Virgil Abloh at Louis Vuitton, Hedi Slimane at Celine + More Fashion Director Changes!

Hey guys ticktocksully sully here or justsully, back with another video and today we’ll be looking at some of the more exciting executivechanges that have happened in fashion recently with of course the most recent and most excitingposition change being Virgil Abloh at Louis Vuitton replacing Kim Jones.

So lets get right into it and hope you guysenjoy.

Kicking It off, their has been some crazychanges happen in 2018 which has really set menswear up to have an even more excitingfuture than it was already set to have, especially from a streetwear perspective even thoughall the changes haven’t exactly been ‘street’ orientated.

And that’s because at this point you canargue high fashion is already a fundamental part of streetwear whether you like it ornot, so whatever happens in that world will have people talking in this world.

And from there, we can start, in January of2018 as on the 28th of this month, it was announced Hedi Slimane, previously of SaintLaurent, will be taking up the creative director spot at Celine whilst simultaneously openingup the brand to a fragrance range as well as a menswear range.

Now before this announcement, Celine didn’thave anything for menwear so this news invoked excitement in this community seeing as Celinedoes do such a great job on the women’s side of things and were just waiting for thebrand do the same in the menswear sphere.

With Hedi at the reigns it should be a greattenure for him and a great addition to the Celine brand.

Hedi also took the place of Phoebe Philo whowas with Celine for almost 10 years before announcing her leave a month before Hedi Slimanewas publicized to be replacing her.

Hedi previously worked at Saint Laurent asmentioned and left the tenure in April of 2016.

A tenure where he was praised for his workand had held Saint Laurent as a top contender in menswear at the time, a stature that somepeople argue the brand doesn’t hold anymore with them appointing that to Hedi’s departurefrom SLP so fans of Hedi Slimane would have been excited by this news whilst fans of Celinemay have taken Phoebe’s departure a little hard due to the fact that Phoebe really madeCeline her own and the two were very connected through her womenswear and accessories, So this change may still take a while forCeline’s womenswear fans to get on board with.

As we have seen in the past, Hedi also hasa habit of making a house his own, so I’m sure we’ll see him follow in Phoebe’sfootsteps, in which seems to be a fair trade, especially with him opening the doors formenswear at the brand.

Hedi is set to debut his first collectionfor Celine in September of 2018.

Moving on from that, we move to March of 2018as this was a big month for announcements.

After the announcement at Celine, I was alreadyleft excited and looking forward to something new from the world of fashion, being Celine’smenswear as well as Hedi’s work returning but ofcourse, I shoulda known it wasn’tgoing to just stop there.

Instead the industry decided to go 1000mph, which commenced on March 1st when it was, announced Riccardo Tisci would be taking onthe Artistic director position at Burberry.

Now this one for me was the most unexpected, even though all the positions I’ll be talking about were surprising, I found this one tobe particularly unsuspecting, as Riccardo had been missing from a Maison since Februaryof 2017 when he exited Givenchy with no added speculation of him considering a new houseunlike like the other designers I’ll be mentioning who had rumours attached to them.

And I for sure wasn’t expecting him at Burberry.

But sure enough on March 1st, Burberry announcedRiccardo Tisci as their new artistic director, replacing Christopher Bailey who was Burberry’sforce for 17 years which is an outstanding amount of time to work for a house and withthat many years behind you, it’s hard to not give the brand your own identity, an identityBurberry familiarized with as well as its customers which really allowed them to tendto their demographic.

But with this fast world that is current fashion, Burberry had to make a transition in order to keep up with this new system and continueits journey on becoming a powerhouse.

With this, their was some worry if ChristopherBailey would be able to tend to these needs due to a recent drop in sales but he was alreadyshowing signs of his ability to adapt, collaborating with Gosha Rubchinsky and Kris Wu, both contemporarynames in culture and not only that, he closed out his final show with an appealing collectionthat readily gained traction the moment the show finished as he had also introduced asee-now-buy-now model to Burberry in which consumers could buy items straight of therunway instead of waiting the traditional 6 months.

But after his efforts, the brand still neededa further push in which Riccardo Tisci seems to have promised to fulfil and I don’t doubtthat either, seeing as he had previously done an amazing job at Givenchy and made it a leaderin menswear during his later days at the brand and since his departure, I’ve been missinghis work and didn’t expect him to be back so quick as well as not at Burberry of allbrands seeing as he is big on American culture influencing his collections whilst Burberryis a traditional English name.

