so what you wanna his manager Stan tomograms of happen there as the denominator of Shuchi Java spot Kenya Tana annual profits kimchi Evangelina Gerald surprise you first chill coffee unit Russian files but excitation search Egyptian like to thank me [Music] yah-yah-yah control means for all if today the

financial summit is a brush under the fashion file whenever sister Nye being Shaheed ma all the user making sure field mascot asada yet you chose on the look loops of a total fashion file here we are analyst for the Khurana VIP parking that's you so we are here

for Sarah Chevy Anna I'm kinga what role of capture electrician you coop you our newest gadgets in pockets I am now from Shabbat coaster dunya Oh II thought I just to not be reimbursed is free today at mom talk about Casa Daniela god oh this is handbag heaven

bhagava glendale Buda I thought you say mu2 my garden you just hope she'll have about it's just discard of them where's kinga she's lost Davis we're founder and chief creative officer it's a pleasure – pleasure thank you for having that I thought you only invited like famous youtubers

not the small way oh my boy my famous ones that's why you're here it's a beautiful day every day we get maybe six to eight hundred bucks I'm planning on buying education okay so this is our thin occasion department so from here they're checked in and then at

this point check all the details to make sure that it's authentic looking at the hardware looking at stitching and the registration code to do your action hey wait hey advance and then this ok so after it's authenticated so so we think I'm like people get the money after

you buy in are like it's in our shirt in the front uh-huh if you walk in with a bag in the showroom then we will authenticate and you can walk out with money ok in our stores oh so we have a store it's gonna be in Beverly Hills

with one in San Francisco uh-huh one in New York and then the showroom up here in front ok if you're local or if you come in from back then we would we would look at your bag authenticate the bag and we could write your check before you leave

ok but if you ship it to us from Toledo Ohio then we need to make sure it's authentic and then we will send you money or wire ok so can God do you think we need to when you're ready we're ready I'm just never ready I do we

sell my bags but she's never ready yeah who fell she's gonna try to price the bag and so she's looking at those are tools that okay to have you already have a long experience aha many bags yes how many bags that's you the golf I mean so right

now up in the cage I think we have like a little over twenty two thousand their securities up there yeah you'll see here this desert fine jewelry and so in fine jewelry apartment they use microscopes and more yeah it's awesome and there's a lot of kind of markings

and things like that things that jewelers use that help with authentication like you're raving on diamonds secondly things like that well you need to have a particular knowledge about yes and so these they are exactly trained when did you start the company I mean this is not a

you people see them they think I want to start up like a new one no I know I didn't audience I know I saw very see she's getting distracted there's too many pretty things to look at so what is the most sold bread we probably still sell more

than any other cars there's only special people and n are VIPs from : okay now we are in heaven yeah yeah so the thing is cuz I love nice things but I also love getting a deal as you know you know it's not something Chanel doesn't have a

sale or Messer Louboutin doesn't have a sale or the value goes up yeah and so I've always I've always thought and found even when I was young I'd say well I can't afford it but if I buy it used I can't afford it because I don't want to

spend more than I have I didn't want to do that and so I usually many brands who just lose 30% exactly exactly and so but then the thing it's frustrating at the time when I started it is that you I don't know if they haven't in Poland stores

that have like consignment shop Sam just know very popular and also the premium super premium brands luxury brands I'm not that popular we have only one lady talk yeah I'll take any more so and that's it no Chanel so we have to buy our Chanel so that's one

of the frustrating things even here like if you go to a consignment shop I'll have a ton of stuff and maybe have 12 purses yeah and like for luxury brand with all branded items and they might have a few scarves river but it's not satisfying anyone so much

yes I mean that's what everything we have is you so somebody carried it so you can the only things we don't mean so cute we put glove we when we touch okay as Krakow good people touch this you can touch it I don't touch Hermes crocodile I put

gloves on leg you start it on eBay only eBay mm-hmm that's how I started on eBay from my house from your on eBay yeah and nice how many years ago um in 1999 I started selling on eBay so a long time ago before you're born no but yeah

so I started on eBay and then in 2007 we got the website mm-hmm and then we would use eBay kind of like the outlet for years and then we finally deserve outlet online in yeah do you pay anymore so it was developing like many companies and some people

here in America that are competitors have an idea and then go get investors and they'll do invest ten million dollars and then and we didn't do that we would buy a bag sell the bag or use that money to buy two bags yeah sell it my favorite right

and it's just and so and the other thing is it's not stressful because we're only growing so fast as we can handle and so it's taken a long time but now we've got you know cute you know 20 mm back from the day or whatever it's constantly growing

amazing so like do you know the price if I ask you how much is this bag I have to scan it yeah because so nobody except for the VIP influencers from Poland and like for employees come in the cage and so kind because nobody can shop the cage

then we don't worry about we don't have prices on to things like that but it's just so is you don't get the variety from everything from like vintage discontinued up to like the latest most you know recent drops things that they don't you can't even get that our

wait list only our VIP use and so just and all the variety it's just and start out the WD never even that is not a beautiful yeah I know what I'm surprised that you're not having like a little shelf somehow again if you were if you were shopping

we would need to do that but because what happens while every morning we have no idea what people are gonna buy through that night okay so every morning these few boys are in here get a pull sheet and it says basic and then they know this is no

should go here go here go here so what we care about in kind of its how Amazon does it in their warehouse okay where it's like by size so items that are similar size mm-hmm but not necessarily similar brand will go in a certain chef but I will

show you that some things that like are awkward so we keep them together because it's kind of hard they don't stand up that great yes I see Falabella yes exactly they don't know yeah and so you know we there's some groupings and so you'll see there get to

be areas work like a brand will kind of oh yes because there are people if you are putting it away you'd go stick with the lowest in the right you know and so it'll it kind of tends to but sometimes it's just based on it's also based on

size they Sarah out of curiosity what was the most expensive bag you saw we saw probably like two months ago a hundred and twenty five thousand dollar Himalaya Birkin like my first house was like a look around kinga look what we have here yeah we have every color

every size these are the ones that are not in the boxes we also have Birkins up in the box and check yeah heavy well we have some Chanel's some some well some many Louie Vuitton bags but no Birkins yeah not yet no problem but there's some people think

