Testing Out $800 LOUIS VUITTON Playing Cards!!

so I went on eBay and spent $800 on this an authentic Louis Vuitton deck of cards today we're gonna be comparing this $800 designer deck of cards versus an $8 deck of cards to see how they handle to see what the difference is and to see if it's really worth it in which we already know the answer to let's go so first of all we have this amazing extravagant elegance Louis Vuitton casing so it comes in this bag in this bag you have this brown box this box that opens up it's just so this is honestly like a puzzle in this box you have this thing is a little satchel with the louis vuitton logo on it in this satchel you have the louis vuitton leather this is super nice this looks like a wallet like a woman would have except it's four cards inside this thing this is really cool you have a little pocket here which is kind of neat and it's also engraved as you can see Louie Vuitton made in France Patti 5000 jewel of what I take after the Louie Vito fitapelli and now here's a look at the cards so you got two different colorways you got the dark brown and you have the sort of yellow and light brown so like an opposite colorway going on here alright so these cards are made by they used to be sorry made by captivate evil Heron playing cards which used to be France's premium playing card company they used to be the USP CC of France however I looked into it a little bit more online and they actually got bought out recently by Khartoum Mundi which is really interesting so these cards basically the manufacturers of these cards are now property of Khartoum Mundi which is a competitor to us PCC the design is actually quite beautiful I love the back design and one of the reasons why I pull the trigger on this is because of those backs designs I thought it's just classy it's two-way it's not cheesy the borders look nice they look classic they have this vintage vibe to it which I really really love and if you noticed on the side of these decks they are also guild for her pleasure you see this so that is a gold gilding on the side which makes it cards a little bit thicker interestingly enough as well these cards have four pips and indices so look at the indices in the corners for them instead of just two you'd normally don't see that I've seen giant pips for like people with that eyesight but never one with the four corner so that's quite cool The Joker's look a little bit classy there's a little shot of the Joker's and the face cards yeah they're like standard but they all have little pointy noses as you can see so take any one of them and you can see that they all got these little kind of like their little snobs they're all a little bit snobby looking just look at another little snobby face look at this guy's super snobby Oh buzu oh you're playing this my gowns yes you are too poor to play with my car you see huh because my cards are very expensive okay they are made in gold and plastic okay that's what he would say if he was alive today which he isn't because he's way too old so yeah these cards I think were printed let me see actually their date here there is also if you will notice a abridge contract is a information to place a bridge card you can play as a bridge I want to see this date here on the ACE maybe on the Joker no nope no date there I'm guessing this is probably 60s 70s very exquisite I'm not disappointed with the look of the cards definitely not at this point of the packaging definitely disappointed in myself for spending that much I feel small and those are the Louis Vuitton playing cards let's take these out for a spin right now and see how they handle [Music] so as you can see they handle okay not the best for fans super clumpy not good for spreading other than that very good for packet cuts they do clump together enough for you to do packet cuts although if you were to practice I don't recommend picking these up you can just you know play with plastic it would work the same all right that being said let's check out the next deck that we have in stock these are the orbit sixth edition these are produced by the United States playing card company by a friend of mine Chris Brown who owns the orbit deck in the orbit Brown comm we've reviewed a few of these in the past the last fifth edition was kind of cool I had like a little bit of a vintage vibe this one however is based on aliens so around the TUC case you've got these you've got these flying saucers you've got a nice seal on there with the green glow we've got the number 23 here which is his thing and the orbit here which is kind of cool normally a rocket is now replaced with a UFO which I like and I believe in aliens so I like this deck and the inside is green oh that's actually kind of cool what I didn't notice this Oh what I'm gonna do this because it was worth it there we go Oh [Music] surprise surprise look at that 2018 six of 12 does that mean he's only gonna produce twelve decks did we just uncover a secret let's open this up a little bit more I'm doing this for your visual pleasure right now this is this is hurting me to do this to dr.

Carson I think it's worth that we've already uncovered one conspiracy theory I think the Roswell conspiracy is in here as well look at that douche we are orbit and you've got this flying saucer sort of beaming down on the inside of the top case so cool I love little hidden gems like this so the cards feature a really cool Joker on a bicycle oh I see it's actually Chris so Chris has the very same tattoos that you see on that Joker which is cool this is a Liam Chris alien version of Chris Brown and on the face cards they feature some of his friends and family members with a green and yellow color way which is very satisfying the black as well isn't particularly black it's like a shade of really really dark green the Reds look standard and the Aces are all standard except for the Aces space which features the same ace of spades that you see on the other version except this time again we have a little flying saucer there which is really cool these really put a lot of time and effort into this deck way more than Louie Vuitton did let me tell you Louie Vuitton can take some notes here by the way Louie Vuitton if you're watching hit me up I'd love a collab you know just saying orbit same let's collab let's do it this queen is not a family member of his I don't believe but she looks really tired and overworked say she should probably take a rest other than that the ad cards you get are you get a double backer which is this has two backs do you get anything else oh you get a duplicate card double back in a duplicate card which is really cool also again it features that nice stripe which wraps around the side of the deck just like so let's take these bad boys out for a spin and see how they handle [Music] all right so as you can see they handle like a charm they're beautiful the Fanning's gray crush stock so they feel nice I mean nothing bad I could say this is a genuinely like super well-made and well designed deck of cards by the Arbor Brown comparatively to the Louie Vuitton obviously this $8 deck of cards wins but that being said there's no leather case on this so you know just saying no great deck good to see these decks side by side even though they have nothing in common I thought I'd share that with you guys today if you guys did like this video go ahead hit like hit subscribe hit notification hit your neighbor and we'll see how the next video [Music].