little more difficult than people thought but I want to thank President Erdogan of Turkey I want to thank the Kurds in Kurd leadership I want to thank certain other countries that behind the scenes were helping us out and it's a tremendous thing Isis is totally under control and we're continuing to capture more we have a tremendous situation worked out in so many different ways and it's an honor to have been involved in it I want to thank vice president pence and Secretary of State Pompeyo they traveled through the night I don't know how safe this travel was and a lot of different reports going on but they they got there they did a fantastic job we sent some early representatives to the site and the area where they negotiated and we made a deal that's I think in the best interests of civilization it's beyond Turkey and beyond Syria and beyond all of the countries that could have been involved in a disastrous war where millions of people could have been killed the millions and millions of people could have been killed and we we were able to do something and I think we'll get it done I think now we get it done so we have a pause for a period of time ceasefire a pause and during that pause a lot of things are happening already they're starting to happen people want to see it happen and it was a great thing so I just want to thank everybody and Bernard I want to thank you for the incredible job you do you're one of the truly great business people but really visionaries it's much more than a business person I know a lot of great business people but they're not necessarily visionaries they're a very few you're an artist and a visionary I don't want to congratulate you because this is a great vision that you had for the state of Texas and for our country thank you very much today we continue the extraordinary revival of American manufacturing and we proudly celebrate the opening of the brand new Louis Vuitton a name I know very well it cost me a lot of money over the years it's a workshop right here in Johnson County Texas we're honored to be joined today thank you we're honored to be joined today by some of the great members of my cabinet they wanted to be here this is a very important event and we really do we work very hard on jobs our country is setting records on jobs in so many ways we have Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross Wilber thank you labor secretary Jeanne Scalia King thank you thank you Jean and a very good friend of mine who's been with me right from the beginning and somebody that's going to be going I guess at the end of the year I'm going to miss you so much a man who has been your long-term talented governor energy secretary Rick Perry Rick fantastic he's done a fantastic job for a long period of time and we really appreciate it the Department of Energy is far far progressed from those days three years ago when you took it over so thank you very much we'll be announcing the replacement and he I think it's a he in this particular case I think he'll do a fantastic job we worked on that together right Rick so thank you very much also joining us is your great Congressman Roger Williams a friend of mine a very brave gentleman too Thank You Roger and is this your territory Roger huh Wow I've known him for so long and now I go to your territory now I see why they like you and I know why they like you Roger thank you very much well I hope so they better it's Texas they'd like me at Texas I will say and our terrific US ambassador to France Jaime McCourt Jaime thank you very much great job but we're especially grateful to Barnard and everyone at Louis Vuitton and the Louis Vuitton family Alexandre I've gotten to know Alexandre he is going to be something I don't know he may surpass you do you mind that no I don't think so he's a special young man and global chairman thank you very much Alexandre where are you we don't lose him much with that right well how tall are you Alex that's great great thank you very much great job you're doing and global chairman and CEO Michael Burke Michael thank you very much good job then with the company a long time I understand that for oh is that so for 40 years he said before he was as tall as Alexander when he started great job and chairman a CEO for North America Danish mell Hwanhee whereas thank you very much great job you do also the president and CEO of Louie boot on America's own lanessa Elrod Thank You Vanessa thank you very much I want to thank you all for your confidence in the United States and your confidence and investment in the Lone Star State the great state of Texas you'll be very happy you'll be very very happy as Bernard mentioned we met shortly after the election to discuss my vision for creating an American manufacturing Renaissance through historic tax cuts and better trade deals and deregulation were making trade deals like nobody has ever seen before we just did one with China phase one will get it signed very quickly for the farmers far far bigger than anyone ever thought possible also financial services and many other things but the trade deals we've made with South Korea with Mexico Canada assuming the Democrats ever get it passed which is a question because they don't seem to like to make deals very much they they have to get that one done that's a very important transaction the u.


