Update On Wear & Tear Of My Louis Vuitton 6 Key Holder Monogram Canvas | Glazing Issue

hi everyone welcome back to my channelthis is an updated review on my SLG for which I reviewed six months ago and I highlyraved about it and I highly recommended the piece at the time.

My opinion on thispiece has changed and that's why I wanted to do this video to let you knowabout my experience and just to kind of warn you so that you are aware of theissue because I did highly rave about it and highly recommended it so this pieceis a piece that is obviously an SLG I just picked up so it is flesh freshlysorry re-glazed from the Louis Vuitton boutique and it is no other than myLouis Vuitton six key holder in the monogram canvas in the rose ballerine thispiece I purchased if I recall back I purchased it back in 2017 I believe Ibelieve it was January 31st because I was afraid or there were rumors basicallythat there would be a price increase on the piece so I purchased the piece itarrived.

I used this for a whole full year and had had no issues with thispiece at all it was literally still brand new look.

There were no issues withthe buttons the interiors were just beautifully bright and still clean all Ihad to do was just use a baby wipe to wipe it I didn't have any issuewith the hardware nor do I have any issues with glazing.

Fast forward sixmonths later, last June I started to notice that something was off with mykeys so I took a closer look at it I noticed that I had couple of cracksalong the glazing of the piece and the funny thing was like I've never seenthem before and suddenly they appeared but it wasn't just in one area like I hadthem at the top and also at the bottom which was strange it's like it's eitheryou have don't have them at all or you have them everywhere and like I use this piece on adaily basis so I don't know where they came from and how they came from I justknow that suddenly one day I woke up and I saw the glazing issues so one day Ijust decided to go to Yordkale browsing the store as I normally do and forsome reason that day just occurred to me that I should ask them about the glazingissue I just recalled about it originally I did not intend to go insideYorkdale for this piece because I I know Yorkdale is pretty difficult to deal withwhenever you have any issues like I've had issues with my Alma PM in the pastjust with the zipper pull it wasn't pulling smoothly and I had such a roughrough time putting the zipper back and forth and I asked them for theirassistance it was like no it's fine to me there's nothing wrong with itit should be fine and so I was like excuse me I am the customer so if I'm telling youthat I don't like the way it's pulling and you know I'm having a hard timepulling you should look into it so anyway that's the way Yorkdalenormally is but that day like I just told them I had issues & it was like okay fine let me look into it I'll go in the back and see if there's anything Ican do good for you I was pleasantly surprised andI think it may had something to do with the fact that I was carrying my Chanel classicflap on that day and that's why they were so accommodating with my issuesbecause on normal day like I said something as minor just as pulling thezipper pull and all thet had to do was wax it and they were making a bigdeal out of it and I have other issues as well which I'm not going to mentionbecause it's not really relevant to this but my point is if you have any issues withLV bring your expensive bags and the way they treat you might be slightlydifferent so anyway going back to this piece is that they offered to reglaze it and it took about a month it's just that I picked it up a bit late for someother issues unrelated to this but now it's perfectly reglazed I don't see anyother cracks on this piece but now that I've used this piece and I've seen theglazing issues like I don't even want to keep it to be honest and 99% I'm prettysure that I will be selling this piece and that's why I wanted to come up onhere is because I know I've raved about this piece and I know I highly recommended itbut that was then before I experienced any glazing issues I just want to comeup here and warn you that if you are going to be spending the money on thispiece just be aware that you may not see any issues with this piece right now butyou made down the road and actually I would be interested in knowing if thereare any of you out there who has this piece and who has used it for many manyyears and who hasn't had any issues with thispiece at all like I know the canvas back then made me the canvas back then itwas a lot more durable so I don't know when the canvas started to change interms of the texture in terms of durability but it's a fairly recentissue I'm just curious to see I don't know like recent but I don't know how far back so maybe if you can let me knowif you've bought this piece within a year and a half to two years and youpiece is still going strong and you haven't had any issues Iapologize it's the Sun hitting me directly on my face but I'm about to bedone anyway so I'm just curious to know leave me your comments down below and I will most likely sell this piece because obviously I'm just not happy with thispiece I don't know if there will be more issues eventually but I'm gonna lookinto something else I mean it is a very functional piece and I still love it butnot knowing that it has glazing issues I might consider trying it a differenttype of leather to see if that might help but honestly that would be my lasttrial and if that happens again that'll be it and I'll be done for the 6 key holderbecause I just don't put up with the glazing issue so this is pretty much itI hope this video is helpful in case you are looking into investing in this pieceI could just say that for the price that you are paying for these you shouldn't beexperiencing any of these issues at all so that's just something for youto be aware of and to keep in mind and that is really all I wanted to say andjust come up come here and be truthful about my experience and let you knowthat yes I once raved about this piece highly highly but that is no longer thecase because my opinion on this piece haschange so thank you very much for watching please remember to subscribe tomy channel for me on Instagram and like this video and I did an unboxing videoon my Chanel SLG so please make sure to watch that as well I wish you avery great day and I will see you next time bye you.