Shaq’s Mum Judged Our Suits! | PAQ EP #20 | A Show About Streetwear

oh hey didn't see that there's no way I can lose I just love roses oh yeah for Grandma why not three days Vinny's watercolors not us I love you [Music] KQ presents suit you sir so it's award season that means one thing the suit episode is here that

we each have to interpret what we think suit is it to get the suit and style it so it is more of our own style you guys already know shucker the suit one yeah you already see me what Masood from the new york app you already know man

knows how to finesse a suit why you could be ugly as soon as you put on a clean suit your burgers looks fear I've always been a firm believer that suit is made for you and not like you've kind of borrowed off you doubt it I only signed

our spacesuits they're not live they didn't win the challenge or I had people fight in my corner for that suit but you better watch out for their come in your comments and starts Lauren uber that won't happen die pocket where she's gonna be dead on the floor them

they are fighting words pocket watch out in honesty I've probably worn more ships than a lot of them where are you gonna get the the tailored black tracksuit and take it back and turn it into a see I watched as easily unfortunately hours obviously this is a suit

absurd I am trying to be as formal as I possibly can not casual when it comes to seats I deal with truck seats jump seats and spacings this is the one chance to go really smart and he's gonna blow it by the tracks even when I'm wearing a

see I'm wearing like a track see underneath the suit how seriously would you take James Bond if he came in and a nice tailored suit with a fluorescent green cap atraxi would believe but he has to be he has to be discreet that his wearing a simple shoe

and then obviously there's jazzing up and some ways well if you put badges honestly well if you paint the suit you could do so much as soon as a canvas you could get crew fighting it like the salt you get with the nice water waves and trials or

forces I am so excited for this episode I want to flip the suit stereotype on its head I'm trying to make up for that traumatic night of my prom where I did my hair in the correct suit a tire from suave seeds two shell seats and spaces severe

faces let's go so when it comes to a suits episode there is only one place that comes to mind and that is sufferer and myself just think right you want suits you want to go for the best and yeah what are the place and Huntsman in Samara so

I'm coming here to meet Matthew Matthews a lead pattern cutter and then he's going to teach you a bit of stuff get a bit of knowledge [Music] goochy goochy goochy games i feel pleased to meet you I don't know for this challenge we each have to acquire a

suit so for my route I thought if you're going for a superb sir there's no other place to go than that Savile Row pretty short come to the right place I think you have there's lots to learn about suit making is there's something about suiting and tailoring that's

really special I know a lot of guys actually come up and say oh how does this suit fit yeah thank well it doesn't look very nice but you don't want to say that anyway exactly so you just say it looks good see the inside exactly miles get fix

it up please yeah we can get readings first step I can take your measurements and we can go and look at some cloths and give you that kind of initial experience of getting a book suit I'm a man with many names and one of my many names is

Dexter law you can already see I love vampires I want to show how I would wear a suit if I was Dracula a lot of people think oh yeah suits to just you know blazer trousers shoes sometimes people overlook the accessories so right now I'm in central I'm

gonna be going to a few spots that I know of and I go check them out let's get it cool number eight I was playing white one this one's alright oh hey didn't see that welcome to my studio let's have a look at our inventory take a look

at the brushes oh gosh this one looks like it's made out of nose hairs I was keeping my trusty pencil behind my ear you know why cuz that's where my ideas come from ah ha ha ha ha today we are painting a suit I remember kids don't forget

to take off your new 98 because you would not want to get paint on those don't forget to Like comment and of course you already know I'm out here in panic zone 9 chillin at my home with my space suit on today I'm thinking of what I can

do for this suit challenge why away have sent me through the P smartphone they know that I'm a finesse sir they know that I've got important calls to make this is the clean phone that's gonna make me win this challenge now do you know what this is a

space phone burn look at this material here phone it's those anti-gravity barroso light is that even in my hand family's it floating I don't want no normal suit I'm gonna look through see if I can make any calls to any designers I'm looking to top every single suit

look from the Met Gala the Brits the Grammys so figured about suits a lot that bog standard right let me find that photo that could be sick my ID or check out [Music] now these suits are sick this is a hard collection I feel like Shaq would like

this stuff as well but for you'll be able to pin it or flatten me like you're definitely turning heads of this Wow well just got this present so I might as well put it to use make these calls because down seems that this I'm not gonna be easy

together I might have to be the elegant go with the ruse you know young accessory I said shake this rock break right now free fit well I'm not but way if I want a single one it's not free quit a bunch mate a free credits they've gone I

just love roses thank you I appreciate it all right bro yeah I got me a dollar wait hold up this is the Kingsmen fitting room I'm gonna try on this jacket for you it's just kind of any jacket that we have lying around can go on a client

there you are thank you as it gives me what we call cross points [Music] but this already looks very nice you can see you have a really hollow back yes and so a terrible posture oh you know a lot of people have it and so what that means

is we take all that in and give you a little bit nicer shape all the way down otherwise it just looks like it's baggy at the back and you don't want a big loose looking sue social media from bended over looking at my third I think everything else

we go we can make you a great suit thank you oh definitely back all right well I'm really glad that you stopped by and I hope you enjoyed it you learned a thing or two about tailoring and I hear that you're gonna go down into our archives and

trying a couple suits and see what you might think is a winner yeah excellent [Music] Danny you got messed up play a partner I found your pimp Factory Sherri's wow this is really the pimp Factory Wow Danny bo I'll see where he comes in what's the most daddy

thing I can find what is the most stunning thing I could find found it [Music] that's a black girl as such it's not here paper flowers every nice whenever I customize something it's always to do flowers so I find this giant pin family use it I was like

