VLOG 37 – Louis Vuitton Anniversary Party & Perfect Liquid Eyeliner Wing Trick – Brianna Vlog

so I'm just getting here – so home allfor the Louis Vuitton PR event I got the you know okay to keep them I'm likehiding around the corner right now so nobody sees me talk about behind thescenes right there's no way I'm sure this at all how do we get out of here oh well I wasn't kidding at all hello so right now I am just getting tothe sorties hotel in Oak barrio and we are going to the soft opening for thenew steakhouse called thrive I'm here with my girlfriend Mariah she's comingto lunch with me so let's go check out this new restaurant hello so right now I am at dr.

berlandofather's office and I'm about to get Botox so it has been I think it's beenalmost a year since I've done Botox and this was actually my first time doingBotox with this doctor I've done the the hydration and injections with him whichI really really love and the not to do the derma product but the other one theone from Spain and so today we're gonna do some Botox and kids look it you seeyou see that see those lines I'll just convince we're not gonna be able to dothat anymore so I don't want to freeze my face too much I'm not like into thatlike freaky frozen Botox look but you will see the before and after so see youdo a little Botox hello my loveso right now I'm just getting to Soho mall because I have a fitting at doingVuitton right now I don't know if I told you I think I told you but Louis Vuittonhas their 10-year anniversary party this week in certain year anniversary beinghere in Panama and they have invited me to the event and they have also asked todress me in Louboutin editor Louie Vuitton for this special occasionso I am just getting over to the Louboutin boutique and I'm going to havemy fitting I did see photos as to the option so we'll see we'll see if there'sany changes but I think it's a dress that I'm gonna be wearing I'm not reallysure there were like two options that they originally that me one was likethis blue and he was like blue lace and I think his pants if I recall correctlyand I kind of was like I would love the blue but there's no way I mean I'm notthat tall and this is haute couture Louboutin and so you know it's gonna belike a mile long whatever pants they give me so there was also this optionfor like a short kind of like – Nicki type skirt dress look and I was likeyeah I think that's probably the safer back so something short that we don'thave to have so anyway so here just came to Louie Vuitton and we are gonna haveour fitting all right so we just got here to losethe time we said hello to everybody now it's time to try on our outfit hey people oh this is it I love you knowokay see ya pantalones I'm sure they know they remind you that okay no prettyminute oh it's mama happy that I it's literallylike a few pieces this dress and the first part is just the sleeve never hadto dress like that I'm getting dressed Christine's helping me I'm like this isthe craziest dress it's amazing but wait till you see Paulo and try not to flashthe camera okay gotta be careful stuff so I could go it shows that my hair islike I'm sorry I know I'm thank you no you're fineso Christine how am I gonna put this dress on by myself the night of theother I'm gonna need your options I'm gonna need like I knew how to put thisokay so oh there's a zipper there yeah no you find if I do what you need to dowe can always put a little blur over there's no way I can tear this out yes uh-huh so this is an open partfairly it wasn't made for this undergarment it's so cool in the collaris spectacular huh and I love to love your hair it goes it's so girlyit's so perfect um let me nice fun Poli no no no don't worry you're fine honeyokay oh that's so cool okay I love the cutout I think I think we got it we haveit amazing I love it men kanga see if they went oh my god oh my goshthis dress is like dream come true dress all right so this is a slam-dunkit is definitely our outfit there is no need to try on the other looks we'retaking this one house now just trying time to get it off good morning my loveso right now I have no hair makeup done I am actually it's like what time is itoh it's 8:12 in the morning I'm a little late and I am heading over to my hairsalon to get hair and makeup done because we have a Louie VuittonPR party to go to this morning at Soho mall so um basically what this event isis it's like Louie Vuitton since this week is their 10-year anniversary herein Panama they're doing like today they're doing a party with all of likethe media and press and influencers and that sort of thing just like a littlemorning get-together I'm not even sure if it's like a brunch or a breakfast orsomething like that at Louis Vuitton at the boutique so we'll do that thismorning and then the rest day I will be at the office I'm an interview some realestate client kind of things and then this evening my dear girlfriend and Iare going to a bank cocktail party so yeah so that's basically what today willbe about so yep on our way to the hair salon we're doing eyeliner with tape likes tohave a get the perfect winged effect with your liquid eyeliner say that willshow you how to get to the perfect okay you just thought my hair all curledmy makeup is that now let's grab our clothes and get dressed for thisLouboutin parties okay so I'm just getting here – so home all for the LouisVuitton PR event I am only 47 minutes late try it yeah so I'm sure it'll be lovelytrying to fix my hair to like long quick little last-minute touch-up before wehead in to this event and it and and hello so I am just getting to the hairsalon for hair and makeup because it is finally the moment we've all beenwaiting for notice although we put on 10 year anniversary here in town life – Ineed my hair and makeup done right now okay so I just thought to sell her malland which is where the Louis Vuitton store in the boutique and as you can seeI'm wearing jeans right now yeah I'm totally in jeans I have my hair andmakeup done clearly but remember how I was telling you the other night when wedid the fitting for the new Bhutan dress that it was such a complicated dress toput on I kept saying I don't think I'll be able to put this on alone I'm gonnaseriously being someone to help dress me well I wasn't kidding at all it'sbecause it's like you put on it's like a tunic you put the tunic on but thenthere's like this part that's like you put just the sleeve onno I'm not kidding it's like seriously you put like the sleeve part over yourhead and then you put this like tunic over and then there's like this weirdbell anyways I was like I can barely put on string bikinis by myself you knowmuch less is crazy outfit or Louboutin dress so the store manager my dearfriend Juan Pablo is going to meet me right over here I'm like hiding aroundthe corner right now so nobody sees me because all the guests are starting togo and I can see from around the corner I'm literally like picking my head outfrom around the corner but anyways so he's gonna meet me over here we're likesitting outside of the store and he's gonna bring the dress and then he'sgonna take me to this like top-secret like back behind the scenes entrance tothe Louie Vuitton boutique where then somewhere somehow someone's gonna dressme in this fancy dress so on the kind of the plan and then they will somehowassure me out around to the main entrance of the louverBoutique and I will get to walk in like a normal person so it's pretty muchthat's the game plan so I'll take you with me to get dressed in this amazingnear the tawny dress hi don't we got the dress on that was asuccess and now we are going the guys going okayand some say so at us we are waiting for our person very behind the theme it'sbeen super fun I've never like had this experience before like being behind thescenes at the party that's like the door going in because we're clearly in thebackroom of Louis Vuitton this is like talked about behind the scenes right oureyes look at that Kamali figuring out how do we want to wear this tonightI see see I see you know okay let's go into Baraka okay so we're getting readyto go to Louis Vuitton's ten-year anniversary and a deluxe.