It seems to be an unorthodox matching butthat’s what might make this a successful approach which is what Burberry CEO MarcoGobetti must of thought seeing as he was the one who previously appointed Tisci at Givenchyback in 2005 and is repeating this at Burberry in hopes to see a repeat of what happenedat Givenchy.

And with that we’ll just wait and see ifit works out.

Ricardo Tisci is also set to debut his firstcollection in September of 2018.

Next in we have another exciting directorchange, this time at maison Dior with another position that lasted a decade coming to anend, this time its Kris Van Asche being replaced by none other than former Louis Vuitton artisticdirector, Kim Jones.

Now this turnover was a quick one for KimJones seeing as he only just left Louis Vuitton 2 months prior to this position in which heended on a high note and did some very positive things at the Louis Vuitton brand.

I made a video talking about Kim Jones’history and time at Louis Vuitton so you can check that out if you want to know more aboutthe designer, I’ll leave a link in the description.

But just a few weeks after Burberry announcedit’s new director, Dior would go ahead and make it 3 for 3 in substantial changes byappointing Kim Jones as their new Artistic Director on the 19th of March.

When Christopher Bailey of Burberry announcedhis leave, people were opening speculation as to who would replace him and many peoplewere expecting Kim to fill the Burberry position seeing as he is a British designer himselfand would fit really well with the brand but of course as I said, these unexpected changestook place in which Kim ended up at Dior instead.

Kim has a history of mixing streetwear withhigh fashion so I’m sure this will be something we will see him do at the Dior house and inturn modernising their menswear looks, similarly as to what he did at Louis Vuitton.

This one is hard to predict as to what we’llsee because much like Burberry and Tisci, this also is another odd match up but if itsanything of what we saw at Louis Vuitton, Kim is big on Collaborating, good brandingand also bringing back stuff from the Maison’s archive, which the Dior house will have plentyof to inspire Kim for his future collections for Dior.

Kim Jones is set to debut for Dior in Juneof 2018.

Moving on to the final announcement whichI’m sure you will all know about, seeing as this was the biggest announcement out ofthem all and also the most relevant to this culture, it’s Virgil Abloh being announcedas the new Artistic Director at Louis Vuitton, succeeding Kim Jones.

Now even though Tisci was the most unexpectedfor me and was also the most exciting at the time, this news automatically took that spotof most exciting due to how influential this is for streetwear.

The reason this wasn’t the most unexpectedthough was because their had been rumours of this happening, starting back in Octoberof 2017, when Virgil showed of a custom Louis Vuitton Jeff Koons duffle bag, opening therumours up of an off-white and Louis Vuitton collaboration and seeing as he was alreadycollaborating with a bunch of brands including Nike and Jimmy Choo, it made this rumour viable.

But that was quickly shut down, up until Kim’sdeparture when the rumours opened up once again; this time talks of Virgil filling hisposition, which were once again shut down.

Until 2 months later, on the 26th of March2018 when Virgil and Louis Vuitton would later confirm these rumours, affirming Virgil atthe head of Louis Vuitton menswear, leaving us with an exciting future for the Louis Vuittonbrand.

From a streetwear perspective atleast.

Virgil Was appointed Artistic Director byMichael Burke, CEO of Louis Vuitton and whom has previously worked with Virgil back in2006 when him and Kanye interned at Fendi in 2006.

So Michael knew what he was getting into withVirgil Abloh and has been aware of his recent popularity, influencing his decision.

Some people think that this is Louis Vuittoncashing in on Virgil’s popularity similarly as to how Balenciaga did with Demna and itjust might be but it makes sense for Louis Vuitton to continue with their uphill journeyafter Kim’s efforts at the brand.

This is also a great accomplishment for Virgilnot to mention, he is also the first black artistic director for the Louis Vuitton brandas well as the LVMH conglomerate so that’s another milestone in the world of race anddiversity, an issue that Kanye West has raised before too.

As well as remembered his time at Fendi withVirgil.

And all that leaves is a bunch of collectionsto look forward to by these 4 designers under a new set of rules by a new set of houses.

Fashion is looking exciting for the foreseeablefuture, especially menswear and who knows, we may see some more moves being made in therest of 2018 seeing as the more extreme ones have already happened so at this point, anythingis possible And on that note, that’s where id like toend this video I felt this was a very important discussionto address, and I really wanted to address it too.

I tried tweeting about it but that wasn’tenough for me to express myself so I left it off Twitter and brought it to YouTube invideo form instead.

Hope you guys enjoyed and learnt a few thingsand are excited by this news as I am Congratulations to all the designers mentionedand I’m sure we look forward to seeing what’s in store, especially with the diversity, I’msure there will be something for everyone to enjoy.

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