Q&A: Dlaczego NIE współpracuję z Louis Vuitton?

Hello my dear Today I have prepared another movie of Q&A series, which is – your questions and my answers to them.

This time I have decided to choose less questions than usually hoping that as a result I will create a film which will be a little shorter compared to usual ones.

Let me go to the heart of the matter.

1st question – What do you think about tattoos on women? Do you like them? Or do they repel you? I must admit that the questions regarding tattoos, appear in comments below my films for some time.

I am not sure why – however I have decided to answer this very question.

To put it straight – I have nothing against tattoos.

However, I must say, that I prefer tattoos on men rather than on women.

Certainly I am not a fan of women with tattoos all over their bodies, from feet to head, because in my opinion it looks disgusting, it reminds me of criminals, jail and for me it is a denial of femininity.

Woman who tattoos herself all over her body with different patterns etc.

In my opinion, if a woman wants a tattoo, then I would suggest only delicate, inconspicuous and tiny one.

For certain – woman with tattoos can not be considered as a woman with class.

For me tattoos are a complete denial of class and elegance.

Therefore, I would not recommend tattoos too all the women who are image-conscious and want to look classy and elegant.

As for me – I do not plan to get a tattoo.

One of the reasons is that I am afraid that after some time I would get bored with it, and later I would probably want to fix or remove it – which is far more painful than getting a tattoo in the first place To sum up, I will not decide to have a tattoo.

I do not have such a need.

Besides, I have noticed, that after some time tattoos lose their contours, and simply they look worse.

These are the reasons that I would be afraid of, as an esthete.

I would prefer to have a henna tattoo painted rather than a regular tattoo.

Next question – who is your favourite actor? Even though, I watch many movies, unfortunately I do not have my favourite actor.

I will probably dissappoint the person who asked this question.

Next question – do you believe in paranormal actvities? If yes – have you ever experienced it on your own? My dear I do not believe in any paranormal activities.

In my opinion this is nonsense.

People who are interested in it and also believe in it, probably do not have anything to do in life.

No ghosts, horoscopes, Zodiac signs – for me all of this is nonsense.

Obviously sometimes I can read about it, but just for fun only and not to worry about it or treat it very serious.

I've never experienced any paranormal activities.

In my opinion, people who believe in it, will somehow persuade themselves that they actually experienced some paranormal activities.

However I do not believe in it, never experienced it and I do not think it will ever happen.

Question – What time do you usually wake up? I believe that I have already discussed that many times.

I usually wake up at noon.

I consider myself an owl, meaning that I go to bed very late.

Night is the best time for me to think and to work – and that is why I go to bed so late.

That is the main reason why I wake up late.

I was thinking how it would be for me to be a lark – waking up and working very early.

Obviously it has its advantages, unfortunately I was not able to overcome my habits.

So I wake up at about noon.

Question – What is your shoe size? Is it easy for you to buy shoes at shops in your size? My shoe size is 39.

I remind you that I am 176cm tall.

Therefore my shoe size is a derivative of my height.

And I would say that it's quite common size.

I believe that sizes 38 and 39 are the most common.

It happens that I have problems with buying shoes in my size, especially during sales.

Actually I've noticed during sales that those sizes are the most popular ones.

So I believe that in this area I'm not so different from other women.

Question: Would you change your name if you could? Eventually on which one? Well, I can change my name whenever I want.

If I had wanted I would have done it a long time ago.

If I were to change my name, I must say, I dont know which name I would choose, because I've never thought about it.

Nevertheless, I don't really like my name: Dorota.

Which means – gift from the God.

Which in context of me not being a religiuos person is funny to say the least.

But as we know, it happens.

But I prefer Dorota than the name Kasia, which my father wanted to give me.

I'm very glad that I'm not Kasia.

It's a very popular name, and I think it would make me nervous.

So of two evils, I prefer Dorota.

But I've never thought about changing the name, so I don't have an idea which one I could eventually choose.

And I don't think that I will ever want to do that.

Question: Do you curse? It's also a regular question.

And I believe it partly comes from my image.

I don't know if it will be surprising for you or not, but I do swear.

What's more, I swear a lot, and I swear very often.

I believe it's the part of my character, my nervousness.

This helps me to relieve stress and tension.

But I never swear on air, or in social medias.

I don't do this, because firstly it is due to my respect for you, and secondly I know, that it doesn't bring anything into a discussion, so I dont see a sense in public swearing.

It doesn't bring any benefits for me or for you, so I will not make you listen to any invectives, swears etc.

Question: What touches you, and what are you grateful for? This is a very interesting question.

I really wanted to answer this one.

First I will answer the first part.

What touches you? Actually this question should be: are you touched by anything? I'm not very emotional.

I don't show emotions like love, friendship etc.

I took it from my childhood, owing to my family situation I got used to not showing emotions.

