Sewing a PROTECTION SUIT (non medical fashion project)

Is this you during quarantine? This is definitely me for the first month.

I remember there was one day we had to go out.

As we were walking, We realised there were like 5 people in the street, I just felt so tense.

And as we were walking, I felt like I am breathing in the virus.

and my temperature was just rising.

That's how much I panicked.

But I want you all to know, that you are not alone in this.

and in case if you are panicking like I did.

I promise you, It's gonna get better.

After working in my pyjamas for a while, I start to realise, it's not that bad, it's actually a dream come true (for me) I have learnt how to use my time in a very productive way.

I did more drawings, I did more facial mask.

I made more clothes.

And I started this YouTube channel.




While I was surfing on the internet, I saw some people panicked more than I did.

I am gonna make my own protection suit.

And guys, what I am making today it's just for fun.

It's non-medical, so are the previous pictures.

But, if wearing one makes you feel safer and calmer, I don't see the reason why not? Welcome to Anru Studio, where we make, style and shoot fashion! Please subscribe so we can keep growing our fashion community! Let's make some funky suit! Here it is! My protection suit 2.


After a little bit of research, I found many different types of protection suits, For many different purposes.

It is a very specialised area in terms of garment construction.

And many of them are actually very cool.

These two suits are both for X-ray protection.

This one is actually made out of rubber.

I have taken the silhouette of this coat as a main inspiration for my protection jacket.

And the extra layer on this one, will be the top layer for the sleeves of my jacket.

and this hat, somehow reminds me of someone who works on bee farm.

I am going to make a hat as well, even though I don't know when I can wear it outside.

This badass jumpsuit, is for chemical protection.

and I have taken the shape of the sleeve, as a main inspiration for my protection jacket.

I am gonna make a sleeve that's really curvy.

I need to figure out how to do that, so it stays in the shape.

And this one is made out of leather.

It's mainly used for electricians.

This is actually the back side.

I have taken this form of apron, and try to adapt it into my suit.

As for fabrics, the whole jacket will be in colour white.

just to give that clean, clean look.

I have chosen this water-proof fabric for the main body of the jacket.

It's very hard, And also it's probable the closest thing I can get from protecting myself of anything.

And just in case if it's not long enough, because I am not really sure how much I would need.

I have thrown in another juicy layer of semi-transparent It has these really interesting patterns, almost like leopard.

I think I will use that for the protection hat.

And this white satin, I would like to use it for the ribbon, and probably the binding details of the jacket.

OK, let's do it! As I was doing the pattern, I realised I have never made a hat before.

I got this bucket hat.





As you can see, A hat is very hard to make (crying inside) Do you remember that bucket hat? Well turned out it didn't really help.

Oh wait, It did help me making this circle.

We all know how hats suppose to look like, definitely not this.

There was a moment, I literally forgot anything I know about math.

I look like a bank robber.

But, I did manage to finish the jacket.

At least most of it.

Well I did make a few changes, instead of just a single layer of semi-transparent fabric, I doubled it to give it a more structural look.

Now I need to attach the sleeves, which is a part that quite concerns me.

Let's see how it looks.

This baby is ready to go out to the world! Thank you for watching guys, let me know in comments, what *creative* method you have done to protect yourself? Don't forget to subscribe, See you next Wednesday and Stay SAFE! xx.