Samsung Galaxy Buds vs $1,000 Louis Vuitton Wireless Earbuds

– Hey guys, Aron herewith 4 the Love of Tech and today we are going tobe taking a look at the Samsung Galaxy Earbuds.

That's right, they just came out in the box with my SamsungGalaxy S10, I'm super excited.

I actually ordered an S10 and an S10 Plus so I'm wondering if I'm goingto get two sets of earbuds and if one of them might actually end up in the upcoming (guitar strums) (digital beeping) In this hand we have the Galaxy Earbuds.

These are the new ones that just came out, you can only get 'em when you buy the Samsung Galaxy S10 or the S10 Plus.

I don't think you can get 'em if you buy the Samsung Galaxy S10 E.

In this hand we have theLouis Vuitton earbuds, I will go ahead and link right up there that video of my unboxing.

These costs a little over $1, 000.

What we're gonna do, we're gonna unbox these and then we're gonnacompare the call quality between the two of 'em.

You would think the $1, 000earbuds from Louis Vuitton or Louis Vuitton, whateveryou want to call it, I call it Louis, LV, Louis, what does it matter, it's overpriced is what it is.

We're gonna compare these $130 Galaxy buds to the LV $1, 000 buds and I wanna see which one has the better call quality, here are the $1, 000 LV headphones which are absolutely gorgeous, completely branded all over the place.

So far I'm in love with these.

It's a pretty heavy chargingcase, charges USB-C.

Like I said, I've linkedthat video go check it out.

We've got a couple littleindicators on here, we've got the charging case indicator and then the right and left buds and this is telling methat they are both full but the charging case couldprobably use a charge.

These, I'm not really too sure.

I watched one video onthis, my buddy El Jefe, Jeff from El Jefe Reviews, which I will go ahead and link that video right there as well, top left-hand corner Here are the buds, this is it, this is what's in the box, guys.

Pretty simple, easy-peasy.

Here Samsung gave usa USB to a USB-C cable which Samsung, I'm gonnago ahead and say this now, please get on board and startgiving me USB-Cs to USB-Cs.

So we've got a coupledifferent options there.

Historically earbuds donot work well in my ears which is why I am infavor of the LV earbuds because they fit and they stay in.

And it seems to be a verysimilar type of design, it's got a little securething there and some earbuds.

So I think our next step isto go ahead, get 'em fitted.

There it is guys, a newdevice has been detected.

All I had to do was open it up, now we're gonna hit connect.

It says allow thewearables, we're good to go.

(digital beeping) So that feature works out pretty good.

Now let's go ahead and get themturned on and listen to 'em, see how they sound and thenlet's compare the call quality.

(calm music) Those sound amazing.

Now I am immediately going tojump into pairing up the LVs.

(digital beeping) If I had a choice when I walkout of the house every day and I have to grab one of these and I could only grab one of these I think I'm grabbing the Samsung buds.

I've got its much smaller charging case, this thing is heavy.

You might not know it but it's very heavy.

I've got the reversecharging gimmick goin' on so even if they go deadbecause of a lotta use I still can charge it on my thumb.

But the next question to help us determine whether or not we'regonna take these with us is we need to see the call quality.

So what I have overhere is my work iPhone, I'm gonna call, leave avoicemail using both of these and we're gonna see whichone sounds the best.

'Cause that's a factor, if I got my earbuds in, if I'm at the gym, not thatI've been going to the gym lately but if I'm atthe gym and I get a call do I gotta take my buds outand take the call on my phone or can I just keep moving? If I'm walking the dog, which I do, if I'm at work listeningto music, which I do, do I gotta take my buds outin order to use my phone? Or am i okay just to keep using it? We're gonna find out right now.

Two voicemails, let's listento 'em both on speaker and hear what they sound like.

Hey, this is Aron I am trying out these Samsung Galaxy earbuds.

Let's see how they sound usingthem to make a phone call.

Hey, this is Aron, just givinga call and leaving a message to the voicemail using the LV earbuds.

Let's hear how they sound in a voicemail.

There you have it guys, the the Galaxy earbuds have a richer bass, more features, and they sound betterwhen making a phone call.

So I think the answer is clear, if I'm running out of thehouse I'm grabbing these.

And I'm not grabbing these.

I wonder if I can still return 'em.

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