an accessory I don't know if I want to kill him yeah yeah I like that so the flower that Peng on the side of the front the front the front answer my own question these are closed but when I do this it becomes a bit soft enough yeah

for light on that one I'm just gonna paint in white paint and just write like a some mad like long poem it might be repetitive words I might just wet flowers again and again and again you know your brain interpretation words as long as well first and the

last letter are in the right place so yeah I've got some mad sick ideas of how I want to finish this off I don't want to ruin a surprise for the reveal so I'm not gonna finish it all today and when I say I feel like it's gonna

look amazing it's gonna look absolutely beautiful man yeah yeah man I'm trying to get as high to the sky as possible so I can project these Astro waves I need to ask if you have any connect from the latest fashion move the Liam shoe is so sick based

in Tokyo hmm that would be mad yeah have you seen Joe Laura Sullivan recent collection wait so you're telling me Liam suits in Tokyo eBay is my name shock at a bad man found eBay cool cool cool cool John Lawrence Sullivan that collection was crazy bro I'm already

in my space suit I don't need another space suit [Music] I'm Gayle gave Noel heat mother of shaky heat are the acts today to come to judge suits episode I'm really looking forward to it I'm hoping to see some very unique and create divisions of suits young people

so this week have just been hustling and trying to get the best see that matches us my mom's a judge bro mums he's coming down to assess our outfits and they're trying to bite you up for the last 22 years just for this exact mode he thinks outside

the box hey Margie that's good that I mentioned how beautiful you look today these can be very light traditional in typical buck because all four of us have such different personality and stars it's gonna be really interesting to see each of our approach with a traditional see young

people think when a suit now is old-fashioned when isn't and now I'm ready to see what y'all have got this is gonna come up with like the tool the tool head to heart the cake like he works in London London [Music] that's not this is sick Dex I

love ya lady that jacket is amazing just so clean but so like cool I wanted to wear a regular so you know I wanted to show people that I really can switch up if I want to because no one really sees me in a suit Dex is a

pimp so this is a you know stick and I got um skål skål yeah let's go ahead kind of explain this suit inside this is a mas suit you have to blaze off you have the waistcoat I thought it'd be nice to have some just real nice slick

shoes long black jacket of course just just to keep it bossy I know you said you look for the Dracula style the sort of dioxide but it looks more creative than that I like the length as well okay can you just say that all the time what's very

creative you know try to look handsome man said yeah the fingers yeah what did I surprise you guys in it sure I'm not about all black so I've got a burgundy shirt did see that one coming so who's next it's me love Danny do you think I'm going

to work no I mean [Music] oh I love this it's low-mass daddy buy you a martini anytime sheikh salih of joseph cheney loafers on indigo dyed socks just gonna go back straw suit trousers and the blazar huntsman Oh a silk scarf from sharri's matching pocket square as well

as its silk pocket [Applause] Danny's gonna hang it shots gonna love it I saw no mokou blue [Music] Wow okay so Kangol hat and ewolf retro sunglasses this is John Lawrence Sullivan sue literally just came off the runway fresh off the runway boys you get me Debbie did

at Fashion Week and then some air forces as well versus what was she pretty sure that's what he might not remember I love you when he was younger when I have to buy all his clothes I remember if I buy a pair of jeans I would think oh

it is really nice but he always never let me buy too expensive jeans and then I would know why in a couple of weeks out see it cut like chacorta had a big hole in it [Music] this isn't the suit oh just say no with a suit I

don't actually go out and just a suit I always wear something over it but yeah ideally I'd like to put like a nice jacket that complements the suit over the over like that will suit itself all right show us the outfit then and I think like wearing like

suit gloves as well so these are like Gucci suit gloves he pops at a function you know you just want to take off the gloves he really tries to create a scene pick up all my students out there I've got you Studio zoo Gucci gloves my whole time

theme of the seat which is basically flour so that's why does that one flower here there's a flower here also a really messy person I don't trust myself in suits to save my life well that was the worst kind of thing that can happen to like a nice

suit you get grass stains so I literally just imitated grass stains on it I've got Stan Smith with the green colorway so it goes with the suit as well it could be high-end it could cost so much but you'd never know right all my son's texture I love

the look when I first came what I was doing thinking only nice is as Hurst behind him now when I saw Danny I was thinking court James Bond this is way out this is really I love the 70s look I don't know it I don't if you meant

it to look like the seventies look what it does and I love it I just I love the bucket hats as well I love you have Shaquille and what I can see you are very different it's very unique all of you you have done really well I think

all the young men looking at you will find some style there that they would love I suppose I have to say who the winner is oh my god auntie just love it is very creative and I think it's one in a million I'm so bad food it gives

young people thinking I got a coated box I can wear something that I have at home and I can add something to you to me yeah classic even though I'm in love with the suit I chose Chuck suit is one on one no no one else is gonna

have that be himself I'm gonna call it shucks garden if you fall like there could be another name for that suit comment below what you guys think best judge how's that God give up to mama bad man real quick you know shout to you mama you know if

you need to be doing the maddest research browsing all the sites possible making them international calls doing whatever you gotta do securing your plugs use the Huawei bro the split screen feature y'all that was so honey I can't even believe I was browsing internet making calls compiling new

boards it just look at me it's so clean and it's so light it's like anti-gravity like is it even in my hand I crop there's like ten cameras on a back and one on a frying that's like three cameras last night I was every angle he gave me

like glue hanging over the duct if I was back in year 11 and I was looking for a prom day I'd be like yeah I want those three guys to take me because those two you guys are flames this is not really the ultimate Astro it was our

BTech Astro