The Batman Trailer – Alternate Batman Suit and Justice League Easter Eggs Breakdown

Welcome back everyone it's charlie thisis going to be my new batman video about this brand new suit that just surfacedblowing everyone's minds one of the designers working on the dcmovies posted this there's a bunch of easter eggs i'll explainwhat's going on with it it's really cool there's also

been talk of a secondbatman suit during robert pattinson's the batman movie i'll explain that tooif you're new to the channel be sure to subscribe to get all the videos we'll doa new amazon giveaway all you have to do to enter is be a subscriberand let me know what

your favorite version of the batman suit is fromanything from the comics from the movies from the animated seriesanywhere but just starting with number five like i said designer working on thedc movies for a long time recently posted a really cool new batmanbat suit that he designed for one

of the moviesit looks super hardcore it's amazing so naturally everyone was trying to figureout which batman dc movie he designed it forand what the story behind it was most of us have just been focused on therobert pattinson batman suit that we've seen him wearing in the batman trailerfor

the past few months which itself is a combination of a bunch ofdifferent easter eggs and references from a ton of different batman suitsthe designer that dropped this batman suit is not the same person who designedrobert pattinson's batman suit though he posted this to his facebook page thetext of

the post just reads here's a batman design i did for acancelled project it's always incredible to do a bat suitand make it work for a new story batman is my absolute favorite comic bookcharacter and i'll never get tired of working on himif you don't know who just marantz

is he's actually one of the big timeconcept designers who's worked on a bunch of dc movies and marvel moviesincluding the justice league movie before zack snyder left the project acouple years ago here's some of his early cyborg designs when they weredeveloping that movie he worked on the shazam

movie designingthe costume he worked on marvel's doctor strange movie he worked on thespider-man movies back during the andrew garfield era amazing spider-man this iswhat his version of the lizard looked like when they were developing thatso when you see that he posted a brand new design for a batman

movie that lookssuper hardcore but the project was canceled you wonderwhat was that cancelled movie supposed to be number fourthere have been a lot of theories but the design cues on the costume itselfand the physical look of this batman should be all the clues you need tonarrow it way

down it looks like an alternate version ofben affleck's batman which is totally different looking suit in redeyes in the cowl the armor looks like a more advanced version of his armorplating on top of the fabric base layer that gray base layer from hisjustice league suit and based on

the way he posted this itsounds like he made it a couple years ago so think about themovies that dc was planning a couple years ago that was when they were stilldoing justice league 2 and ben affleck was still planning ondoing the batman movie himself but here's the thing

i don't think thisbatman suit was for justice league 2 and i don't think this was for benaffleck's version of the batman movie yes he's super swol in the form of himoverall just resembles ben affleck's hugebuffed up version of batman in the style of frank miller's dark knight returnsbatman

he's got the ben affleck chunky frankmiller batman symbol on his chest but this batman looks way older than benaffleck ben affleck's batman was only supposed to be in his 40s even thoughyou know maybe he has some silver stubble around his chin he's got waymore white hair around his

face in this design so threei think a lot of people have guessed correctly that this batman designwas probably for a cancelled version of the flash flashpoint movie from a coupleyears ago and this was actually meant to be aversion of thomas wayne flashpoint batman played by jeffrey deanmorgan i

think the red eyes in the costumehighlights the more angular design more attack based design or just a deadgiveaway that it's meant to be dceu flashpoint batman and just to be clearthis is a concept designer that works on the movies not on the games or anythingelse so this was

for a dceu movie at one pointdoesn't it just blow your mind imagine jeffrey dean morganmowing through villains in a darker version of the flash movie wearing thisthe negan version of batman make all the lucille batman jokes that you wantnow obviously the flash movie that we're getting in a

couple years 2022 is verydifferent now i did a video for the flash movie teaser trailer that theyreleased at dc fandom a while ago and clearly they took things in adifferent creative direction when andy muschietti came onto the projectso i'd like to share a couple of concept art drawings

