President Trump Remarks at Louis Vuitton Tour

The President: Hello.

How are you? Okay.

She's good.

The Press: Do you have aspecial relationship with Mr.

Arnault? The President: Well, I do.

And he was so nice to me.

And I said, “I'd love youto open up something in Texas or someplacein the U.


” And he's a greatgentleman, a great businessman.

And he's really an artist.

To me, Bernardis an artist.

And what he's done isincredible, not only here, but in terms of thebranding — the world of brands.

And it's an honor tohave him in Texas.

And he's goingto be very happy.

The Press: Thank you.

Tomorrow, there willbe tariffs on European products.

Why do you want to taxFrench wines and French cheese? And why won't you taxMr.

Arnault's handbags or champagne? For example — The President: Well, Ican't tax him because he moved to theUnited States.

So he was — The Press: Didyou discuss it? The President:He was way ahead.

I actually did discuss it.

He has no tariffswhatsoever because he's in the United States.

So we're veryhappy about that.

Very happy.

The Press: What about thewines and the cheese? Why — The President: Well, that's a different story, but — The Press: Sure.

The President: But theyowe us a lot of money.

Thank you very much.

(simultaneous talking) The Press: Did you watchMick Mulvaney's press conference, Mr.

President? The President:No, I didn't.

I wasn't able to see it.

The Press: Are you awarethat he suggested that there was some sort of aquid pro quo involved in Ukraine? The President:No, I didn't.

I heard he — somebodysaid he did a very nice job.

The Press: Do you knowwhen Rick Perry is going to leave? The President: You knowwhat I've been focused on today, very much? All of this, and also, ifyou look, Turkey and the great thing thathappened in Syria.

I don't know.

But Mick is a good man.

I don't know.

I have not heardanything about that.

The Press: Do you stillhave confidence in Mick? The President: I havea lot of confidence.

The Press: About Syria, Mr.

Trump, are you very satisfied withthe ceasefire? Is it the endof the crisis? The President: I thinkthis is beautiful.

I really thinkthis is beautiful.

I think the plant isincredible, and a great company.

Thank you very much.

The Press: Mr.

President, did Rick Perry offer his resignation to you, sir? The President: I know Rickhas been with me three years.

He's right here.

He's with us, right here.

And he's been outstanding.

And we already havehis replacement.

Rick has a done afantastic job in energy.

But it was time.

Yeah, three yearsis a long time.

And he'll be leavingtoward the end of the year — at the end of the year.

But his — in fact, Iwas going to announce it tonight at therally in Texas.

The Press: Who areyou looking at? The President: We have theman that we're going to — it's a man, in this case, we're going to be putting in Rick's place.

We'll be announcingit very shortly.

Okay? How are you? How are you? Good job, you do.

The Press: About theceasefire, Mr.

Trump, it's a big deal.

How did youmanage to get it? Is it the endof the crisis? The President: Thisis a great deal.

This is a great deal forTexas and for our country.

And to have thisincredible company and brand in Texas isan honor for all us.

The Press: No, butI mean with Syria.

What you got today — The President: Well, we're very happy.

And I want to thankPresident Erdogan of Turkey.

I want to thank all ofthe leaders of the Kurds.

Many people cameinto store for this.

And it was unconventional, but they saw that was not working out, whatthey were doing.

And we're very happy withthe way that worked out.

Very, very successful.

And now, over the nextnumber of days, things are going to happen that aregoing to be very positive.

There's a lot of goodwillgoing on right now in Turkey with the Kurds andwith everybody involved.

Many, many peopleare involved.

But I want tothank Mike Pence.

I want to thankMike Pompeo.

They did a fantastic job.

All of my representativeswho went over there two days ago, late in theevening, and got there — and not easy to do, andlittle bit dangerous to do, also — theydid a fantastic job.

The Press: And do youthink it's solved? It's over? The President: Yeah, I do.

I think it'llall work out now.

I think they needed anunconventional touch.

And I am veryunconventional, right? The Press: Were yousurprised by Rick Perry's announcement — decision? The President: No, Iknew six months ago.

He told me at the end ofthe year he'd like to go.

And he's got some ideasfor doing something else.

He's a terrific guy.

He's here with us now.

He's here.

He's right here.

The Press: Canwe talk to him? The Press: So whathappened on the plane today? Did he just formalize itand hand you the letter? The President: With what? Rick? The Press: Yeah.

The President: No, no.

Rick and I have beentalking for six months.

In fact, I thought hemight go a little bit sooner.

But he's got somevery big plans.

He's going to bevery successful.

We have his successor.

We'll announceit pretty soon.

The Press: Is itGovernor Abbott? The President:He'd be a good one.

The Press: Is it theGovernor of Alaska? The President: I'll tellyou, he would be a — they would be bothbe very good.

No, it's not.

But they bothwould be very good.

The Press: Do you have anycomment, sir, for Fort Worth, on the death ofAtatiana Jefferson, the woman who was foundkilled in her home? You just camefrom Fort Worth.

The President: No, Ithink it was terrible.

I think it was aterrible thing.

The Press: You have verylow unemployment rate in the U.


, and we have avery high unemployment rate in France.

How come? What's the recipe for — The President: Well, maybewe have a better President than you do.

(laughter) The Press: Are you anycloser to sending Anne Sacoolas back to the UK? The President:Thank you very much.

Thank you.