MCA and we're an testamento support we're joined also by Jared Ivanka who are both here today as where is Ivanka Jared stand up what a good job you do even though they're related to me just slightly I will tell you what a job Ivanka is responsible for 14 million jobs this year over the last couple of years with companies going out and training people and it's been an incredible success she started off two and a half years ago she wanted 500, 000 jobs that's a lot but it was typical Ivanka it ended up and now the number I think it just cost 14 million jobs going to Walmart going to ExxonMobil going to the great companies and they train people and the numbers are incredible and that's one of the reasons that our numbers are so good thank you very much and Jared great job you're doing thank you very much both Bernard had faith in that vision the vision of doing something right here in this incredible state and promise to bring a brand new factory to the United States and today Wow has he delivered he's really delivered this is someplace Johnson County is home to some of the hardest-working Patriots in America Louis Vuitton's 50 million dollar investment will be especially big and especially incredible to the small town of Alvarado a community of fewer than 5, 000 people and this workshop as they call it a very big workshop it's a great name though actually I could learn something from you about branding I like that the workshop but this workshop will soon employ 500 of the most highly skilled workers anywhere in the world no one can match the precision and perfection of an American artisan workers here will have great pay quality health care 401ks and by the way the 401k since my election have gone through the roof and nobody wants to see them be cut in half go down 82% they're going to go up they're only going in one direction but they are up 70 80 80 to 91% they've been up and when they get to go and press that lever to vote for who I have a feeling we're going to do very well very well as we've done in Texas and as we did in 2016 in Texas one of the reasons I love this state so much and also profit sharing every year Louie Vuitton will pay more than twenty six million dollars in wages and that number will increase even higher as the facility doubles to one thousand workers in a very short period of time every purse handbag and piece of luggage produced here in Johnson County will be made by hand and it will bear the symbol of excellence envied all around the world that it'll also have made in the USA stamped on it so we appreciate that made in the USA under my administration we believe that we can build it grow it or make it in the United States and we are doing that in record numbers today we have more people working in the United States that have ever worked in our country before almost a hundred and sixty million people working with jobs and doing well after losing 60, 000 factories under the previous two administrations we have now gained nearly 10, 000 new factories under my administration in just a very short period of time and they're coming in and in droves last year we saw the biggest increase in manufacturing jobs in more than two decades investments like the one we celebrate today have given the United States the hottest economy anywhere on earth nobody close since the election we have created more than 6.

4 million jobs we have gained seven hundred and seventy five thousand new jobs here in Texas including more than 70, 000 manufacturing jobs nearly seven million Americans have been lifted off food stamps median household income is increased by fourteen hundred dollars to a new all-time high and median I don't know if you've seen this but it was out yesterday median household income it's more than five thousand dollars higher and that doesn't include the tax cuts which is another two thousand dollars sample unemployment is at the lowest rate in more than half a century african-american and Hispanic American Asian American unemployment rates have reached the lowest levels ever recorded in the history of our country the Texas unemployment rate is the lowest in our history and I don't know if the governor is here right now he's going to be joining me in a little while but our governor has done a great job our lieutenant governor has done a fantastic job our senators I mean we have really we've got some fantastic people can everybody you've really done a brilliant job led by the former governor as we said because Ric was what we twelve years record twelve years as the how much yeah good okay good I thought you'd corrected me of hate to be corrected I'm glad I was let I was right these amazing achievements are the result of a policy that puts American workers first since our tax cuts and regulation cuts American companies have brought nearly one trillion dollars back to our shores money that could never have come back it was restricted would never have come back over a trillion actually it's now over a trillion dollars we've endow ended the war in American energy America is now the number one producer of oil and natural gas in the world with Texas producing 30% more natural gas and 60% more oil and that means more jobs higher wages and lower prices at the pump it's an incredible number we're forging a new trade agenda based on fairness and reciprocity maybe my favorite word reciprocal trade that includes replacing NAFTA which was a terrible deal with a brand-new US MCA which if adopted will be a massive win for the state of Texas its ranchers its growers producers farmers and factory workers companies around the world are realizing that there's never been a better time to hire invest build and grow in the United States of America this is the hottest time we've ever had it's incredible what's happening in our to maintain our nation's competitive advantage my administration started the pledge to American workers thanks to again Ivanka's leadership in this case private sector partners are going to producing many many more jobs over a very short period of time and today I'm pleased to announce that Louis Louie Bhutan is also signing the pledge ensuring an opportunity for all 1, 000 Texas workers here in Johnson County and I want to thank you so we have 1, 000 more workers so we can add on to the list Louie Bhutan thank you and it's truly fitting that the name of this facility is Rochambeau ranch named for the french general who helped General George Washington win the decisive battle of the American Revolution and secure American independence that's great today France remains not only our oldest ally but one of our most trusted and cherished we have a great relationship with France we have our little disputes with Emmanuelle every once in a while say hello to Emmanuelle but we're doing very well and France is a great country and a wonderful group of people we have a lot of fun and I do I like I like your president very much actually today with the help of a great French partner we are achieving a true victory for the people of Texas and the United States once again I want to express my deep appreciation to everyone at Louis Vuitton and to all of our incredible devoted skilled and beloved American workers and it's now my honor to cut the ribbon and officially welcome Louis Vuitton to the great state of Texas Thank You Bernard thank you thank you everyone [Music] you.