I have a poker face, rather than the one on which you can easily read emotions.

I'm moved very rarely, and when I am, then usually I don't cry.

Usually a person who is moved by something cries, It's not the case with me.

I don't often face emotional situations, but I can tell you that last emotionall situation in my life that almost moved me was my 31st birthday.

And the surprise that Karolina and Darek prepared for me.

This kind of things happen very rarely to me, so I was almost moved.

And it is an achievement.

And now the second part of the question: what are you grateful for? I think that all of you, who observe me in social medias know that I am an innately grateful person.

This gratefulness is very important for me while sizing others up, and choosing friends.

It is a very rare feature.

That's why it's so important for me.

Gratefulness is the sieve which I shed my friends through.

If I can say so.

And everyone who knows me, knows that I am grateful for everything.

I am not making this up, that's how it is.

I believe that you, my readers and viewers, know it, because every time I learn something thanks to you, or when you buy things reccomended by me, I always thank you for that.

Very often I thank you for spending your time on watching my program.

For writing to me, even though I can't reply all of your messages.

But even if I can't do it, I publish your messages on snapchat.

I thank very often.

Unfortunately, other people may not be as grateful.

There are not many grateful people around.

This is sad, but that's how it is.

The example of my gratefulness may be the situation when veterinary clinic Medicavet saved my cat, I was so grateful, I will be till the end of my life, because thanks to vets working there my cat Lord is alive, that I've decided to advertise this clinic, I go there every single time, and every time I advertise it unpaid.

Only because I am a grateful person.

I believe that I gave you enough examples of the things that I am grateful for.

Next questions consider family and children.

And the first question is: What do you think about women, whose only goal in life is to possess family? Generally, I don't weigh in others' lifes.

I don't care, because I have my own life.

I live the way I want, and I don't expect others to live my life.

I don't weigh in others' lifes, but if I were to give my opinion, I don't mind if all a woman wants in her life is to have a family, but for me decision in life, to possess ONLY family, as this is the question, is risky.

I should admire people who decide on it.

I will tell you why: devoting our entire life to family doesn't mean that our life will be good and we will be happy.

From my expierience it seems that family comes out best in pictures.

That it doesn't look like in American or Polish TV series, that families are so great, loving and helpful.

Often it is the opposite.

So we can live ideals, assume that we will devote our whole life to family, we will have beautiful, healthy and grateful children, but in the end it may turn out, that these children will be fatal, ungrateful, they won't keep in touch with us.

In the end we will be left home alone.

God forbid, our husband will leave us.

And our goal, our life will be ruined.

And what then? So for me, it is very risky, I would never decide on this.

I am too egoistic, moreover I'm old enough to know what life is like.

It sounded as if I were 80.

Unfortunately, life isn't a fairy tale.

So I wouldn't count on gratefulness or happy life if I devoted it to family.

So, from my perspective I would not recommend it.

Question: What do you think about women who decided on tubal ligation operation D: Sometimes I wonder where do you take this questions from.




what do you think about this method, and what do you think about having children? You seem a very egocentric person, focused on your life and career.



D: And this is the truth.

Q: .



in a positive way, but I remember that in one film you talked, joked, about being a mother.

Here is my question: Are you planning to have children, or will you leave it to fate? Cause as we know you like planning, and you are a well organized person.

I wonder if in this case as well? Do you have any specific plans? It is quite a complex question, but as far as tubal ligation operation is concerned, I will repeat again: It is none of my business.

If a woman wants a tubal ligation operation, let her do it.

Let everyone do in their lifes what they perceive right.

I don't interfere.

Never have I thought about doing something like this.

Yes, I am egoistic and egocentric, partly because of that I'm not a mother.

Even though I have two cats and a dog, who are absorbing, I believe they are less absorbing than children.

Children are a great responsibility.

And I'm not ready for this yet.

But, am I planning to have children? I believe that sooner or later I will decide, that it would be nice to have children.

And if I do, I will have a child.

Of course if I won't have any problems connected with getting pregnant.

For now, I am not planning to get pregnant.

If my plans change, maybe I will inform you, but currently I am not planning to have children.

On the other hand, If I got pregnant without planning, I believe it wouldn't be a tragedy Probably I would give birth to this child.

Question: How would you name your son or daughter, if you had them? I have no idea how I would name my children, as I am not planning to have them for now.

And I would focus on such prosaic things like a name for a child while being pregnant.

And now I don't see a sense in spending my time on such things.

Last thing, that I would like to discuss today is my cooperation, or rather its lack with Polish branch of Louis Vuitton.

In the past you repeatedly asked me if I cooperate with Louis Vuitton, especially when I published films considering this brand.

Every time I answered, according to truth, that not.

That I don't and didn't cooperate with Louis Vuitton, and I bought all the things I present in my films and social medias for my own money.