I could never someone else wore that I could never do that I'm always right but then when we tell people were like sometimes if if second hand is like this it's like oh it's not because it's not people think of like a consignment stores kind of dirty or

smelly yeah exactly this is like a modern secretory laboratory that's we tried to say is that like we want this to be clean and elegant and elevated if you have 20 bags bags that they sold after wearing them 10 times yes and I have because if you like

to swap out bags I have bags that go in my bag so there's not even that much in the bags so one more question which is your personal favorite first so I'm what do you have now tonight oh oh oh oh yeah so I want it to be

a fun cool bag but I also need it to be practical mm-hm and for myself that means I always have my computer with me so it has to be big enough to hold me home and I used to have a tiny computer and so I could pick those

bags but right now my eyes are going bad because I'm getting old so I have a big computer but it's awesome I hold my bag so I've got actually a backpack from the men's line Louie Vuitton men's line and it's not it's monogrammed with the black trim okay

and because I I like the black turn of the yeah yeah and especially because it's a mom my kids I don't want to catch with already hi a party I don't want to ever have to tell my kids don't touch me but but don't touch your kids can

touch this all day yeah yeah and so and so you'll see it when I move on to office that and that's it cause it holds my laptop it can be hands-free a travel for work and things like that and so that's what I carry a lot but I

also have a channel grant shopping tote that I've had for a long time but it it holds my computer again so great it's so nice and it's just solid and so I hear and then I like to other than that just fun mm-hmm I have a wallet on

chain that I that I like we call it the Disneyland bag okay where if you're gonna go so I have that and we call the Disneyland bag so anything you would need a Disneyland pack before you go to Legoland go to doesn't matter just run it around touristing

I would have something like that so different purposes this is so hard to get I had it I think it's hard because some people think oh I thought a small bag is fun and out and then they don't use it you know and then some people do use

it and use it forever all the time but so are shoes oh dear she's gonna this is my if they're on fashion fall calm they have to be a new condition so there's no like this so they would be only like a sample so like or never you

bought it and never used it like we would never put it on her website even had any and we're on the anywhere so if it's on our main design Gucci of course yeah if they're our main site it will have no where and so if you look at

we have an outlet on our site is published you can tell because this is fo that's fashionable outlet here so this one says outlet so we're okay okay so if they're on the normal site main fashion opossite they'll be new no scratch because people people we found people

like you and me who don't care even people like you and me may care about shoes yeah I don't and so we say you know what know if it's on the main site its new its men if it's not you then it goes to two fo and so

the outlet and if they're on the outlet they still won't be they'll be fine mm-hmm no but look how little that's still outlet because it's got scratches what's fun is to see like everything from you know items up to like brand new I mean this and just interesting

like Oh knockoff what is it well it's just funny because this is a bag that like it was it's supposed to look like a trashy huh shopping bag from New York yeah but then fancy Agha basically like rips off the style and then charges you like mm yeah

they also had like the blue blue here yes if you should between a box then we'll send it in a box okay so we don't require it and we don't one thing we realize over time is that people won't pay more for box yeah like it's if there's

two CDs that are exactly the same they're not gonna pay $40 more for the one with the box they're just okay they're gonna get the cheaper nice PDF in the same condition they don't care okay yeah so they don't care then we're like okay I can I can

understand that a lot of people don't want a bunch of boxes that's more with this dust bags in their closet things like let me take space definitely this is obviously super yes yeah this is $9,000 that one yeah supreme they baseball caps are supercilious I have never seen

that yeah that's little mini elevators so when you're the showing in there so if people are in the show room and they said you can then somebody up here we'll put it in the cage nobody's to run upstairs yeah now I will dream about this bag today deputies

to me I wish man oh god I'm so much photos my viana ask me if you're the saddle we're making sure a bitch commander yeah my work automatic mm-hmm yes actually Mia temperatura Travis monster I've gone – strange todavía no spaceship raffia boxes prevent a little bit neater

provision say we're gonna ask that then you shall punish Dundas is that I wanna she's got something in your purse take out of it Virginia of the problem Eastern a problem knock Oviatt our founder station spoke Rania that's all wrong humanity is an option for the belt in

Olivia yes it's good yeah there's a negative build Avenger drew give the yard shadow wash near Pawnee be jami mcfame all forces settle in the negotiations Nana's sister Sarah vodka washing especially youtuber cami Spolsky to worship wish my man Nicky Jam Sotnikova Giada's near our top a ski

cap and girls go near Java if you jump to the coherences be a joke at all thanks Trisha pro-am events so high chair mum energy attraction for the vowel the stimulus is not empty on you shower shirt of all our Chinese president sons in atomic energy she comes

like Shania to see Bob [Music]