and it'sbarry allen's new suit as you can see it's more organic you cansee light embedded in it it has been builtby his friend bruce wayne this time if you don't know who he is he's theperson that just got done doing the it movie so he's more of a

horror directoreven though the flash movie isn't going to be a horror dc movie there'll be somehorrific elements i'm sure some scarier elementsbut number two they already said there's no version of thomas wayne flashpointbatman in the flash movie instead now it's benaffleck's batman because they just announced that he

was coming backhuge surprise everyone just blown away that he's coming back but of course hehas to come back for a flashpoint story in michael keaton's batman obviouslywhich freaked everyone out earlier this yearfrom an alternate universe where the tim burton batman movies exist in themultiverse so the flash movie

is basically amultiverse movie combined with the justice league flashpoint storyjeffrey dean morgan did say that he would love to come back as flashpointbatman at the dc eu so never say never it just sounds like they had much darkerplans for the flash movie flashpoint storya couple years ago but

stuff like this happens all the time super cooldesigns for characters and cancelled movies it was like that with zacksnyder's justice league snyder cut designs for a long time until warnerbrothers decided to green light the snyder cut for hbo maxif you've been watching all the stuff that zack snyder

has been posting in allthe live streams the comic-con panels that he's done the past yearhe said that actually didn't get started happening until the end of last yearzack snyder said that he started speaking to actual warner brothersexecutives about doing the project at the end of last year then

after thathe started speaking with the other justice league actors like ben affleckto get their support for it and of course they did give theirsupport cut to a couple weeks ago at dc fandom when he releases the justiceleague snyder cut trailer and we see a bunch of those cancelled

designsactually showing up in the movie the way he originally intended itprobably the biggest change we've seen so far from a design standpoint inaddition to just the way he color grades and lights the moviebecause the color just looks completely different is the steppenwolf characterhimself he's completely different fromsteppenwolf in

the theatrical cut and that's only the beginning obviouslythe snyder cut is going to be over four hours long and there's going to be somany different things that'll show up there'll be more snyder cut trailersbefore the end of the year so hopefully we'll see some more footage or some

moreclips in the next couple of months then there'll also be some more trailersearly next year right now everyone kind of thinksthey're going to be releasing that around the springearly summer next year but number one as for the secondnew batman suit in robert pattinson's the batman moviethe reason why

there's all this talk going around about multiple batman suitsin the movie comes from a report earlier this year there was a bloggerthat posted some of the details on the batman movie and some of those were thenlater verified when they released the batman trailerso then people were saying that

the chances of the other things that were inthat same original report might be true and thatwas where the multiple batman suit talk came frombut if you listen to what matt reeves has said about the batman movie andbruce wayne's life during the events of the movie it makessense that

he would be constantly changingand upgrading his gear not just the batman suit robert pattinson's batman ismeant to be year two batman so everything about him is evolving veryrapidly his tactics his style of crime fightingall of his tech like the batmobile and his gearlike the batman suit and when

you think about it batman always gets a new batsuit in every new batman related movie mostlyfor merchandising purposes they gotta sell those new toys and kids won't buynew toys if they don't change the suit but what they might do during this firstnew batman movie is just tease an

alternate upgraded version of thesuit at the end of the movie after the first one getstrashed during all the fights the batman trailer footage that we all saw is onlytaken from about 25 percent of the movie but he looks like he pushes himselfso hard he winds up trashing all

of his gear all the timeevery single night if you look at the 4k versions of the trailer and blow it upway big zooming in you can actually see a lot of stitchesand lines running all over the cowl itselfmatt reeves said that they designed it to be that way

from the start justbecause the idea is is that when we meet up with this version of batmanhe's been getting in so many fights every single night there's so many stabwounds so many cuts all over the place that his cowl hasbeen torn to shreds multiple times and then stitched

back togetherlet me know in the comments though what do you think about the dceu flashpointbatman suit and about robert pattinson wearingmultiple batman suits during the new moviein related news the boys season 2 episodes are starting this fridayif you haven't seen that series it's a great dark parody of

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