I didn't get them, I wasn't paid by Louis Vuitton for their promotion.

It would be very unprofessional of me to say that I have a cooperation with Louis Vuitton while not having it.

I'm an honest person, and I was telling the truth.

I know that there are plenty of Polish bloggers, who habitually say that they cooperate with a brand, even though it is not the truth.

I don't know, where it comes from, but it's neither professional, nor honest.

There is one more important thing.

While discussing cooperation with Louis Vuitton I mentioned, that Polish branch of this brand doesn't cooperate with any blogger.

I've asked about this repeatedly, and I always got this information and communicated it to you.

But, as you know, or not, on 6th April one Polish blogger.






announced in all her social medias cooperation with the Polish branch of Louis Vuitton.

What happended later, and is still happening is surprising for me.

After she announced this cooperation, I started getting plenty of emails from you from my blog readers and channel viewers considering this information.

I received plenty of private messages through Instagram, Facebook, also Youtube, and there were plenty of these messages.

In some point I stopped counting them.

For sure, at least 200.

So many people wrote to me considering this case, showing their surprise, very often disgust, and there was often a question in your messages: Dorota, why not you? Why didn't you announce the cooperation with the Polish branch of Louis Vuitton? And I must admit, that firstly I was surprised, especially that my knowledge about cooperation with Louis Vuitton was as I said, that Louis Vuitton doesn't cooperate with any blogger.

And when I started receiving your messages, thank you very much for them, they consisted of words of uplift and compliments.

Knowing that I can't answer your question, as I was also very surprised and not having any information about this, cause you know, I don't work at Louis Vuitton, I am not responsible for any cooperation.

I am only YouTuber who reviews Louis Vuittion products.

I was wondering what to do, as I couldn't answer your questions.

First thing I did was proposing you on Snapchat, not to write to me, as it didn't have any sense, although it was very nice , but I shared with you contact to Louis Vuitton, and I said, that if you want to get the answer, or write some nice words, write directly to Louis Vuitton.

As I know, you sent many messages, not only on the address I gave you, but also to sellers in Warsaw bouitiqe.

I thank you for that as well.

I decided to get to know something on my own as well I wanted to get the answer for you.

What I did, was that I decided to write to Louis Vuitton, to ask, what have happened.

I wanted to get the answer for your question, and give you some official information considering this case.

I sent this email to Louis Vuitton on 6th April, which is on the day, when the blogger mentioned announced her cooperation with Louis Vuitton.

On the day, when you started sending messages to me.

Soon I got the information, that I will receive the answer to my question ASAP.

Then I will be able to communicate it to you.

Answer your question.

In the meantime I did a few live transmissions on Instagram, as some time passed since 6th April.

During these lives I was observed on Instagram by 35 000 people, each time.

Even during these lives you regularly asked me about this.

About my opinion on Louis Vuitton's cooperation with the blogger mentioned.

How do I feel about this etc.

I intentionally didn't anwer these questions, because I was still waiting for Louis Vuitton's answer to my question, which I could share with you.

And what happened.

I got to know one thing, that the blogger mentioned doesn't have any official cooperation with Louis Vuitton, and for sure not a long- lasting one.

So I found about this very soon.

But, as I was informed, that I will soon get the answer from the Polish Louis Vuitton's PR department, considering the case discussed, I was waiting for days, without an answer.

Firstly I thought, that I am used to unprofessional behaviour of Polish Louis Vuitton's PR department, that it doesn't work very fast, because I had already had a contact with this PR, so I knew what to expect.

But you know, when somebody informs me, that I will get the answer ASAP, and then weeks go by without the answer, almoast three weeks went by without the answer, and you were still asking me questions about this case.

Then I decided, that I have to remind them about myself.

I did it, and the answer I received, was that Louis Vuitton will not give me any information considering this case.

Before I comment on this, I would like to say a few words.

As you know, I am a regular client of Warsaw boutique Louis Vuitton, which is the only boutique of this brand in Poland.

Specially for this episode, I've counted my and my partner's expenses in this boutique.

Imagine, that we've spent in this boutique around 80 000 zł.

(~20 000 EUR) Next thing is that I don't know anyone else in Poland, who did such a big a free publicity of this brand in Poland.

All my reliable and professionals materials that I was always prepared for, often with the help of sellers from Polish boutique, here I would like to thank Mr.

Kamil and Mr.

Darek, without their help some of these materials couldn't be done, I convinced many people to this brand.

You started shopping in this boutique more often.

First, I've noticed it, as you started sending me messages.

Then you started posting instagram photos with the hashtag #inspiredbyolfaktoria And there were plenty of these photographs! And there are still new ones coming.

So I knew, that you bought and you are still buying Louis Vuitton's products reccomended by me.

And it's not only that you are telling me about this, that I see these photos, but very often when I visited Warsaw boutique, I was said so by sellers.

