Top 5 LUXURY Perfumes for Women – Tom Ford, Louis Vuitton & More

hey guys it's Cassie welcome to my channel if you'renew welcome back if you're seasoned subscriber today I'm gonna do somethinga little bit different I'm bringing to you the top five luxury perfumes youneed I'm not joking okay these are game changers these are the ones thatsomebody's gonna walk past

and say like damn she smells good guys if you are newhere my name is Cassie I am I self-diagnosed luxury addict I put outvideos on Wednesdays and Fridays so if you like luxury fashion then you'reprobably gonna like those too sad down there click the red button subscribeturn on

the notification bell become a member of our luxury addicted familywhen are we going to rehab never guys are you ready let's go so the first scent Im going to talk about is cactus garden by Louis Vuitton glorious bottle thatlooks like one of those old-fashioned perfume bottles but then

there is aspritz top there it smells okay this is such a unisex scent as well which justsmells like picture this Palm Springs okay California it's the weekend beforeCoachella everyone's excited you know everybody is getting ready everybody'sgetting ready to stunt to flex on them hoes you know and it

just smells ofjust like a little bit sweaty but in a good way like pheromonessweaty as opposed to like dirty gym sweaty this is such a beautiful summerscent I cannot tell you anymore so this is what Louis Vuitton have goneand said about this so it has notes of

mate tea a traditional beverage sippedacross South America are combined with bold Calabrian bergamot bergamotbergamot whatever that is and evocative lemongrass to a create an aura offar-flung adventures you know what this nails itthis to me is gallivanting across the globe summer holiday mmm delicious didyou really think I could

do a luxury perfume video and not to mention a TomFord moment so this is the Tom Ford neroli Portofino this scent againanother unisex one another glorious glorious summer scent this is citrusokay there is no sweetness its glorious incompletely it's so summery in a completely opposite way to the

cactusgarden its citrusy it's juicy you are sitting at the tip of your boat cruisingaround Capri your husband or significant other has dealings with the Mafia butyou want to know what you are just living your best Italian lives that iswhat it what is giving me this it has a

crisp effervescent quality love thatword a reinvention of a classic eau de cologneit features Tunisian neroli Italian bergamot bergamot Sicilian lemon ooh hit me with the Sicilian lemon you know winter yellowmandarin lavender orange flower Rosemary and amber mmm there's like a fewshops in London called Arabian oud and this

is one of their scentsit's called Kalemat and oh my gosh this just gives me it's like it's likethick and heavy but in like a glorious luxurious way it's sweet imagine yourfavorite dessert okay and you know when you just take that first bite and it isso comforting that is

this comforting unique blend of incense honeyed ambernotes rich bilberry fragrant rosemary and smoky muskstandout his distinctive words in this scenttogether they combined create a thousand magical stories in the mind okay firstlywhose job was it to come up with that description because give them a raiseokay so the next

one is Lancome okaycomes in this glorious glorious like everything's heavy a bottle it's gotthis gold thing down the side which makes me feel a type of way okay so it'sMaison Lancome Haute perfumerie paris oh I can't even tell you this is justrich okay she is rich she's inheritance

money rich okay she's like wealth she'snot rich she's wealthy okay her engagement ring was six to eight caratsjheez there's a lot of words in here assemblayage Ofof a triptych of delicious woods with a honey rose signature oud wood aged for20 years leathery scent of cedar wood don't likethe

description a little leathery and and exquisite facets of patchouliapparently this lavond fine essence lavond absolu Vanille chrisalisselove it yeah she's spicy she's given me aspiciness or but a warmth with it you know oh she is just divine the last onethis was really my first like foray into luxury

fragrance okay and this is theArmani Prive Rose D'arabie okay and it is this wonderful matte black glass whatis this bottle listen I talked about Angelina Jolie in a lot of my videosonly because like she just seems to be the perfect example okay this isAngelina Jolie okay I'm talking

elegance sexinesscaptivating strength enchantment this is her the beguiling lament of the DesertRose D'arabie showcases the damask rose an ingredient that for Giorgio Armaniperfectly well embodies confident sensuality hundred percent confidence inthis it echos crimson and gold silk radiant and iridescent and its melodyundulates with sensual curves these descriptions honestly

I have previouslymentioned about how oud specifically it's just one of those scents that justmakes you feel and seem and look rich okay I'm gonna put a video here to nineother ways that you know you can look rich guys I really hope you enjoyed thisvideo let me know in

the comments let me know your favorite luxury perfumes aswell have an amazing morning afternoon or evening wherever you are and I willsee you in my next video bye guys