Not one, not two of them, but more.

They mention it regularly, that you come and buy things reccomended by me, that very often you rely on me, by phone as I repetedly shared the contact with you, or just talking about this.

Of course, there are also plenty of people who, for some reasons, don't admit they buy things that I reccomend.

This sale generated by you, as a result of me telling you about my shopping it isn't a sale of thousand or two thousands złotych.

These are spendings ranging houndreds of thousands of złotych.

Warsaw boutique Louis Vuitton will earn houndreds of thousands of złotych, as a result of me spending there my money, and then spending my time to advertise Louis Vuitton in Poland for free.

So I believe that all of you observing me in social medias for a long time know it very well.

Now you have another proof, that I don't cooperate with Louis Vuitton, and that I bought all their products for my own money.

Now let me return to the email, that I had sent to Louis Vuitton, and the answer that I received, which was, that I won't get any answer to my question.

Let me tell you, how I felt, when I read this message, knowing all I've mentioned to you, so judging this answer from the perspective of a regular client, and a person, who had generated huge sales in this boutique.

I felt totally ignored and slighted.

Not to mention, that this behavior was very unprofessional.

I just felt, that I wasn't respected.

It's not just about me, it's about you as well.

I wanted to get this answer for you.

I wanted to officially inform you about Louis Vuitton's position.

This is very strange for me, I am disgusted with this answer, as all I can tell you, is that you won't get an answer.

I won't make up any fake information.

I am presenting you the situation as it is.

and I must tell you, that I was shown no respect, but with this very answer – you were shown no respect as well you – my chanel viewers, but also potential customers of Louis Vuitton.

People, who like or liked this brand, who bought products reccommended by me, and who deserved the answer, why not me.

But unfortunately, I have no control over some things, and I can't answer you that question.

I mentioned earlier, how unprofessional Polish Louis Vuitton PR department is in my opinion, in the person of Mrs.

Magda, as she is responsible for this.

I discussed in August 2016, when I published films about the purse Pochette Metis.

There I mentioned, why I believe that Mrs.

Magda is unprofessional.

Let me show you the bit of that film.

I'm disgusted with the fact, that such luxurious brand as Louis Vuitton has such unprofessional PR in Poland.

PR that instead of setting a good example, and being a walking ad of Louis Vuitton works to the disadvantage, ruining its image.

As you can see, it's not that I'm making something up, or that I don't like somebody.

And suddenly I decide to tell you how unproffesional somebody is.

It's the opposite.

I signalized the problem with Mrs.

Magda from the Polish Louis Vuitton PR department a long time ago.

And what is happening now, is only the proof, that what I mentioned before is the truth, and that Mrs.

Magda is a very unprofessional person, and instead of having a positive impact she has a negative impact on the brand's image.

in contrast to the sellers working in Louis Vuitton boutique, especially Mr.

Kamil and Mr Darek, whom I respect very much.

I believe, they are very good in what they do, and I think they're professional.

To sum up, Mrs.

Magda responsible for PR of Louis Vuitton in Poland is one of the most unprofessional people I had to deal with during a few years of my activity on the Internet.

I have had to deal with plenty of people, and believe me, I haven't met such unprofessional person for a long time.

And I think it wouldn't be too much to say, that Mrs.

Magda from Polish PR department of Louis Vuitton is as unprofessional as unprofessional is and was Mrs.

Ela from Estee Lauder central, breaking the law and using personal data.

I believe that Mrs.

Ela and Mrs.

Magda could like each other very much.

They could shake hands, as they represent the same level of unprofessionalism.

Finishing this unpleasant for me topic, because discussing it isn't nice for me, but somebody has to say it out loud.

I would like to mention again, that unfortunately it's not like this, that in such prestigious companies like Louis Vuitton or Estee Lauder work only competent and professional people.

Often those are people, who are unsuitable for this job, and they shouldn't do their duties in this field.

By the way, soon on my channel I will upload a film, in which I will discuss bigger number of such unprofessional behaviors.

I think that we will laugh.

I think that many people don't know what we bloggers and youtubers have to deal with every day.

For now, I would like too thank you all for attention and your time.

Let me know, what is your opinion about this whole Louis Vuitton situation.

I'm sorry again for the disrespect you were exposed to.

Unfortunately, as I said, some things I can't control.

But thanks again for your support and all the messages.

I am flattered.

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I encourage you to subscribe my channel, clicking on the thumb up.

I hope that you will be supportive, and appreciate my honesty.

And appreciate, that there is a youtuber in the world who says how it is.

Regards to Mariusz Max Kolonko.

And isn't afraid to discuss certain matters out loud.

As usually in the description you may find the list of cosmetics I used for today's make up and links to the shops, where you can buy clothes I'm wearing today.

For now, thank you very much for your time and attention.

See you in the next film.